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What You Missed This Weekend: Tragedy In Austin Edition



The weekend is over, which means we all begrudgingly make our way back to our jobs. We sit at our desks and dream about how the weekend went. We make plans for the next upcoming weekend and countdown the days till Friday. We all do it.

So to keep you up to date on all the things you missed over the weekend, while you were sipping Long Island Iced Teas by the pool, we have your weekend review. We know you want to know what you missed. So read this quickly while your boss isn't looking.



A hot-air balloon crashed outside of Austin on Saturday morning killing 16 people. The balloon struck a power line and caught on fire. It is believed that everyone died as a result of the flames and smoke before the balloon crashed down. At this time authorities are not sure if there were any other factors resulting in the crash, but they are investigating both the pilot and the balloon. This is the deadliest hot-air balloon crash in US history.


That's right. The deadly disease has made it's way to the American shores. However, the Governor of Florida believes that the Zika disease came from local mosquitoes. I'm not sure how a local Florida mosquito could have gotten its hands on Zika, but that is what has been reported. If you are in the Florida area be cautious and aware.


Pence, who is now Trump's right-hand man, came out over the weekend and said that politics is not the place for name calling and bickering. Of course, we could not agree more. Yet, on the same day, who do you think came forward and started calling names? I will give you three guesses but you will only need one. If you guessed Barack Obama you are wrong. If you guess Ted Cruz, good guess, but incorrect. If you guess Donald Trump you are the winner. I'm sure that Pence only meant the Democratic party when he made his statement.


Another police officer lost his life in San Diego. More and more senseless killing seems to be the center of the news articles now. It is never an easy thing to lose someone, especially someone who has dedicated their lives to protecting others. Our hearts go out to the family.

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People were up in arms when it was discovered that Bradley Cooper was attending the Democratic National Convention. People couldn't believe that the actor that played Chris Kyle the “American Sniper” could ever be among such liberal energy. Of course, this turned into a mocking spree for the Democratic party. On the other hand, Bradley Cooper was completely unphased by the outrage and continues to make movies.


A man, over the weekend, jumped from 25,000 feet without a parachute and successfully landed in a net in California. Why would a man want to do this? I have no idea, but that is pretty amazing that he accomplished it.


A police officer, dressed in only a bikini, chased and tackled a thief. While the officer was sunbathing with friends a man stole one of their cell phones. She jumped into action and tackled the man. The photo of her has gone viral all over the internet. I'm sure David Hasselhoff is glad that his acting could inspire such heroics.

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There's a brief weekend review for you. Don't forget to check out the other stories we've covered for you so you'll never miss a thing. Now, hurry and pretend you're working so your boss doesn't see.

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