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Trump Concedes Election, Condemns Violence at Capitol



Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump-Trump Concedes-ss-featured

In a video statement released the evening of January 7, President Donald Trump concedes the election to President-elect Joe Biden. He also promised to focus on a smooth transition of power moving forward. In addition, the President also addressed the riots at the Capitol and condemned the demonstrators who clashed with police and attempted to overrun Congress during the Electoral College vote counting.

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Condemning the Violence

In the three-minute videotaped at the Rose Garden, the President condemned the protesters who marched up to Congress but then proceeded to disrupt the special session and vandalized halls and offices. He promised that those who violated the law will pay. Trump’s demeanor in the video is a stark turn-around from the President’s stance during yesterday’s events.

In a nearby rally yesterday, Trump urged supporters to head to the Capitol to protest the ongoing confirmation. He said “We're going to walk down to the Capitol. And we're gonna cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. And we're probably not going to be cheering, so much for some of them, because you'll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong.”  He also called out Vice President Mike Pence in a tweet, saying he didn’t help him.  

Conceding to Biden

Trump’s speech expanded his earlier tweet where he pledged to an orderly transition on January 20. He wrote that while he disagreed with the election outcome, he will not stand in the way of the transition. However, he will continue the fight to “make America great again.” In the new video, Trump also changed the tune on his vow to “never concede.” While he didn’t say the word “concede” and didn’t address Biden by name, he did acknowledge that a new administration will occupy the White House by January 2020. As such, he promised to focus on ensuring an orderly transition.

In contrast, Trump spent the last two months after the elections filing lawsuits and legal challenges that questioned election results. He focused on battleground states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania and often clashed with GOP governors who he felt didn’t lift a finger to help his cause. On numerous occasions, including during yesterday’s rally, he promised he will never concede the elections. 

Why the Turnaround?

Analysts say that Trump finally accepted the outcome after a score of resignations occurred at the White House following the riots. Members of both parties condemned the wanton lawlessness and apparent disregard for safety. Meanwhile, many lawmakers blamed the President for egging on the protesters and then allowing the violence to escalate. Consequently, some GOP senators who originally planned to object to the certification changed their minds. 

At the same time, whispers of an invocation of Amendment 25 kept floating around the capitol. Members of Congress, mostly from the Democrats, have called on Pence and other cabinet secretaries to invoke Amendment 25 and remove Trump from office. Democrats also raised a strong possibility of filing a new impeachment complaint against Trump. 

Full Transcript of the President’s Speech

I’d like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the United States Capitol. Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem. I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. 

America is and must always be a nation of law and order. The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engage in the acts of violence and destruction: you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law: you will pay. We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high, but now tempers must be cooled and calm we start. [sic] We must get on with the business of America.

My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. In so doing now is fighting to defend American democracy. I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections.

Now, Congress has certified the results. A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power. 2020 has been a challenging time for our people, a menacing pandemic has upended the lives of our citizens, isolated millions in their homes damaged our economy, and claimed countless lives.

Defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy on earth will require all of us working together. It will require a renewed emphasis on the civic values of patriotism, faith, charity, community, and family. We must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty, that bind us together as one national family. 

To the citizens of our country, serving as your president has been the honour of my lifetime. And to all of my wonderful supporters. I know you are disappointed, but I also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

What’s Next? 

As Trump concedes, it clears a path for Biden to enter the White House. However, it extracted a steep price in the form of the Republican Party in shambles. Not only did they lose the White, but they failed to recapture the Senate. In addition, the party remains divided between those who support Trump and those who wish to put everything behind them.

Watch President Trump’s latest video statement condemning the violence that happened at the Capitol yesterday and promising an orderly transition of power to the new administration:

As President Trump concedes the elections to Joe Biden, what should the Republican Party do next?

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What’s next for the Republican party? How do they deal with the next two years and the elections after? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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  • Elizabeth Kelm says:

    For the 80 million that voted for TRUMP. We will not stop fighting to drain the SWAMP that exists in Washington. The corruption in our government is equal to a third world country!!

  • Barbara Gould says:

    We have laws I thought. Dems will block them just like they did in 2020. Or did you all forget what President Trump has gone through or us.. If we have really let dems get away with this, we as Americans are done for. After all President Trump has done for his and our country in Four years.republicans let this crap happen. What is wrong with the so called Republican Party to not stand with our ( President Trump ).

