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Biden Administration Sued For Bias Against White Farmers



A man cowboy hat and a loso in the field. American farmer in a field wearing a jeans hat and with a loso | Biden Administration Sued For Bias Against White Farmers | Featured

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller sued the Biden administration last Monday for discrimination against white farmers. Specifically, he claimed the US Department of Agriculture excluded white farmers from relief efforts.

Consequently, the decision violated the US Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Republican commissioner received backing from the America First Legal Foundation. 

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Discrimination Against White Farmers

The suit alleged that the American Rescue Plan included provisions for loan forgiveness. In particular, only “Socially disadvantaged” farmers can avail of loan forgiveness of up to 120% of its value.

At the same time, federal laws limit the available help for white farmers and ranchers. However, the DA's relief program does not count white farmers as “socially disadvantaged.”

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The complaint called these racial exclusions “patently” unconstitutional. It called for the courts to remove these exclusions. By doing so, the programs will promote equal rights for all Americans under the law.

It will also promote efforts to stop racial discrimination. In fact, the only way “to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” 

White Ethnic Groups Subjected to Discrimination

The complaint argued that the government subjected white ethnic groups throughout American history. Therefore, they should qualify as a ‘socially disadvantaged group.

Consequently, this should make white farmers qualify for the DA relief programs. Throughout history, many white ethnic groups had to endure racial or ethnic prejudice. History lumped these groups into a single ethnicity without regard to individual qualities. This includes “Irish, Italians, Germans, Jews and eastern Europeans,” wrote the complaint. 

Also, the complaint said that Miller and others aren't “black enough” to qualify for benefits. They called for the DA to establish a minimum threshold of minority ancestry. This can help determine who's eligible for government benefits. 

America First Legal Foundation

The American First Legal Foundation represented Miller in the lawsuit. Immigration hawk and former Trump adviser Stephen Miller heads the foundation. He launched the group earlier in April to help propagate the “America First” policy. 

Via the courts, AFLF aims to prevent the Biden government from making unconstitutional acts. He said that people who believe in America First mustn't shy away. Instead, they should use legal means to defend “our society and our families” from leftist acts. Miller added that the ALFL can hold the new administration to account. Our self-imposed policy of legal disarmament is now over,” he added. 

Suing the Biden Administration

Earlier, AFLF sued the Biden administration on behalf of Texas Republicans. They complained that the government isn't performing its duty in managing the border.

Specifically, the administration refuses to expel unaccompanied, migrant children. Consequently, this led to massive overcrowding in federal holding facilities along the border.

Watch Sky News Australia’s video reporting that former President Donald Trump declares support for new ‘America First' legal fund:

Do you agree with federal relief programs that show bias toward certain groups?

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Do you support federal relief programs with policies that exclude certain groups? Shouldn't federal programs define what excludes some groups aside from ethnicity?

Tell us what you think about equal access for programs. Drop your comments below.

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  • Chisel says:

    As soon as the government gets involved, your fucked

  • Darlene Ruttrr says:

    Far left stupidity again!

  • Mary jo Christensen says:

    The American Farmers of any race and ethnicity have it hard. They already have to deal with the hard work that goes into farming and the weather also affects them. ALL Farmers!!! Not just one specific group. It is completely unfair to pick and choose.

  • Nancy says:

    The Biden administration is trying to degrade white Americans. I am so tired of hearing of white privilege. White Americans have worked hard for anything they have. Not all white Americans have it easy the majority work very hard to make ends meet. I feel all people here have equal opportunities and should not get special treatment. You work hard for what you want and should not be handed anything special because of your skin color. I am proud to be a white American and will not apologize for that. Biden administration is brain washing our white American children that they should be apologetic for their race its disgusting. WE are not allowed to be proud of our heritage, But everyone else is??? Biden stand up for us also, you say all are equal well stop trying to degrade white Americans.

  • Mary jo Christensen says:

    Well said!

  • Jon Griner says:


  • Amy says:

    All four commits are well said.

  • Joy Cochran says:

    I believe everybody black or white that WORKS without going on assistant just because they are too lazy to work should get help/

  • Joy Cochran says:


  • Jan says:

    I would love to see BIDEN and his administration go out and work a ranch or farm….IDIOTS…where do they get off saying we are privileged…I left the ranch with 100.00 dollars in my pocket and paid my own college and bought my own car…..If that is privileged then HE IS A WHOLE LOT OF PRIVILEGED as he has never worked for anything for 47 years of being paid by lobbyists to be in the congress. HE IS NOT A LEADER he is a VIOLENCE SEEKER.

