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17 States Support Texas Election Lawsuit



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After Texas filed a landmark lawsuit at the Supreme Court yesterday, 17 States threw their support to the bid filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton. These states all voted for President Donald Trump in the last elections. Specifically, the states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

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The lawsuit comes as the deadline for election certification for all states lapsed last December 8. Based on certifications, Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the elections with 306 electoral votes. This is 36 more votes than the 270 votes needed to clinch the presidency.  In addition, Paxton filed the suit close to the December 8 deadline for states to finalize their certification. This means that a possibility that the lawsuit, as well as a decision on it, might have come too late. 

Missouri and Louisiana

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt threw his state’s support the same day Paxton filed the suit. “Election integrity is central to our republic. And I will defend it at every turn. As I have in other cases — I will help lead the effort in support of Texas’ #SCOTUS filing today. Missouri is in the fight,” he tweeted Monday night. 

Meanwhile, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry issued a statement urging the SC to consider the case. He wrote that “Only the U.S. Supreme Court can ultimately decide cases of real controversy among the states under our Constitution. That is why the Justices should hear and decide the case which we have joined representing the citizens of Louisiana.” He added that “Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court should consider the most recent Texas motion, which contains some of the same arguments. Louisiana citizens are damaged if elections in other states were conducted outside the confines of the Constitution while we obeyed the rules.”

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Alabama and Arkansas

Attorney General Steve Marshall of Alabama also issued a statement. He said he expects the SC to “act quickly in deciding whether to grant the State of Texas’s request.” This means the SC decision “will instruct me as to how the State of Alabama will proceed in our fight to ensure election integrity.” He concluded by saying that “The unconstitutional actions and fraudulent votes in other states not only affect the citizens of those states, but they also affect the citizens of all states — of the entire United States. Every unlawful vote counted, or lawful vote uncounted debases and dilutes citizens’ free exercise of the franchise. The State of Alabama will continue to pursue any legal remedy available to protect its people from such disenfranchisement. Both our rights and our republic demand it.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge tweeted her message on the matter. She said that  “Arkansans and Americans across the country have real concerns about the lack of integrity in our federal elections this year. After reviewing the motion filed by Texas in the US Supreme Court, I have determined that I will support the motion by the State of Texas in all legally appropriate manners. The integrity of our elections is a critical part of our nation and it must be upheld.

Trump Files Intervention “As Candidate”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump himself took action after learning what Texas did. Through his lawyer, he requested the Supreme Court to block ballots from four states. Specifically, the request came in a filing asking to intervene in the Texas lawsuit versus  Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The petition states that “Our Country is deeply divided in ways that it arguably has not been seen since the election of 1860. There is a high level of distrust between the opposing sides, compounded by the fact that, in the election just held, election officials in key swing states, for apparently partisan advantage, failed to conduct their state elections in compliance with state election law.” In this filing, Trump featured a new lawyer, John Eastman. Recently, Eastman published a theory questioning the candidacy of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Watch the NTD news feature where they report about the 17 states that threw their support behind Texas:

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Do you support the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin? Meanwhile, does your state support the same? Let us know why you are or are not supporting this landmark case. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I voted for Trump but only because I did not want a dem. in. We lost we need to follow our election system and not try to change it.

  • Darlene Ellis says:

    Trump did not win. He needs to get out of the white house.

  • Eric says:

    There was cheating impropriety laws changed illegally this was not a election this was a scam Trump won thats the fact and i will never support a lieing cheating Chinese owned dementia ridden pedifile Joe liedin in my life period!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely! Trump is the choice of the people and should not back down. God has once again chosen His champion. With the evidence that has been shown there should be NO doubt that Biden LOST. We watched the election and you could see the numbers dropping drastically. How could a man who’s involvement with China and his ungodly respect for life and America possibly lead America? Answer: HE can’t. We the People will see our President prevail. David will defeat Goliath.