  • Ed says:

    We need to have term limits to keep people from getting to much Power!! If you look at what the people have done that’s been in office for a long time it’s mostly just for them.

  • Greg Lawrence says:

    The Republican Party is dead. We need a third party system. The gop as a whole had been spineless. They didn’t fight for this country out the citizens. We’re doomed. This new administration will strip away our rights one by one. If you thought 2020 was bad? That was just a trial run.

  • Zane Everett says:

    Congress and senators should only have a term of 2 years than no more

  • Anonymous says:

    Independent from here on out. The GOP talks a big game but, in the end just another politician!

  • Awakenow says:

    I am so ashamed of our country and the disrespect that was allowed to be shown to our PRESIDENT by the media and government officials. He apparently was our president in name only with arms and legs tied. This corruption is sooo deep that even Trump couldn’t stop it as president. Now, we do know how deep this goes and how drastically necessary we have to take steps to stop this takeover of our country. We are awake now and know we are compromised all the way to the SUPREME COURTS. The truth is out now for all to see. The battle has just begun!!

  • Ron Rutherford says:

    The Rhino Republications should all resign in disgrace. We desperately need representatives who will be loyal to their president and do the job they were elected to do, not spend their time being re-elected for a lifetime in office. We all know Democrat pols are too corrupt to conduct fair elections i.e. dead voters, etc. Now we are faced with a corrupt POTUS. God help us. PS. Pelosi, Schumer, and the other power brokers should read the Bible, the day of reckoning is coming.

  • Don Stanton says:

    Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!

  • Frances Devincent says:

    I don’t see how any other party other than Democrats will be elected
    To any office. They will continue to fix elections and not give up power. Whose going to stop them. They just prefirmed a coup against country..

  • James H Hollingsworth says:

    I think the president should continue to pursue in court the events of the election that were illegal and those involved should be charged with the crime. We cannot remove Biden, but we can pursue justice. Let the ballots and the ballot machines be inspected and let the law dictate the result. Thanks. Jim Hollingsworth

  • Scott Orr says:

    I believe it is time we the people hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. The congressmen, women and Senators that did not fight for a full audit of the 6 states are allowing the corruption to Continue. I would very much like to listen to Senator Rubio, & Rick Scott’s explanation why they joined the Democrat’s in allowing the election fraud to stand. I am angry, I am frustrated and disappointed. I will think before I answer the 100’s solicitations for contributions. Those contributions should go to the Americans in Need, not to facilitate corruption and fraud. Serve the People that Elect You, not your own agenda. Scott Orr

  • Barb says:

    What a joke! Republicans did nothing to head off Election Fraud! The Democrats and their massive support swooped in and used our supposed laws against us! Declared changing voting laws, unchallenged, or at least unsuccessfully unchallenged, lawfully! They committed fraud in so many ways as to confuse. Their reply…”So what! Prove it! Time is on our side.”

    The SUPREME COURT has no greater task than to defend our Constitution against fraud and thus preserve sacred free elections for the American people…yet they cowardly looked for a law
    Interpretation of “Standing” saying one State cannot challenge another State. What about a State
    Representing Amrrican voters joined by throngs of other States (voters) objecting to fraud among
    Several States making their votes “null and void”…millions within those states looked to SCOTUS
    ON A PROCEDURAL LEVEL AT LEAST..TO PROTECT AMERICAN VOTE. What greater purpose….now they are
    Merely a figure head, a joke…not defenders of the Constitution as their OATH!

    SO NOW THAT THE “Natzi” type Democrats, their big tech, media, etc., etc. Know that their crimes
    Are effective they will jot stop to achieve their goals of Totalitatian Government. The crime of
    Paying off Mayors, Governers and judges, intimidating and favors promised either thru coin, administration…the “fix” was always in!

    We are not free Americans anymore! We are not protected by law or higher courts. There is no need
    To ever watch any news channel because misdeeds are never challenged!

    Convention of States is last Road to challenge the status quo! The “good ole boy’s club in Congress. TERM LIMITS.

    I am know body in the scheme of things! I am not important as a voice of reason and fairness. Just
    An American citizen who thought at least our votes meant something…only to find out that if you
    Cheat, steal, intimidate and know of to use Procedural law, right or wrong, you can be SUCCESSFUL
    in politics. Over and out!

  • Robert Strawser says:

    Trump has hurt the Republican party MORE than any President since Bush the Lesser. I can’t respect Trump, so how can I respect the GOP?

