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Dems’ 25th Amendment Push Thwarted



25th Amendment news headline on US Constitution-25th Amendment-ss-featured

House Republicans successfully blocked a quick consideration of a resolution calling for the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment. Representative Alex Mooney of West Virginia stood up to block the consideration. Specifically, the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution states that if the current President is unable to do his job, the Vice President succeeds him or becomes Acting President to declare a sitting president “unable” to perform the job. Meanwhile, Maryland representative Jamie Hoyer filed the resolution regarding the amendment Monday.

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Democrats Urge Pence to Invoke 25th Amendment

In a statement Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) said that “The President represents an imminent threat to our Constitution, our Country, and the American people, and he must be removed from office immediately.” By rejecting the consideration of the bill, Pelosi said that Republicans are “enabling the President’s unhinged, unstable and deranged acts of sedition to continue.” In addition, she added that  “Their complicity endangers America, erodes our Democracy, and it must end.” Also, Pelosi said that the House would take up the legislation, requesting that Pence respond “within 24 hours after passage.”

With Mooney’s objection, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Md) said the House will vote for it. House members should return to Washington by Tuesday to vote on the resolution. He said a vote will start at 730 pm Tuesday. Calls for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment emanated from Democrats in both House and the Senate. So far, Pence managed to avoid any commitment on whether to accept or not. Meanwhile, a senior administration official said Pence isn’t involving himself in any amendment talks.

Democrats Will Impeach if Pence Won’t Invoke

In the wake of the Capitol riot last week, Democrats pushed hard for Trump’s removal from office, calling on Pence to invoke Amendment 25, which they called “quickest and most effective way” to remove Trump from office. Schumer warned that if Pence refuses or does not act on the resolution, Congress will reconvene to impeach the president.  In order to impeach Trump, the House must vote for a 218-vote majority. Democrats hold 222 seats and can muster up the number. However, the actual number of votes can go lower due to vacancies and absences.

In fact, Democratic Representatives Ted Lieu (Ca), David Cicilline (RI), and Jamie Raskin already drafted an article of impeachment, “Incitement to Insurrection,” which they also introduced Monday. The article read: “In his conduct, while President of the United States—and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States, and to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, Donald John Trump engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by inciting violence against the Government of the United States.”

Double Trouble

The double threat of Amendment 25 and the impeachment come at an ironic time. Trump is eight days away from stepping down as President of the United States. However, Pelosi insists that even then, “the President’s threat to America is urgent.”

Trump is already on his way out. Impeaching him only ensures that he can never hold public office again. Democrats insist that making Trump accountable is the right thing to do. Leaving no one accountable for the riot means it can happen again. The protest on January 6 resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol Police officer. 

View the Washington Post news video where House Republicans block the resolution on 25th Amendment to force a vote:

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So you agree with the attempts to remove the President from office? Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • mary clark says:

    Thou shall not judge lest you yourself be judged by God

  • Zane Everett says:

    Democrats preach that they wanted to unifying the country but all they want to do is keep dividing the country instead.

  • Nunya says:

    No, Trump has been right all along and following the Constitution. All the traitors in the House and Senate need to be purged.

  • Wayne says:

    Absolutely disagree with the democRATS !!! This is vindictive and is a further waste of time, Taxpayer money and further divide the country !!!

  • Mabel Payne says:

    Pelosi is the one that is unhinged with all her hatred.

  • Grumpy says:

    The Democrats would clean there on house!

  • Steve says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be jailed asap, along with the rest of the deep state, and every foreign accomplice.

  • Carol M Boucher says:

    You are absolutely correct! She is the one who should be removed! My ? is how did the Congress ever think she was mentally capable as well is just filled with haltered not only for Trump but every conservative!

  • Zane Everett says:

    Leave the president alone Jesus fuckin christ you’ve been after him since before he even took office Leave him alone already. You Democratic BITCH

  • Sam says:

    Hyprochasy prevails for all political representatives. No action taken all year as the thugs burned and vandalized cities, including DC summer 2020. Where were our elected officials then?? Those were “peaceful protests?? Why weren’t actions brought against those who stormed the capital during Justice Kavanagh? That was ok when it benefits ONE side of the political view. Why is there a warrant for arrest in Ukraine for president elect Biden? Do you people really see what is happening to America??