  • Harry Townsend says:

    Darlene Ellis You will reap the seeds you sow with Socialism. You will only be a poor voiceless minion of the government with Biden and Company. Everybody knows they planned to cheat and did. They bragged about it.

  • Norman L Truelove Jr says:

    Illinois is a communist state like most democrat held states. Illinois was completely red except for 2 counties. Trump overwhelmingly won ever county but somehow cook county decided our election in Illinois.Personally I feel America should rise up demand every state prove there outcomes before this election is officially announced or have a complete redue of the voting

  • Patriot #71234567 says:

    We didn’t loose fairly . They has never ever been a president to win both Florida and Ohio and Lose the election . I refuse to accept fraudulent activity as a defeat and shame on you for laying down and just accept socialism communist . Dead voters , balllot stuffing and placing votes for legitimate registered voters and sending them away is not a victory is theft . If you are ok with a banana republic go live in Venezuela . I am not and there are more remedies than just laying down and surrendering our country to the Chinese .. our forefathers weren’t quitters neither should we . It’s 17776 all over again so either your a patriot or a turncoat . Obviously you voted for trump but tired of the rhetoric . Welll even that has been handled like a communist society . Don’t tread on me and don’t violate what milllions have fought and died for . Grow up we don’t give away our freedom to liars cheaters and criminals . You probably didn’t vote fire Trump based on your comment , because if you had you wouldn’t have said what you did . This battle is long and hard and this is our last chance to rid ourselves of the deep state .. Dud you think that was going to be easy ? Did you think they were going to lay down and say we surrender . HELL NO and neither should we . Enough of the bullshit it’s tome to be rid of this pestilence it’s now or never and every election after this will be rigged if we just say let’s move on . You want your children and grandchildren to loook back and say we once had a real country until my grandfather said let’s move on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee says:

    Beware of wolfs Disguised in sheep’s clothing.

  • Patriot #71234567 says:

    Darlene your delusional that Biden actually won . They plain out ducking cheated like they do with everything . Go live in China you stupid ignorant idiot and see how you like communism . Anybody that believes Biden won is as much a criminal as the demon rat party . We shall see how this all shakes out get your abut anxiety pills out Darlene your going to need them !!!’!!!!!!

  • Stephen Twigg says:

    Trump Won Democrats Only Know How To Lie ,Steal And Cheat The System. For The Ones Who Voted Biden Are Following Satan To Hell. Socialism Will Be In The United States If He Takes Office. 1933 Hitler Started Common Core 1933 Hilter Started A One System Health Care And 1933 Hitler Start Utilization Of Pay Its Amazing How Much Democrats And Hitler Have In Common This All Happened In Austria Where Also Hitler Walked In And Took Over Without Firing A Single Shot Or Killing Anyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Trump WON PERIOD…

  • CLYDE DUNCAN says:

    Its a delusion that Biden won. The Dominion ballot voting machines changed all the votes to Biden with faulty software owned by George Sores with shares owned by Democratic Politician’s. We don’t have a fair chance with our voting system now. We got to go back the old way show wit a Legal ID with a picture on it and vote in person. No dead people can vote that way.

  • Robert Waldo Plympton says:

    You can publish my e-mail (I’m a Vietnam Vet and was a Stupid Democrat for 25 years) I am now NPA and will encourage everyone to get out of those parties, I mean there is no Ice Cream & Cake and no one is having any fun It is clear to me that Liberals have rigged the whole mess. Biden is a crook and the whole thing is rigged. “Trump for four more years”

  • Joe says:

    trump supporters most are uneducated so what does that tell you stupid and you can’t fix stupid

  • Pamela says:

    Trump won the election Biden stole the election we all know that!

  • Joe says:

    Trump supporters have stop drinking trumps look-aide it’s affecting your brain

  • Joe says:

    See Pamela had kool-aide this morning brain dead

  • Anonymous says:


  • David says:

    Idaho was won by trump. I nor we could ever support Biden. I don’t have any respect or faith as Biden or any other dem. I want just ice at the highest level. This has gone on long enough. The world knows Biden lost, why can’t the USA figure it out. There needs to be major replacement of democrat politicians. They haven’t done anything but cost us in every way. Drain the swamp and get back to be the best country in the world.