  • Max Headroom says:

    Term limits need to come from a constitutional convention held by the states – none of those in Congress will ever vote to limit their time in office! It’s been said before – BOTH sides of the aisle are crooked, and they should ALL be wearing NASCAR racing suits with their sponsors names on them — we’d know who was pulling their strings then!! Trump tried to drain the swamp, but was blocked at every turn, both from within Congress and among the various agencies who are still full of Obama appointees. Sadly, there will be continued riots and domestic terrorist actions until the people rise up and take their country back. It’s going to get ugly.

  • Paul says:

    If the Democrats get to power, they will insure their sole dominance by increasing the number of states (Washington DC, Puerte Rico…) and reps. Also, the number of judges from 9 to let say 15. That will be the end of the bipolar political party system. Nothing good will come out of it, but dictatorship.

  • Arlene Nancy Parker says:

    My husband and I have determined that our votes do not count and will not vote again in any local, state or national elections. We found that if you love your country, as we do, others want to take it over and bring socialism or communism to our once great nation. Those in office are only in it for their financial and power gain. No more votes from our household ever.

  • Kay says:

    Your response isn’t logical. The creatures we have allowed to infest our government did this – the President tried to eradicate them. It is still possible and we better all figure out how to use our laws in our favor. I imagine many citizen supporters will be on board once they see what the Dems have in store,

  • Sandra Laramee says:

    From everything stated by Suck Schumer, they are going to prevent Republicans from ever having a chance to compete for the administration again. Not Democracy, but a Totalitarian rule by Democrats only. Americans will no longer have any constitutional rights. It will become a government of leftist and Socialists.🤮

  • Anne Houser says:

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth! And I thought pence would step up but he’s spineless. I think he has cognitive and it mental health issues, showing obvious decline during his four years. We should all be independent voters.

  • Edd says:

    The People Causing All The Damage Where Biden People Sent By George Sores!!

  • Chas says:

    The republicans that are in the swamp your time has come. Everyone one of these swamp dragons should hold their heads down in disgrace! Mitch and the rest of these pos son’s are a disgrace to the rule of law in this country for which it stands. I have never felt so let down by a party that o as an independent voter supported the republic for which it stands. Donald Trump has changed the Republicans party forever…get use to it!!!!

  • Barnabas Collins says:

    Antifa claimed they would be there infiltrating the crowd. And as usual the troublemakers were dressed in all black. They can put on a MAGA hat but they are still Antifa.

  • Chas says:

    The republicans should hold there heads down in disgrace. I have never seen such weak little parasites in my 64 years. To let the Whitehouse to be STOLEN by another will go down in history as a scam on the American voter!!!!

  • Gary Cook says:

    I didn’t hear him concede.
    News Flash: The contest is not over.

  • Janet M Bedrosian says:

    The violent protests against the Senate chambers yesterday were not led by Trump supporters. The protesters were Antifa and BLM groups. Notice the apparel. Trump supporters are filled with love, not hatred. This act was a strategically planned coup, designed to ruin Trump. Well, get ready, haters because this is not over yet. This was an act of treason with extreme punishable consequences. THIS IS NOT OVER.

  • Gladys Williams says:

    I believe if the democratic would have and the sir prime court would have hard Donald Trumps case on the fraud, none of this would have happen. They cheated him out of the elections to win. that means none of us count for anything. They the Demarcates burned and looted our cities while Kamal Harris applauded there horrible deeds, including asking for money to get the thugs out of jail they destroyed peoples business and they and killed people.

  • Debbie Kulp says:

    We are doomed as a country and my grandchildren will have no future. President Trump is the the best President to hold office and the only one who Truly gave up his life for the American People and The United States of America. Pelosi and her Thug Gang should be constantly challenge on their everyday motive and movements for they are the true criminals and thugs here. I will not recognize Biden as a President nor will I recognize Harris as Vice President of this great America that we could at one time proudly call The United States Of America. As my President said: ” It’s just begun

  • Anonymous says:

    This is why you need “Limited Terms” to prevent the aristocrats from taking over your country. We also cannot trust any GOP except for the few like Jim Jordan that has done so much to help Trump. It is time for a new party. A Trump Party to show our appreciation for all he has done for this country. 3rd World Country is exactly what we have become. Do not like this country you can leave. My ancestors left their country so we could have freedom and there is nothing better than Freedom of choice. Teach your children History or it will repeat itself as it is doing right now. What a bunch of whining self centered brats we have reared in this Country.