  • Rellia Gibson says:

    I think President Trump is one of our greatest Presidents. He has had his hands tied in every direction. He polls are outstanding as a sitting President. I’m sorry for the way he has been treated and turn my head in shame from the Democratic Party. Now I want to see them fix everything they claim . When they don’t I’ll be the first one speaking out against them…

  • Marion Pentecost says:

    President Donald Trump has done more to help this Country than any other President in over 50 years. This is simply another violent attack from the Democrats. President Trump did not encourage protesters to break into the Capital, instead he asked for a Peaceful demonstration.

  • Richard Goerge says:

    Congress should focus on real work for the people and forget about a “witch hunt”. The President’s term ends in 8 days and Congress needs to honor that. The Democrats are damaging our Union. The President never called on people to riot, just to exercise their Constitutional rights!

  • Todd Nave says:

    No I believe It is not President Trump’s blame for what [email protected] capital. These punks(Dems) are only trying to push the impeachment to keep him out of congress. We the people, know they are crooks and Trump keeps exposure of it. We need term limits. Pelosi, Schumer need to go. Biden,Harris and other Dems are guilty of everything that they tried to blame Trump for. Congress isn’t for the people. We know Trump won and they frauded. God will deal with them all

  • Energy101 says:

    The President didn’t say anything he has said at one of his rallies. Mob psychology took over and made the crowd do things they wouldn’t normally do.
    Pelosi has been after him since the day before his inauguration. She has never missed an opportunity to find fault, or criticize him or his policies. She became personally involved instead of what may have been right for the country. She is the one that has harmed this county due to her vindictive and uncooperative behavior and should have been removed from her position along with Schumer. Think would could have been accomplished with a little cooperation from the Democratic Party. What a waste of time and money.

  • John fredette says:

    President Trump did nothing wrong the rabid Democraps are destroying our country time for them and their brain dead morons to leave America and let true Americans who believe in our president and love our country alone .

  • Charles Kerley says:

    President Trump did not cause the mob to do what they have done in the pass and this time too.

  • Terry says:

    All the president did was tell the people what was and has happened and told them to peacefully protest and have there voices heard, he didn’t tell them to Storm the Capital, that is a complete lie from the left as they have done for the last 4 years.

  • Bill says:

    Democrats preach that they want to unify the country. To achieve this goal, they want to stamp out any and all opposing views using every dirty trick they can get away with. Everything they accuse Republican’s of the Dems have already done but they think that is ok because it furthers their cause.

  • Kathleen L Anderson says:

    I voted disagree and somehow it recorded as agree….
    Our government is corrupt.

  • Ruben Padilla Jr. says:

    Let me tell you all something. Yes you are correct Pelosi is unhinged and full of Satan himself along with her dems and libs friends. I still remember when that woman tore up the State of the Union Confidential Papers Trump handed her and her stupid reactions in the background. I hope President Trump holds his ground and does not leave his post because this election was stolen even with the stupid electoral count!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Trump one fair and square you cheating bastards. Dementia Joe doesn’t deserve to be president he will not be recognized as mine ever hes never kept any promises or done anything for our country except rare it apart

  • KG says:

    I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over president Donald Trump and his family, I plead the blood of Jesus over the White House and everything concerning president Donald Trump. I ask for the blood of Jesus to shut the mouth of the accuser of the brothering who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, for the blood of Jesus in the courts of heaven to answer on the behalf of president Donald Trump of forgiveness all sins by the blood of Jesus washed away.a judgement be rendered for a verdict for president Donald Trump in full order agreement, alinement sealed approval by the word by the blood by the Holy spirit of fire by the will of God in heaven Amen

  • Pop says:

    The fanatical left just can’t quit spending millions to shove their hate monger Agenda down this Country’s throat. They preach acceptance and throw hate around like a you ball.
    They will pay for this only if this country opens their eye and earns. But, so far they only want to believe what sounds easy. Sheep led to the slaughter.