  • Doris Long says:

    Every PA Patriot has always been aware of our state’s election malfeasance! So no one is surprised at the criminal conduct!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I think those that keep saying the democrats are liers 0r and cheats ought to step back and look at all the things that happened in the last year to the most fouled mouth person that has ever had this office. Once a bullie always a bullie. GIVE someone else a chance to get us out of the hole that we as a nation have been pulled into.

  • Mary Dickman says:

    People who voted for a 77 year old demented crook politician for 47 years and did nothing good for our country, need to have their thinking examined.;;

  • Capt. Joe King says:

    It is hard to believe that we are even pretending to accept the results of this election. There are so many reasons to NOT accept the results. I don’t, for a minute, pretend to know any of the legalistic twists and turns in the final decision, but the solution seems quite simple to me: Throw out the votes, hold a new election using uniform requirements (especially photo ID and proof of citizenship!), and poll watchers present during the voting and during the counting of votes. I will not be satisfied with anything less!

  • Kathy Bazzell says:

    I agree, the only kind of vote counts is the in person and absentee’s which requires verified signatures and the proper ID, no others are to be used. The Democrats could not win in a proper election. Trump won the 2020 election.

  • Stephen Twigg says:

    Well The Truth Hurts. The Democratic Liers, Cheats And Thieves Are Called That For A Reason (Truth Hurts) Your Very Uneducated For If You Knew Your History You Would Know What I Said Is Truth. You Are Following Hitlers Path. The Only Way For Democrats To Get A 77 Year Old In Office Thats Unqualified To Do The Job Is Lie,Steal And Cheat. One Question Name One Thing That Joe Biden Ever Did For The People In The Last 47 Years And Abortion Laws Dont Count Because Thats Against GOD’S Rules And Should Of Never Happened.

  • Phyllis. poole says:

    Being a member of one party or another and being loyal to it is not. Sensible. The party must. Represent certain ideals. Both parties have changed not to their good. We must cling to capitalism and truth.
    Trum ppl has come down on other. Nations that have taken advantage of our means. Our debts are higher than ever and the taxEs must go up to supply the debt. Trump coukd see this and stopped this. He brought
    Ore business to our country and therefore. More jobs.
    What’s not to like??!
    STOP WATCHING TV NEWS. and listen to sensible radio shows who do not want to Bring you socialism Tv has fake news to get you to hate the truth. GROW UP. YOURE. NOT IN 6th. GRADE ANYMOTE!!!

  • Tony Stigall says:

    If Donald Trump had lost a fair election, I don’t think he would have a problem leaving the WH. However, this election was anything but fair. When an honest person loses, they are disappointed. However when you cheat an honest person, they become upset and want to make things right or get even. The Democrats cheated in the 2020 Presidential elections via Dominion / Smartmatic voting machines and illegal mail in-ballots. If they didn’t cheat, why are they working so hard to censor republicans? Why won’t they let republican officials audit the mail-in ballot signatures? What’s the big deal? Oh, that’s right, they CHEATED! Why else won’t the mainstream media talk about it?

  • Anonymous says:

    Trumptards would wash his feet if he asked them to they want him to be there leader for life they will except nothing else they already proved that.

