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You’re Fired: Traitor Liz Cheney is Removed From GOP Leadership



You're Fired Liz Cheney the Traitor is Removed From GOP Leadership-ss-Featured

Former President Donald Trump went off on Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming on Wednesday following her ousting from her position in the House GOP Leadership.

In the past few months, the RINO representative made it clear that she will go behind the back of the former president and even of the entire Republican party just to side with the Democrats.

On Wednesday, Republican members in the House ousted Cheney from her leadership position as punishment for repeatedly going against Trump.

Her removal from the House GOP’s no. 3 rank happened in minutes during a closed door meeting. This shows how strong Trump’s hold is over the members of the GOP in the House.

It seems, however, that Cheney will not go down without a fight. It has been revealed that she will seek re-election in 2022 for a fourth term.

Following the news of her firing, Trump released a statement, reacting to the ousting and going off on Cheney in general.

In his statement, the former president used the words “bitter, horrible human being” to describe Cheney. He said he “realized how bad she is” for the GOP when he watched her. Trump claims that Cheney did not have personality, nor did she have “anything good” to offer politically and to the country.

He also described her as “a talking point for Democrats” in several political issues. These include the border crisis, energy, inflation or the destruction of the economy. The former president then said she’s a “warmonger” as she pushed the country to face the disaster in the Middle East. Because of this, Trump alleged that it drained the country’s wealth and depleted the military.

Trump then mockingly said that he will be looking forward to watching Cheney “as a Paid Contributor” on channels like CNN and MSDNC.
It seems the Wyoming representative’s hate for the former president ran deep. As soon as her “firing” from her position happened, she rushed to the nearest camera and immediately slammed the former President.

Cheney vowed to make sure the former president will never go near the Oval Office.

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  • The professor says:

    Thank God she’s gone … maybe her and Nancy Pelosi could have some ice cream together and bake some cookies …. or maybe it’s time for her to have her sixth child … or maybe she could get the vacuum cleaner out and clean up the dust bunnies under her bed …. we are headed towards a total path of self-destruction with these Democrats … and these Republican Kratz ….God help us

  • DrRevBigBoa says:


    Good riddance

  • J says:

    Let’s get That other RHINO ROMNEY out too

  • David says:

    I have to admit, I laughed out loud upon reading that she was gone and what she said. It’s either President Trump, the pandemic they created or Foxnews. Look Liz, you were secretly working for democrats while you were supposed to be in the Republican party. You dodn’t have the professionalism, work ethic, or morals to just resign and switch sides. You no longer have a voice and you will be haunted by the success of President Trump and your own failures. You’re fired.

  • walter says:

    to hell with all the hoopla they should just take her to the train station!

  • Eddie Mcmurray says:

    The people do not fall far from who they are. This family of liberal trash need to go ahead and join the rest of the political trash in the swamp. Maybe Lis and Como can hook and spread the the BS lib farm they deserve each other.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Lmao! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bitch!

  • Mary says:

    Woooo Hoooooo!!! Thank You Lord!
    Keep the ball rolling!

  • Dee says:

    I think the DEMS are LIARS,PHONY,GREEDY, Mentally Incapable to EVEN try and rule REAL ppl Who have a brain and DEFINITELY Cheaters.. CHENEY is a lap dog to the ppl of the Swamp ,, Don’t let the door slam u in ur tushy,,Traitor!!

  • Skott Swenson says:

    Is somebody pretending this site is “news”? Bizarro world.

  • Patriot II says:

    She’s a greedy bi-ch just like her war monger daddy Dick. He was definitely a main contributor to 9-11 when he refused to stop the ‘plane’ that was headed toward the Pentagon, if it was a plane at all. Awful funny that there was a round hole in the wall, but no wings, engines or tail section outside the building.

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    A sign of some integrity in the GOP-removing exposed traitors.

  • BBA says:

    Don’t get too excited about this. Removing her from her “leadership” roll does not fix a damn thing! We have to remove all of these communist that are literally dismantling the country as you read this that has to go or we are over as a Free Republic!!

  • Hatman1793 says:

    I’m no Liz fan, her vote to impeach T45 was completely wrong headed & ultimately doomed her. However, she did vote 70% of the time for his America First policies. She just didn’t like Trump.
    On the other hand, the front runner for her job, Elise Stefanik from…….you guessed it, Emperor Cuomo’s lost & broke state, New York, voted AGAINST T45’s America First core principles most of the time.
    Cheney’s gone but let’s not replace her with a New York congress woman with a putrid voting record.

  • You Wish says:

    You can’t fix stupid! That’s exactly what I think of you and this website. Take your blinders off!

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