  • Betty says:

    Your so right! They have been on Trump Ass since day One! Trump is Strong! Holding up and Kicking Crooked Politicians Asses! If these Democrats rats Impeach Trump there will be a Civil War! OREGON is Full of Dirty Democrats rats! We have live here for 80 years and their trying run us off our property think we shouldn’t own it! Have a Liberal Private School Waldorf Eugene Oregon run by ALIEN German! Oregon Sanctuary State Sucks Kissing 💋 ALIENS Asses and IGNORE Homeless Americans! Pelosi hates Americans letting them DIE 💀 on streets her District! Why don’t Americans Protests around her mansions she owns Big Wine 🍷 field Look them up on internet! If there was a RIOT there cops couldn’t control them! People who have money 💵 boss shove poor around especially POLITICIANS! Got Rich off government!

  • R S says:

    Really you moronic idiots ??? What about the many many Riots that were sanctioned by BLM AND all these other “supposed peaceful” people had how much property damage and just plain gang violence was allowed to go on ??? Wake up America we should all be worried about being AMERICANS together and not allow social fake news to tear us apart like it is doing ! Wake up America before it is to late ! These crooked politicians, especially this Peloci need to worry about tthemselves just like we all should do !!

  • Robert Martin says:

    It’s ok for the Democrats to riot all summer long , but nobody else. Can protest, and if they do it is called a riot. How come nobody mention that Antiva had a police escort of Three Buses to the protest. Which because of them instigated the riot. Not President Trump.

  • RS says:

    Oh and JFY do any of you “defund the police idiots” even realize that it’s is the court system that puts criminals in prison?????? The police arrest you on the street for suspected criminal activity! Then THE COURT OF YOUR PEERS LOCKS YOU AWAY !!! Do any of you listen in class , well the ones who actually went to school ! You are believing anything and everything the media and haters are saying to you ! The only reason ANYONE would want to defund police is so they can BREAK THE LAW WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES! Wake up people please this is not a black white thing it’s a DO NOT BREAK THE LAW THING and if you are innocent the courts will find that out !! Quit blaming the police ! Not saying there are bad ones , of course there are like ANY OTHER PROFESSION , but not every time an officer happens to arrest a black person are they racist!! Wake up people please to quote a great movie line , “ STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLES !!!”

  • Dan says:

    I agree with the above comments! If the crimes and corruption and hatred of the ‘’’democrats “ And their minions isn’t dealt with and brought to justice soon we will loose our republic and freedom as we know it. Their blatant disregard for the constitution and the bill of rights indicates they want to be socialist dictators and will squash anyone who disagrees. They are responsible for the loss of civility !

  • Judith Dembowski says:

    Shame on anyone who supports that half brain woman. She has her own agenda and its not to support our country. She is power hungry and is willing to step on the President to get where she wants to be. If anything happens to Biden she will be Vice President. Look out Harris. Don’t stand in her way. She’s heading for the top and if she’ll walk over one President she will walk over another.

  • Betty says:


  • Kenneth says:

    The Democrats would need to prove their accusations which, of course, they can’t because it’s ballony – just an attempt to make President Trump look as bad as they can. The Democrats play REALLY DIRTY!!

  • Cheryl Taylor says:

    Leave the president alone he has done nothing wrong that witch Nancy Pelosi needs to go

  • Ck says:

    Democrats have actually been guilty of inciting violence and riots, why were they not held accountable. There is NO evidence that Trump incited violence and there are videos of organized rioters entering the capital who were not even at the rally, most likely they were paid rioters like most democrat rioters. Dems need to be taken down, not our President! Pelosi is a lunatic and needs to be locked up along with McConnell and all the others living off the tax payers dime for the last 4 decades!!!