  • Yote says:

    its simple – Lets sort out the tax money on the bases of the race of the person paying taxes – taxes paid by black Americans can only be used for black Americans, taxes paid by Hispanic Americans used only for Hispanic Americans etc. Then we can see who deserves the biggest pieces of the pie!

  • Kathleen says:

    Biden made his money off of American tax payers and did nothing in his life time to earn it. He claims to be Catholic yet he thinks aborting babies is okay. Being the President of the United States is not an easy job and he was never suited for this position. He has no quality for this position that we all highly respect (or use too). Its like putting the devil himself in this position. There is a lot more of this type of leadership to come. He and his Congress have 3 more years to destroy the United States of America. Hold on it will only get worse, I’m sorry to say. I always thought of him as a Puppet, which he is showing us now. We all need to Pray to God for help. I agree with Nancy statement above. It is well said.

  • Tracie Morris says:

    Can we extend this to Colorado? And why not let each race pay for their own race? Even if just to prove a point. My white privileged butt started at 16 working and paying taxes. I’m almost retirement age. This is the worst disaster I’ve ever seen in this Country.

  • Ed McCallister says:

    you heard nothing but LIES! I am not a Financial Advisor, however I am in my 50’s, own my home, my wife and I have 2 vehicles, with one being my truck as it is almost a requirement where I live; in the Mountains. We live WITHIN our means, and WE PAY FOR WHAT WE BUY, AND DO NOT WAIT FOR STIMULUS CHECKS TO DO SO. My wife has a College Degree, which I began paying for while we were dating, and together, we paid it off and NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT! I had a small College Loan, and I paid that off prior to getting married! I was raised, if you can’t pay for it today, then wait until tomorrow before buying! The amount of money that Biden has already passed, DIRECTLY ON PARTY LINES, will cripple this Country, sooner than later, and then Americans will have to count on this generation of “wokeness” to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…….by then, I will be in the wind…..that is my last wish, be cremated and released into the wind and leave my Carbon Footprint for those RIDICULOUSLY FOOLISH LEFT LIBERALS that are telling the American People how to think and how to act….I will remind those that knew, and inform those that don’t know….
    If you really want t o know if the elected officials REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CONSTITUENTS…….Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez single handedly STOPPED MAZON FROM BUILDING A DISTRIBUTION WHAREHOUSE IN NYC, WHICH WAS REPORTED TO CREATE 25,000 NEW JOBS……YUP, AOC CARES, JUST ASK HER!!!!

    Finally, I hope everyone that tortured themselves watching that shot show last night, stayed to the end and was MOTIVATED THAT AMERICA IS NOT DONE, AMERICANS WILL RISE AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND WE WILL BE LEAD BY GREAT MEN AND WOMEN, INCLUDING, SENATOR TIM SCOTT!!!! I am white, I LOVE THE POLICE, AND IF TIM SCOTT WERE TO BE ON THE 2024 PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT AGAINST THE LEFT, HE PROUDLY WILL RECEIVE MY VOTE, AND A SMALL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION……..we don’t know who will be representing THE RIGHT, but I feel STRONGLY that we have several great candidates, and Senator Tim Scott is right up there…….and don’t forget, we see now what a WEAK VP LOOKS LIKE, so whomever our. Nomination will be, a STRONG VP IS A MUST!!!! May God continue to watch over us, our Military, and at such a horrific time, THE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN WEARING THE BADGE!

  • Max says:

    Again, as with open borders,etc – it’s nothing more than pandering to certain segments for VOTES – nothing more, nothing less.

    All of Obama’s efforts for the blacks resulted in nothing more than votes, which he lost as time went on when their lot didn’t improve under him…..and the same will be said for the blacks, hispanics, etc., under sleepy joe…..lip service for votes and nothing beyond …

  • Mary says:

    Funny how Biden is against his own whiteness.. ugh!
    Does he not know that after the communists leftists are done using him that his whiteness will be needed no longer., ugh! Crazy people.. can’t believe he and all other pawns being used…don’t see the writing on the wall!!!

  • David says:

    Government for the People by the People (ALL THE PEOPLE). Washington DC seems to have forgotten this… as well as the Constitution. Pitiful.

  • William R Phillips says:

    Biden and his administration are very racist as many before me have stated. Not only that, he and the media are infusing HATE, SEGREGATION, MAJOR DIVISION, AND VIOLENCE THRU OUT THE U.S.. I don’t get white privilege. Where I live in rural MO we call it RICH privilege. It doesn’t matter what color you are, it matters how much money you have. Off the subject; why is it that when a black person has something bad happen to them the media makes certain that you know they were black. When a black person commits a hate crime against Asian people or goes out and kills little kids in a drive by shooting, they say a man committed this crime. They don’t make a big deal out them being black then. I guess that’s black privilege.