  • Joan says:

    People if you love your Freedom and all the things you enjoy and are able to do now without the coming of socialists dictating to you (like the Corona Virus). They are giving untruths as to how many people are actually dying from this virus. Hundreds of Americans die each from illness not related to the corona virus. The government in all states are putting deaths on the death certificates, died from the Corona Virus when the deaths were from other illnesses etc. Do you like owning your own home, car, items you cherish? Well do your homework and stop listening to the lying news, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and fair and balanced FOX. They tell you little or nothing about what the socialists, CCP (China communist Party) are doing TO YOU. Look up Agenda 21 and read about your, our Constitutional Rights being taken away by Republican Rhinos, Democrats, corporations, globalists, CCP, Communist George Soros and by the way many communists in our entire government, FBI, CIA, Attorney Generals, State and Federal Judges etc. etc. All that do not Like our President Trump are in for a sad awakening if the states decide against President Trump! Just go online and see all that he has done for our country. He has reduced TAXES, rebuilt our weakened military, given us fuel independence, increased jobs, paid attention to our black population with jobs and recognition that the Democratic Party has NEVER done, all they care about is raising our taxes and giving illegals FREE medical, our hard earned social security, and putting illegals and criminals in sanctuary states (and Lying Thieving Biden until this year, has never recognized and never liked the black people) supported our neglected veterans, (that fought for the freedoms you enjoy, some of our veterans coming home in body bags, without arms, legs, burned faces etc.) stopped the funding of the World Health Organization, (a Communist group along with the Communist United Nations. I can go on. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Now we all will see the outcome of our voting process of our Constitution, which is, We The People of This Republics Insurance Policy against COMMUNISM! We are One Nation (Republic) Under GOD with Liberty and Justice For ALL. Please remember that.

  • Toni says:

    I see where a lot of people voted for Biden because they did not like Trumps mouth. Republican’s have let democrat’s lie steel and run all over them for years trying to be the nice guy and President Trump is the first Republican to stand up to their lies. He has done more for this country in a short period of time than any other President in History. I am fed up with the news Media’s total Bias. I am sure a lot of others like myself will never watch another news broadcast on Fox news or my local news. Even though my governor is republican I feel he is also corrupt.

  • Fabian Ruiz says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ! Joe Biden and his Democrats are evil worshipers that will destroy this strong country! President Trump won the election but Joe Biden is trying to steal it. Joe Biden and his son are in China’s pocket! We Patriots will defend this country with everything we all have until God gives his last word to destroy this evil world! Everyone who voted for Joe Biden is very weak minded and wants the devil to come out! In the power of Jesus Christ and God that will never happen. With the blood of Jesus Christ they can never physically cross over to this world! They are wolves dress like shepherds so open your eyes do not be weak minded!

  • Jeffrey Malone says:

    Their was a lot of Sneaky Sht going on this Election. For the people who Turned a Blind eye to it just to WIN Or to get rid of Trump is what the PROBLEM is. Whatever the Outcome we Should as a Country Come Together to make Life Better for ALL, Not just 1 side or the other. Don’t come Messin round my Family the 2nd Amendment is Very Real in my Home. The whole World is Watching us and we are a JOKE!!!

  • RICK MACIAS says:

    All you trump realized should acknowledge the election of how trump lost the campaign to a person that cares enough of the voters. My concern is that trump is acting like an immature adolescent that throw temper tentrums when he feels like. God help our country if Mr. Biden was to have his winning election overturned by bigots who care about no one except themselves. I guess the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES has absolutely no heart felt meaning to some AMERICANS that believe that trump won, when all he does is cry like a baby ALL I CAN SAY IS GOD BLESS AMERICA AND KEEP OWER TRUE AMERICAN BELIEFS ALIVE AND WELL…..



  • Ellen says:

    Replying to Darlene Ellis. I think if you wait a little longer you will see why we voted for President Trump. He is not a quitter and he will not let our country go to socialism. He loves our country and did what he thought he had to do based on what he told Oprah Winfrey years ago in an interview. When she first asked him if he would ever run for president he said no. Then he paused for a minute and said, “Well, I would if circumstances were so that I had to.” Well he kept that promise. He stated recently he would never have run if it hadn’t been for Obama and Biden. That was the circumstance he mentioned. He has kept all of his promises. There is more to this virus then we all know. You must not understand what it means to become a socialist country. The main thing for me is I won’t be free anymore. I will be dictated to and told what I can and can not do. You can see that movement starting already with their comments and they are not even in the Whitehouse yet. Our past governments gradually took God our of our country and when He (God) had enough He took the hedge of protection from our country and we were attacked in 911. Have you forgotten? Do you even recognize what actually happened and why? It is not that the most Democrats are not good people, as with all people. I have wonderful Democratic friends who I love, it’s that they have been mislead and lied to for years and the party has changed dramatically. It doesn’t matter what party you are in, I have found that you have to be able to see things in black and white and know that what you are seeing is official. Prayers have been going on not only in our country regarding this election but by Christians all over the world. People in other countries know what it is like to be under socialism and worse. They know what it is like being controlled. They know what it is like to be killed for their faith. Be patient and you will see the mess the democratic government has gotten itself into. In fact you should already be seeing it. Thank God good people are speaking out and telling what have saw going on.