  • Betty says:

    Portland Oregon has Big Riots Democrats rats! Don’t forget about them! They made a HELL Hole out of Downtown Portland and Eugene! Broke out Businesses Windows and Looted them! So what the HELL are Democrats rats Bitching about? Tax Payers have to pay for Damages Done Washington D.C. Republicans are suppose to sit back and let Democrats rats run over us Biden and Harris are going SHIT 💩 All over us! IDIOTS in Washington D.C. Old Bitch Pelosi HATES AMERICANS AMERICANS WILL NEVER GET ALONG BE CIVIL WAR NATIONAL GUARD WILL STAND DOWN! WOULD THEY KILL OUR OWN AMERICANS? Then here comes all the ALIENS take over United States CHINA? Already have Germ Warfare!

  • Chas says:

    Nancy and Chuck are freaking wack jobs and should be removed themselves!!!! They both need to resign when this is all over!!!! The Dems have cheated this election and it
    has consequences, peacefully…the truth will come out…does anyone believe that “crazy old China Joe” won this election. I think not!!!! Watch and wait, soon you will be seeing the Dems start to eat there own like the RATS they have all become!!!

  • Michael england says:

    I’m a solid believer in what Trump was doing for our country, the numbers of unemployment was at near or all time low jobs were coming back USA, those demorats in office have made their entire life of tearing us down and fattening their pockets, it’s plainly obvious and people the people that voted for Biden don’t even know which bathroom to use

  • Donna Gibbar says:

    I love our President and know that he won the election. I said that I disagree with crazy Pelosi and you keep asking me why do I agree!?! Believe me when I say I do Not agree with this B. S. Pelosi is a real looney tunes. Someone get rid of her!! She should be impeached !!!!!!!

  • Sandra Castonguay says:

    I am waiting for Karmala Harris to be impeached as she verbally INCITED more riots when BLM & Antifa were out for months burning down businesses, killing people, harrassing people, looting, and an attempt to buen down a FEDERAL bldg. and she said on TV that this mob should NOT let up! AND THEY didn’t!!! And MAXINE WATERS who also incited bad behavior, which her minions followed. WHEN are these two being impeached???????

  • jesse smith says:

    Pres Trump has always supported the right to Peaceably assemble and he encourages all Americans to do so, while at the same time he has always condemned all unlawful acts if anyone with common decency listened to his speech he in fact encouraged people to peaceably let their voices heard.
    in my opinion Trump never ever “Incited” anyone to Riot those who did, did so of their own cognizance and they should be held accountable not Pres. Trump

  • Billy Davis says:

    He has caused a lot of separation in this country..been nothing but a bully, and liar!you can’t win office by being beat by 7 million votes..

  • D Broz says:

    Trying to figure out why Harris isn’t being charged ( for tweeting) asking for donations to bail out rioters that were arrested for violence, theft & destruction ????? Why was Hillary never charged for having government servers hidden in a personal closet? How can Hussein Obama afford $12 million mansion at Martha Vineyards after being a community organizer & president for 8 years? Hmmmmmm???? Why aren’t there charges against the politicians & so-called mayors in all the states that the rioting, looting, burning & destroying everything took place???? These states WOULDN’T allow the national guard to help. If Trump sent guards in without approval, it’s called “martial law”!!! Why aren’t those states being charged & now they want federal $ to rebuild ( which is MY tax dollars)!!!!!!! We need to have petition to get Pelosi out of office!!!!!! Enough said, the list is way TOO long & the blood pressure is rising. Nothing can be done, our voices & votes no longer exist!!!!

  • Sandra Castonguay says:

    Yes I believe you. WHY isn’t there pictures of these 3 buses being escorted? Why have none of these officers spoken out on live TV to confirm this? I hope someone picks up this story && shows it to everyone! T. Carlson would air it if someone would MAN UP and admit this nationally!

  • Chas says:

    Obama and Biden started the separation of this country years back, and has not stopped since as the Demorats keeps trying to line there own pockets?!! How many dems have changed to republicans, many!!!! Do your homework!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    President Trump has never been a “Politician “! God sent us a man who understands the regular people in America, not some STUPID politician who doesn’t want to work for the majority of Americans! Pelosi and all her cronies have hated him from day 1 because she couldn’t corrupt President Trump into becoming one of her PUPPETS! And – he didn’t need her money or influence to be successful. Pelosi is the evil one in all of this! She will get hers someday, “what goes around comes around”!