  • Statesman Patriot says:

    Trump condemned the violence.
    But not once did any democrat rebuke any of the violence over the past two years, claiming it was “mostly peaceful!”
    FBI notes that there was at least one bus full of Antifa who infiltrated the D.C. Trump protest to cause violence that will be blamed on Trumpers.
    What a crock of BS!!

  • Marie says:

    This is more than a sad time in this country’s history. I can see the Democrats destroying our country and there is nothing we can do. The media and Facebook and Twitter joined in destroying Donald Trump, who was the only true Patriot fighting for this country. The best president ever and treated with such disrespect. Evil has taken over this country when even the courts look the other way. Have they all been threatened and bribed? How is that possible? What happed to our country. When white people voted for that black imposter Obama, that was the start of all this truly evil takeover. Total imposter and fraud Obama, the muslim liar sure did a number on this great country. Only GOD can help us and we need to pray for his help!

  • seppi says:

    I am completely ashamed of what has happened to this once proud and great country

  • ThinbluelineUSA says:

    This is just bullshit the election was fucked over and we all know it. Antifa probably took the building over and tried to make Trump supporters look bad like always. All i can say is I wont be calling Biden my president he’s a clown and i wont be calling Kamala Vice president they both are some socialist bitches. And to the person that said 2020 was just a pre trial damn right it was just wait 2021 to 2024 will be hell… i cant wait to vote Biden out he cant even speak i call him bejing joe and or Demientia joe. Kamalas name for me is Hoe kamala

  • Light Souldier says:

    Trump did not concede to Biden. He never stated that and Trump never mentioned or congratulated Biden in his speech. Trump said, “A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power.” Maybe, that “new administration” is Trump getting a new VP (since Pence will be tried on treason for certifying a fraudulent election) and administration in place after he takes military action to secure the election for him as it should have been. Have faith and grab some popcorn, it may not be over yet!

  • Serjaden says:

    I have read all of the messages above and wanted to let you all in on something that happened to me.
    I was degraded by a democrat for my Christian beliefs at which time I felt a message from God “Be Strong and I will guide you to do right. Buy Right…. Be Right….Support the Right… let Biden / Harris take care of the left. In four years they will be begging to join are party.

  • Jo Speog says:

    The Republicans have enabled Trump for to long. This has to stop, and stop now. This is not what our forefathers put forth. They would surely be so so ashamed of what has been going on up on the hill. It is a disgrace to our country to put so much power on so many people from the president to the congress. They are intended to be a system of checks and balances not a dictatorship of on person with to much power and a body of men and women to be his yes men. Disgraceful……..people vote persons into office for the good of our country not for the good of a few and not certainly for the good of one. And turns of office should be limited for our Congress they are allowed to continue to be in office for way to long and this tends to have an adverse effect on them. Limit the houses and the senate for two years not for one branch more long term and the other for a shorter term.. And, retirement pay; stunning, we have to work for years and years for a retirement pay and they ????

  • Thomas Zawatsky says:

    I will be working at my local level to influence the candidate selection process and primary out the current cowardly Representative and Senator that are political cowards.

  • Melvin Kunaschk says:

    God please help us

  • Nestor isaac says:

    The present system has showed how expensive to conduct an election..ex: Bloomberg spent 19+ millions during the primary..other candidates also did the same..we had the run off where millions were also reported spent by each candidate…I will consider this a waste of resources..monies which could have been used for those who need them most or for the use to fight the pandemic. I believe the constitution allows these..isn’t it time to amend this. ? Term limits should now also be considered. The system has long been used to breed corrupt politicians(you know who). And now this…in the pursuit of progressive/socialist agenda, the dems have dubiously concocted a plan to unseat a sitting “overworked appears they have succeeded at the expense of the already suffering citizens creating a widening division. The big question is: why and what now America?

  • Anonymous says:

    Let this be a lessto us. Read your Bible. Breath deep an let it sink. Jesus Christ is with us do not fear for He is GOD. He created us. I am putting my trust in Jesus. The rest of you need to be on your knees praying that you are repenteded an asking for forgiveness. These are not my words. But the. WORD. Pick up your Bible for it is the WORD. May God be with US His children. Amen

  • Jack says:

    That’s a Damm lie he never conceded 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸The eagle is inflight

  • Jack says:

    That’s a Damm lie he never conceded 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    The Eagles in flight

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