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Whole Foods Sells Anti-Vaccine Propaganda in its Checkout Aisles



Whole Foods Market | Whole Foods Sells Anti-Vaccine Propaganda in its Checkout Aisles | Featured
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The checkout aisles of Whole Foods around the country have sold anti-vaccine propaganda – specifically magazines. According to Business Insider, these magazines are “also a symptom of a much larger problem: an anti-vaccine movement helped along by social platforms and powerful allies.” The irony here is that the branding of Whole Foods is focused on healthy living.

Apart from its anti-vaccine magazines, Whole Foods also has a homeopathy aisle – a section that sells 19th century pseudoscience masked as remedies for cold and flu. There are also shelves “filled with supplements and probiotics making claims that often don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny.”

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However, the biggest concern would probably be the disinformation in their check-out aisle. Insider reported that they recently found several magazines that “have run articles raising unfounded concerns about the safety or efficacy of vaccines.” According to public health experts, these messages are actively dangerous.

One of the magazines in Whole Foods is Well Being Journal – a bi-monthly publication sold at Whole Foods that has published articles that promote “medically unsupported homeopathic therapies as ‘non-toxic’ alternatives to vaccination,” said Business Insider. One article is even titled “MMR Vaccine Causes Autism.”

In a 2017 report by Independent, it mentions “Whole Foods mums” who refuse to vaccinate their children as they are “trying to be organic.” According to Seth Berkley, the head of international vaccine alliance Gavi, “Are developed countries moving away from vaccines? Yes, and

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