  • TOM says:

    I don’t know what else could possibly added.


  • Anonymous says:

    Nancy Pelosi is as big a threat to our nation a anyone. I think we need RID of her and all her followers

  • MJT says:

    Everything that has been going on truly disgusrs me…are we animals!!!
    With that being said, leave the man alone and let him finish his last remaining days. The house and senate could spend their time (our money) doing something important!

  • Susan says:

    President Trump did not/does not support or instigate what happened on the 6th. Stop the witch hunt!! He leaves in 8 days. This insidious push only proves how terrified the Democrats are of being opposed and the lengths they will go to, to silence ANY opposition to them. This isn’t about President Trump. This is about sending a message to ANYONE that will dare disagree with the Democratic Party!!!
    Who is holding all the Democrats responsible that did nothing to stop all the other riots ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Those riots caused a lot more damage. Children riding in their parents cars were shot and killed but no one called for the Democratic Governor of that state to be removed.
    Who is holding the police officers accountable that escorted busses of activist into the area and stepped aside and waived people on into the building??
    Where were the HORDS OF POLICE OFFICERS that we normally see in Washington DC???
    I Triple Dog Dare you to use the same number of police that were on site on the 6th for the inauguration!!!!

  • Joseph B. says:

    No, i do not agree. BUT Congress should attend to conducting useful business instead of wasting taxpayer monies pursuing baseless attempts against President Trump!

  • G says:

    I’m an outsider looking in based in the UK, so my opinion probably won’t count however:
    President Trump has done so much good for the USA, he’s a businesman who knows what he wants and will go out and get it, no matter who he offends.
    Biden on the other hand is a yes man and he will bring the USA down on its knees by trying to please everyone. I understand unemployment was at its lowest for years, watch what happens now. The democrats will of course blame everything on Mr Trump and Covid but I really believe there are other forces turning the screw here, watch yourselves..

  • Lillie murphy says:

    Dumbest thing shame on the Democrats.

  • Patricia says:

    No I don’t agree, The President asked ALL to do the right thing,There were some their that were out of control but ————what do we really
    Know???God help n Bless those who suffered because of those who did not listen,There is more to all of this and WE the American
    People have a right to know the real truth🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Cyndi says:

    This is just grandstanding and posturing. They have no legal grounds and know if will go nowhere. They should focus their energies on more productive things and not being vindictive little preschoolers.

  • Georgette Peterson says:

    No! Trump has done nothing wrong. He has done more good for this country than I have seen in my 70+ years.

  • sherril d henderson says:

    There has got to be some good democrats and republicans left in Washington DC ( i hope )The rest of the lunatics that want to change this country to communism for power and money for themselves should be voted out of office. We need to have term limits and get rid of them.ASAP

  • Cyndi says:

    I also think that the Dems are afraid that President Trump will run for President again in 2024 and that is why they want to impeach him. So he cannot hold public office again. They are so conniving and underhanded in everything that they do. No faith can be placed in them by anyone not only in this country but in the world. So, be afraid, be very afraid of what is coming next. Each and everyone in this country is going to be negatively affected by their policies. Watch, listen and stay informed. Don’t trust mainstream media. They tell you what they want you to believe not the truth.

  • Tom Kramer says:

    Im done with the Hippocrates Democrats. Ive crossed Party Lines, Voted for Obama. Never again Republican for life from now on.

  • Very Concerned says:

    I remember back in high school it being said that one day the United States would get to be more like the Soviet Union. Donald Trump is a rich powerful man. His dealings with Putin were a stepping stone. He wanted all that power for himself and be a one man ruler (dictator). Does Hitler ring any bells? Yes, you are right we should be very afraid if Mr. Trump gets away with all he has done and if he is able to run again for the president we can kiss our freedom of speech and our land of the free gone forever. God Help Us All !!

  • KATHY says:


  • Fidel Solis jr says:

    ??? Are Democrats SCARED of only President that did more for USA than any president after Lincoln.

