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Hunter Biden Reportedly Got $31 Million In China Deals



President Joe Biden points to the crowd | Hunter Biden Reportedly Got $31 Million In China Deals | featured

A new book claims that the Bidens collected $31 million from deals with the Chinese while Joe was Vice President. The Biden family’s alleged business partners had ties to Chinese intelligence.

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New Book Claims Biden Family Earned $31 Million While Joe Was VP

Elaine Chao pose for pictures with their families and Vice President Joe Biden after being sworn | New Book Claims Biden Family Earned $31 Million While Joe Was VP

The new book comes from author Peter Schweizer. Titled “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” the new publication’s release date is on Tuesday, January 25. Harper-Collins is the publisher of the already-controversial book. 

According to Schweizer, Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, made ties with a number of Chinese financiers. These businessmen are all known for their ties with the Chinese government’s spy network.

Hunter Biden’s deals happened while father Joe was US Vice President. Biden’s partners include the former head of China's State Security ministry as well as the head of foreign intelligence recruitment. According to Breitbart, many of these relationships nurtured by Hunter remain intact until today. 

Opening For Elite Capture

Reportedly, Chinese communists saw that establishing a financial relationship with the Biden family is their opportunity for ‘elite capture’.

By definition, it means corruption where public resources benefit a few individuals of superior social status. In addition, this form of corruption is detrimental to the larger population’s welfare.

Led by Hunter Biden, the Biden family entered into meetings and deals that totaled $31 million. These deals were often made with high-level Chinese officers and financial institutions. In return for making the Bidens happy, the Chinese allegedly leverage the Biden name for their interests. 

Earlier, media outfits such as the New York Post made investigations on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China. A report published last October 2020 said that Hunter left his laptop at a Delaware computer shop for repairs.

The alleged machine contained a trove of business emails detailing foreign business dealings. 

National Archives Need To Disclose Hunter Biden’s Involvement

Meanwhile, Kentucky Representative James Comer, the top Republican in the House Oversight Committee, asked the National Archives to open up.

He said that the agency should release any information it holds about Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement in a foreign transaction.

Reportedly, Hunter Biden helped a Chinese company to buy an African cobalt mine in 2016. Comer said that this information is a matter of national security.  

On a related matter, Fox Business reported it obtained emails showing Hunter Biden investing in a Chinese company. Biden’s investment, along with that of his father’s former top aide, is in a company known to work with the Chinese Communist Party. 

Diamonds On Top of $31 Million

Another story reportedly involved a Chinese mogul giving Hunter an expensive diamond plus $31 million to help his business. According to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, a Chinese energy consortium asked for the Bidens’ help in expanding its global reach. Devine detailed the story in her book, “Laptop from Hell.” 

Meanwhile, Schweizer named a tycoon named Che Feng, also known as “super chairman,” as a central figure for Hunter’s dealings. Western media often portrays Che as a shadowy, discreet investor.

In addition, Che’s business partner was a former vice-minister for state security. Schweizer wrote that it remains a mystery why Hunter Biden wasn’t investigated further.

He wondered why government investigators didn’t bother learning more about Biden’s China ties. Actually, the Vice President’s son dealing with a Chinese businessman with ties to China’s national spy agency should raise eyebrows.

“How this did not set off national security or ethics alarm bells in Washington is a wonder in itself,” Schweizer wrote. 

Watch the Fox Business video reporting that Hunter Biden under fire again after links to China unveiled:

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