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Ethical Concerns Raised After Billionaire Dem Donor Hosts Hunter Biden’s L.A. ‘Art Show’



Ethical Concerns Raised After Billionaire Dem Donor Hosts Hunter Biden's L.A. 'Art Show'-ss-Featured

The Biden family has been accused of money laundering. Now, given the evidence found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop, which was left at a repair shop, it’s more or less confirmed that their family has reaped benefits from it and Joe’s political career.

For example:

  • Hunter has introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a Ukrainian energy company’s top executive less than a year before the older Biden put pressure on Ukrainian government officials to fire a prosecutor conducting a probe into the said firm. This is according to emails obtained by The Post.
  • Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi reportedly sent Hunter on April 17, 2015, just around a year after the latter joined the firm, a reported monthly salary of up to $50,000.
  • Hunter went on Air Force Two to China back in December 2013. Back then, he was accompanying his then-VP father for an official visit. There, the older Biden allegedly met with the younger’s Chinese Partners. Ten days later, Hunter’s firm signed a deal with the Bank of China and started the Bohai Harvest RST, an investment fund worth $1 billion. This is according to a report by Government Accountability Institute’s President Peter Schweizer.

Now that there’s more focus on Hunter, the Biden family needed to think of a new way for foreign leaders to purchase access to now-President Joe Biden.

They had an idea, and it’s in the form of foreign money used to buy paintings. Such purchases of paintings were allegedly made by Hunter, but he bought them at a price significantly higher than the estimated market value.

Billionaire Who Hosted the Art Show of Hunter Biden Refuses to Comment

Additionally, the Bidens partnered with Moishe Mana, a billionaire business mogul who owns “Milk Studios.”

Mana is reportedly known to have a history of using art pieces to steer donor money. With this, the focus of a recent art show by the younger Biden included support for the presidential campaigns of his dad and of Hillary Clinton. This has raised ethical concerns among many experts and watchdogs.

The business mogul also hosted an art exhibit by Hunter Biden in Los Angeles, California last Oct. 1. There the younger president and manager George Berges entertained a group of 200 people who were potential buyers.

The Daily Caller tried to get in touch with Moishe Mana regarding the ethical concerns of being the co-owner of the space where Hunter held his L.A. event. However, the news outlet only received a hostile response, with Mana replying with expletives, baseless accusations, and racist remarks.

Open Secrets Investigative Researcher Anna Massoglia commented on the issue. She told the Daily Caller: “The studio being opened by a political donor who has been involved in Democratic fundraising efforts involving art in particular and using art as a tool for other political purposes, really changes the way that this can be looked at.”

Massoglia then mentioned that the White House has been trying to force the narrative of Hunter’s art staying quite separate from his dad’s presidency, “so the fact that you now have a democratic donor involved to some extent changes how you might consider the studio that was now given to his son.”

She further stated: “I think it would be really interesting to see whether the studio space was provided to Hunter Biden at the same rate or under the same conditions that it would be provided to other artists and how the financial arrangement works, but the White House has not been really transparent with the exchange of money around Hunter Biden’s art generally.”

Given the high-end items like yachts, art, and jewelry that are being bought and sold by rich people, with their subjective values back then, this Biden plan would seem to be fail-proof.

Although, the question people need to ask is what the Chinese and other foreign nationals who buy Hunter’s painting need to expect and actually receive in return.

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