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What We Know About The Dallas Shootings



The latest reports from last night's carnage in downtown Dallas have left five dead (4 DPD officers and 1 DART Officer) and nine wounded (Seven officers and two civilians) when multiple shooters in elevated positions opened fire on police during a protest.

One suspect was cornered on the 2nd floor of the El Centro College garage. The man refused to negotiate or surrender and exchanged gunfire with police. Dallas police sent in a demolition robot holding an explosive device and blew it up next to the suspect, killing him.

Before being killed, the suspect expressed anger towards Black Lives Matter and told a police negotiator that he “wanted to kill police officers,” said Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

The gunman has now been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson. He was 25 and it appears he served in the Army Reserve, trained as a masonry and carpentry specialist.

Johnson is on the right

Three other suspects are in custody, two men and one woman, and are reportedly not cooperating with police.

The first suspect that Dallas PD tweeted about during the attack is now believed to not be a part of the attacks and was only exercising his open carry rights during the protest.

The shootings happened during a protest in downtown Dallas after the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, black men killed by police in Louisiana and in Minnesota earlier in the week.

“We're hurting,” Chief Brown said. “Our profession is hurting. Dallas officers are hurting. We are heartbroken. There are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city.”

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  • christopher billings says:

    My heart goes out the the men and women of the Dallas Police Dept. and to the family’s of the officers that where shoot. This would not have happened if Obama and Clinton were not trying to remove the firearms from people that follow the law and have the right to carry. If they contiue to go down this path, then only the crimmanls will have the guns making it harder for the police dept’s across the United States to do their jobs. Obama and Clinton are4 the direct reason why this has happened in Texas and in other states. By Obama and Clinton yell Black lives matter. When All Lives Matter, they have driven a wedge between the people of the United States and have started the races wars again. Obama and Clinton should be held in direct cause by the statements they have been making. We as americans shouls come together as one and remove them and anyone that follows them from office. Obama and Clinton have caused more damage to the people of the United States by running off at the mouth and trying to start the race wars again. This has caused the lives of too many police officers in the past years by putting a large target on their backs for anyone that breaks the law to shoot and kill the men and women who are trying to protect us.

  • Lena says:

    Black guys shooting at white cops after a BLM meeting that we know is sponsored by Muslims does not make sense to say they hated BLM. That’s bs. They waited till after the demonstration. They staged this because Obama wants marshal law.

  • Teddy Harger says:

    Keep the Faith !! GOD Bless Dallas Tx Police Officer’s & We are all one people under GOD .Their is bad apples in abushel

  • Dave Knauer says:

    These men know what ethics mean to society. To distinguish right from wrong seems to be a problem for our younger generations. Why? Is it because this kind of morality is not being reinforced by the schools, the churches, the community, the nation, or what?

  • jesse says:

    Laws have been getting more restrictive and oppressive for a long time.Police departments operate like gangs and officers act like bullies,they go out of their way to harass people and give them a hard time with little reason to do so.They often charge people with a crime based on a hunch or feeling without any evidence then either plant evidence,lie against them in court or both,sometimes just because you didn’t show enough reverence or acknowledge their greatness when they pulled you over.People who have not been victimized of this type of abuse ,or spent time looking into it, will find all of this hard to believe but it happens everyday.Once the police were here to protect and serve but that was many years ago,I was young but I still remember how it was then,if you had a problem you called the police and they would come and help you but now if you call them you will more than likely be treated like your the criminal and don’t dare say anything they don’t like or you will be punished even if they have to make up something to charge you with.It is because I know all of this I’m not surprised that people are getting fed up and fighting back.I am not a supporter of Black Lives Matter,I don’t think blacks are treated any worse than whites,I think everyone is treated crap equally,at least the police are fair about that.Things need to change,laws are to restrictive and harsh,police need to learn to think for themselves and consider the circumstances surrounding a case because not everyone who does something technically wrong needs to be arrested,for example,if you come home and find an armed man beating your wife to a bloody pulp and you kill him,technically your guilty of murder.The state only needs to prove that a man died,that you killed him and did so knowingly to convict you of murder but they don’t have to,the police could consider the circumstances of the case,that you did shoot and kill the intruder but only to save the life of your wife and that it wasn’t murder but justifiable homicide so no charges are warranted.Unfortunately those days are gone and the police will charge you everything they can regardless of the circumstances. So until the laws loosen up and the police change the way the operate there will continue to be friction between the police and the citizens.

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