  • KATHY says:


  • Charles Lawson says:

    The Dem’s led by Pelosi are doing what they always do, blame someone else for what they have done! Acting like the Idiots they are! NO Pres. Trump should NOT be Impeached he has done nothing wrong!

  • Charles Gurisco says:

    Totally disagree with any action the Democrats are trying to do at this time. They have done nothing for the past for years, except of course attack POTUS and divide our country by race baiting and social economic division. They are doing their very best to eliminate our freedoms and push towards socialism. Dems should be STOPPED!

  • Jane A says:

    The Democrats lead by Pelosi have been Trying to remove President Trump before he even got started in office with false accusations! Anything he has accomplished is Despite the Democrats not because of them. I am an 81-year-old female who is totally disgusted with the entire Democratic Party! I am just hoping that because of them this country does not become a socialist country. I see that in our future however if something isn’t t done with the leadership of the Democratic Party!!

  • Jill Watson says:

    Trump is an honourable man and the BEST PRESIDENT…possibly EVER in the USA.
    The Democrats are evil and conspiring and will destroy the USA…Biden is a joke…and he and his family should be put in jail…for the monies and illegal actions…how is he not be charged and put in jail???????? TRUMP won the election and no wonder so many people are upset….their freedoms are being destroyed….

  • Dave says:

    In the rally held the day before he even made the statement that we should have a PEACEFUL march on the Capital to protest the ratification of the electoral votes. He did not ask for a violent protest, just the opposite. This is just a political move on the Democrats to try and keep him from running again in 2024. They are that afraid of loosing to him again that much. That is not to say that everyone that violently attacked the capital should not be prosecuted. THEY SHOULD BE!!

  • Jane says:

    Stupidity reigns supreme in the democrat members of the US government!,

  • Bill says:

    I cannot wait for the unhinged and despicable Nancy Pelosi to breathe her last. It will likely occur during this term in office as this old crone is working her way towards a stroke or heart attack with all her vitriol. I will dance a jig to celebrate then this happens. No one will miss this witch when she finally kicks off this mortal coil. And she won’t be going to heaven with her long-standing support for murdering the unborn.

  • R. Edward Lynch says:

    Beijing Joe and “Crack Head” son Hunter are both Communist China pawns.
    The penalty for TREASON is _________

  • Very Concerned says:

    Do you think that there are any honest politicians?? There’s not a one got to be where they are by being honest. By all means there is fault with both parties, Dems & Reps. I choose to go with the lesser of 2 evils. I love the country I live in. It’s a shame that it is being ruined by all this hate and violence.

  • renee reed says:

    Trump for President.Put GOD back in the world.Trump should be president for ever.

  • renee reed says:

    whay are the democrates not taking care of are people.Taking care of the vets,foster kids,homeless,nurseinghome people,mentalyill people,handicap people and the schools.They should be worrie about the people of the us. May GOD help the people.Love, peace and god.Love you God. God bless the us.Love peace and joy.Have a blessed life.Have a happy new year.PEACE ON EARTH.

  • Joyo says:

    The guilty knows owes who’s doorstep the blame lies. Enabling; now whose enabling who….???

  • Fred Brown says:

    NO! I do NOT agree! This is just a ploy to divert attention from the scheming being done by Pelosi and the rest of the Leftist traitors! I sincerely hope Trump gets off his ass and declares a National Emergency invoking Martial Law, and arrests every one of these Demonic scumbags for treason!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is 100% Democrats. No matter which answer is chosen, it says you agree President Trump should be impeached. You guys can’t win anything without cheating!!!

  • Linda says:

    Yes-get the crazy facist lying fucker out of that seat. I can see that many of you just don’t see all the lies he spews. He has been just awful.

    Some of you need to get spell check on your computer and please read what you are typing before you send, but of course you are for trump and probably can’t read or spell.