  • David says:

    I love seeing dumb white people like hiden and celebrities, notice they don’t give up their wealth for any minorities! Biden amd the democrats are supreme racists. We had four years of the media making up racism claims and everyone freaking out. Now we truly have a racist tyrannical President and not a peep?

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not want to turn my federal government over to Marxist as is in office now.

  • David says:

    Joe’s not just racist against white people, he’s made derogatory/racist comments about Indians, blacks, hell he supported Robert Byrd & Geoege Wallace LoL, and besides being cheated into the white house, some people actually voted for him! Too funny!

  • Ann says:

    I am glad that the Farmers are standing up for their rights!!!!!!

  • Edward c Schultz says:

    wHITE fARMERS have bin feeding Americans for many of years Amen

  • Debbie Corliss says:

    I’m so glad they did this. I am so tired of hearing about white privilege when I have been working since I was 16 and am now 50. I don’t have alot to my name but I worked my butt off for everything I have and am proud to say that absolutely NOTHING was handed to me by my parents, relatives and definitely not the government.

  • Tom says:

    Impeach Biden he is no leader .

  • Ed McCallister says:

    If you want to know what a FRAUD this Administration is, just go back and watch some of the EARLY Democrats Presidential Debates….the VP, Harris, before she dropped out, FIRST, she made some pretty powerful statements…….with regards to claims of Sexual Assault by former Biden staff….VP Harris, said, “I BELIEVE THE WOMEN!” That changed when Brain Dead Biden (BDB) called her to ask her to be his VP, with his notes telling him who he was calling and what to ask her! Also, see her remarks to BDB about China and how he will handle them! And then COVID hit, BDB stayed deeper in his basement, than a family of four trying to stay safe in an underground bunker during an F4 tornado! This man is a CLOWN, a PUPPET, and with the swipe of a pen, destroying this country for generations to come. The Liberal Media, covering RIOTS last Summer are on record saying, “these protest are peaceful”, as buildings are burning to the ground directly behind him and broadcast as he makes that ridiculously stupid statement! The Mayor of Portland last Summer, MARCHING WITH THE RIOTERS, telling the President of the USA, do not send the National Guard here, these people are peaceful….that same group that tried letting a Police Precinct on Fire, and blocking the doors so Officers and employees could not get out…..that same Mayor letting Portland be destroyed, the people of Portland, to afraid to STAND UP AND FIGHT, AND I DO MEAN FIGHT, that same Mayor, is NOW, TELLING CITIZEN’S OF PORTLAND TO IDENTIFY WHO THESE RIOTERS ARE AND REPORT THEM TO POLICE!!!!! What a joke, a perfect picture of what a LIBERAL is……a JOKE!




  • Doug says:

    The Demonrat party is modeling this after South Africa…Corey Booker wants to take farm land from White farmers and give them to Blacks many with no knowledge of farming!! The U.S. is quickly becoming South Africa…time to fight back!!

  • Mary says:

    Can’t believe the left are trying to divide us by constantly saying white, black, asian ..white, black, asian..,hmmm ..They maybe thinking it’s working ..but it’s not!! Americans see no color!! Stop the madness in trying to divide us against eachother cause it’s not working!!!! as a matter of fact, it’s bringing us closer to together and closer to God !!! so how do you like those apples!?!
    So if you farmers need our help .. just let us know.. We would be honored and glad to help out our brothers and sisters!!! Amen!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds an awful lot like Nuremberg laws and Jim Crow to me.

  • Jim Evans says:

    I will say that all the Biden administration cares about , and mentions , is the minorities . They don’t care about White people

  • Robert Edward Patton says:

    About damn time. The white man is now the largest group under racist discrimination fire. We started fighting back with Trump and we aren’t even close to being done.

  • Billy says:

    Democrat’s only want what they want not necessaryly is good for the Nation. They are power made .

  • Anonymous says:

    Everything government touches they turn into shit. Government exists only to fuck people and steal money. Don’t depend on them for anything because they will eventually weaponize it and use it to persecute those people that government doesn’t like, aka Obama administration. When democrats say they are helping, be very afraid. All they want is power and control by taking more freedom away from us. Biden stated their intention quite clearly during his last address to Congress, “We the people is us, the government”, or “No constitutional amendment is absolute”, that should tell you all you need to know. The constitution is the “Law of the land” yet democrats say it is not absolute! Their communists, pure and simple. “We the people”, the real ones, need to stand and fight as the founders instructed us to do and beat these anti-freedom, anti-liberty scum down or we deserve neither freedom nor liberty and will be nothing but slaves on the collective for elitist shitbags benefit, aka USSR, China, North Korea, Venezuela, etc.

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