  • Chickenbird says:

    Anonymous you have your head up yoooo as$&*. If you support the Biden thieves you have a stupid problem , best you give up and prepare for the globalists . They can’t wait to take over you property etc .good luck .

  • Joan says:

    Ellen your comment about President Trump and our freedom was very well, kindly said.

  • Charles Rosell says:

    I believe that it is obvious that this presidential election was not conducted within the framework of our constitution. Many States violated the election Laws or changed the election laws without the authority. I do believe that if none of these violations of Law had occurred that President Donald J Trump is Re- Elected. Mr. Joe Bidden is not in the Mental nor Physical condition to Hold the office as President of the United States. I never thought that My Country would ever betray the America People and their trust I am ashamed of our Government Leaders especially the Democratic Party.

  • J Gonzalez says:

    I cannot believe that anyone can truly accept that this election was fair and honest. There was nothing but fraud and lies from the beginning. If we bow down and turn a blind eye to any of this bullshit we are allowing the government to take more of our freedoms and liberties away from us. If President Trump had lost the election fairly then I could accept it, but this is not the case at all. The democrats did to president Trump what they accus9hin of doing in the 2016 election. The only difference is they seem to be getting away with this fraud. The Supreme Court needs to absolutely investigate all states completely. It is absolutely clear that the democrats have lied and committed fraud against we the people and our constitution. If we don’t put our foot down the future of our country will be handed over piece by piece to our enemies. Action needs to be taken now. It amazes me how anyone can blame a person who has only done right by us and tried to fix years of corruption and lies. Yet support those who have been in office for decades and have achieved nothing and destroyed people’s lives. Obama and Biden torn our country apart for 8 years. They caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, hundreds of thousands of people to lose their homes causing suicide rates to sky rocket. They caused the 2012 Benghazi attack and then lied to cover up their treason. Enough is enough.

  • Dee says:

    Democrates said they would stop President Trump and so did many social sites. It will all come out into the light of how they did the voting FRAUD, and fraud it is. Even if a person don’t like Trump he stands on his promises and has bettered America. He is a Patriot and worthy. This fraud is treason .

  • AMF says:

    Virginia had the dumb ass governor get rid of a lot of trumps ballots .

  • Lynn Ratcliff says:

    President Trump was robbed of the election. Our rights are being taken away by the democrats. President Trump will always be my President! I say impeach Biden! He’s friends with China and will take our country & ecomony down. President Trump & Vice President weren’t afraid to make tough decisions and no-one had them in their back pockets. They were both Godly men.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so sick of the bullshit and childish behavior behavior displayed by our so call president. He lost so he needs to grow a pair and leave the White House like an adult rather than a kicking screaming spoiled little brat. He has everyone mentioning Biden’s age which shows his ignorance since he is only a year or less younger. He has done EVERYTHING to but set his ass on fire to get what he wants. Were sick and tired of it. Why isn’t he doing the damn job he is being paid to do?? Why haven’t we gotten another stimulus check?? Why iare all the politicians going to go home with their six figure incomes (we pay for) and enjoy a wonderful Christmas while the American public struggles and many maybe homeless because once again President Selfish is pissy cause he didn’t win all the marbles What kind of a slug is that heartless and uncaring.,..

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