  • john skeens says:

    It’s very that our country has come to this,You democrats took god out of our schools and you were pissed off that trump won the 2016 election. You democrats haved tried to impeach him since he has been in office.H ow much money did that cost us tax payers? If anyone should be in jail that would be hillery but wait she is a democrat you don’t go after your own party. ‘
    what we need in this country is more people that are not politisions to run for government offices

  • Ecduzit says:

    I believe it’s just a matter of time before the mobs personally attack or assassinate not the President but those that started this mess the Democrats like Pelosi she is the head of a poisonous snake (4) years she’s attacked Trump because she’s feels threatened by him impeached him so he can not run again in 2024 is he ONLY REASON for this impeachment

  • Ecduzit says:

    America won’t March in masses around a he states capitol buildings they will flood into the city streets looting burning and shooting because they had enough BLM will join them as this group lives to loot and Antifa will be with them as they bring their sling shots and clubs to a manly fight I see buildings burning and chaos across this nation hopefully in Pelosi district if it happens we have no one blame for this hatred other han Nancy Pelosi her self

  • Ecduzit says:

    I believe it’s just a matter of time before the mobs personally attack or assassinate not the President but those that started this mess the Democrats like Pelosi she is the head of a poisonous snake (4) years she’s attacked Trump because she’s feels threatened by him impeached him so he can not run again in 2024 is he ONLY REASON for this impeachment

  • Ecduzit says:

    Did y’all know CONGRESS passed a bill called READ THE BILLs ACT making sure they read the bills before they were voted on THAS RIGHT ! Now all they have to do is post the bill 72 hours b gore voting REMEMBER WHAT PELOSI SAID ON OBAMACARE “We have to pass it to see what’s in iit”. Is this the type of Congress we want take a look at the ages of these men and women 80-85-90 years old. We Need Term limits as they are bankrupting America by not reading their he bills NANCY PELISI 80 years old – this snakes needs to go

  • Dutches says:

    The witch hunt against President Trump NEEDS TO STOP! President Trump cannot control what we as Americans do! We make our own choices & sadly what was done at the Capitol was completely wrong & solely the responsibility of the people that were involved! President Trump cannot be held responsible for the actions of ignorant people! Put the blame where the blame is deserved & hold those people responsible! The democrats & some republicans that make up our government couldn’t stand the fact that for 4 years they didn’t get their way to destroy our great nation & the American people. They couldn’t handle our Presidents unfiltered mouth because he got straight to the point & didn’t bullshit around. He did what he said he was going to do & got it done! I thought our President did a hell of a job in the short amount of time he held office & 100% wish he was our President for another term! Nancy Pelosi & her cronies need to do something more constructive with their time like getting our nation back to normal but that’s not going to happen! Slowly the witch hunters have corrupted American minds! They have people scared into believing that if they don’t do what they’re told to do & believe what they’re told then they’ll perish! Wake up American…you are eating right out of their hands so they can be in complete control & take away ALL of our rights! They’re taking away our right to use currency, to shop at our stores because they’re pushing online shopping, virtual workouts/gyms, they’ll take away or God given right to choose for ourselves if we want the Covid vaccine or not, they’re pushing to have ALL of our personal information (banking, all medical, SS number, address & phone number, information about our families, etc) put on a chip & inserted into our bodies. I’m not a dog or cat that strays from home & gets picked up by animal control & needs to be chipped so my owners can find me!!! Slowly, no-one will have a job except those filling orders to be picked up or shipped to our homes & those delivering them. Seems suspicious to me that we have this Deadly Coronavirus Pandemic during President Trumps last year of his first term & is to my understanding that Biden was in China & knew about it being a pandemic over there before the virus arrived here & became a pandemic killing people by the thousands daily! It saddens me to think that our own government used this virus to get President Trump out of office, using it for population control & TOTAL CONTROL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! This impeachment against President Trump once again is a great injustice & an attempt to keep him from any political office…especially running for the presidency again in 4 years! It’s not that our government is scared of Trump…it’s that Trump was all for change to make America BETTER & STRONGER than ever & that doesn’t fit the government’s agenda! Just like when JFK was president & that’s why they assassinated him! The government having more control than our President is just straight up ridiculous!!!

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