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Zuckerberg A Thief And A Liar Needs To Be Fired!



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing increased pressure to defend himself as one of America’s premier media critics called for him to step aside as chairman of the board, citing a “serious crisis” at the tech giant.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote a scathing piece on Monday that declared Zuckerberg, 34, is “incapable of leading the broken behemoth that is Facebook.”

Parliamentary committees from eight countries have called for Zuckerberg to attend a Nov. 27 joint hearing in London on online disinformation, according to The Guardian. Canada, the UK, Australia, Argentina and Ireland, Brazil, Latvia and Singapore reportedly want Zuckerberg to discuss fake news and disinformation.

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Facebook did not immediately respond when asked whether Zuckerberg would attend the hearing or comment on Sullivan’s column.

At the same time, things aren’t exactly peachy back home for the embattled Zuckerberg, either.

Sullivan — who was previously the public editor of the New York Times — wrote that the Facebook founder blame-shifts, hides, denies and speaks “in the worst kind of fuzzy corporate clichés” when he’s faced with business disasters. She then pointed to “two stunning pieces of journalism (that) show the scope of the problem, and how out of his depth” Zuckerberg truly is.

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  • Bob Holt says:

    Zuckerberg, has taken advantage of his free membership list to enrich himself at their expense, and he has mis-used information about his members to enhance a left wing Socialist/Communist agenda. He is acting against the constitution. He needs to be ousted and investigated for illegal activity. He is no patriot !


  • flhtcu says:

    Congress should come in and do to Facebook and Google, what they did to “Ma Bell” back in the 60’s, though “Ma Bell” was not as big a danger to the people as either of them are. Force them to break up into competing organizations.

  • Martin Stauffer says:

    Smash Facebook. No monopoly should exist in the USA. Monopolies eventually become self-serving and evil.

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