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69% Of Americans Disapprove Biden’s Handling of Inflation



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The newest poll results show that 69% of Americans disapprove of the way President Joe Biden is handling inflation. This is according to an ABC News-Ipsos poll released last Sunday.

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69% Of Americans Disapprove of Joe Biden

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The newest ABC News- Ipsos poll showed that 69% of Americans disapprove of the way the President is addressing inflation. In contrast, only 28% fully support Biden’s actions regarding the continued rise in prices of goods. 

Along with party affiliations, 94% of Republicans say they disapprove of the President’s handling of the crisis.

Meanwhile, only 54% of Democrats say the same thing. Surprisingly, 71% of Independent Americans disapprove of how the government addresses inflation. 

Americans Disapprove Biden’s Economic Recovery Performance, Crime, and Gun Control

The ABC News-Ipsos poll displayed results from interviews conducted from December 10 to 11 using a random sample of 524 adults. The results of the poll have a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Moving to economic recovery, 57% of Americans disapprove of the way Biden is handling the country’s economic recovery efforts. He also scored low in controlling crime and curbing gun violence.

36% of Americans disapprove of his handling of crime, while another 32 of the same group approve of his handling of gun control.

A silver lining in Biden’s performance as President is his handling of the pandemic. 53% of Americans approved the way Biden steers the country from a coronavirus nightmare. 

Inflation Continues To Soar As Biden’s Approval Continues to Slide

The main reason for Americans' frustration with the President remains inflation. Prices of goods and services continue to rise. 

In fact, prices rose by 6.8% compared to the same period last year. This is the highest inflation rate recorded since 1982.

Last week, the President said that he believes that the country’s inflation crisis is currently peaking. Once the Senate signs off on the Build Back Better Act, he’s confident that inflation will start going down.

The Build Back Better program is one of Biden’s key agenda programs. “It's a real bump in the road. It does affect families when you walk into a grocery store and you're paying more for whatever you're purchasing — it matters,” Biden told the media yesterday.

“It matters to people when you're paying more for gas,” he added. He remained upbeat about a change in inflation rates.

“Although in some states we've got the price down below three bucks a gallon, the point is it's not gone down quickly enough,” he added. “But I think it will.”

Watch the Stream News video reporting that President Joe Biden faces lowest approval ratings yet in the handling of inflation:

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Why do you people disapprove of Biden’s way of handling inflation? Also, do you think his image will improve once the numbers start going up?

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1 Comment


    To Hell with “LETS GO BRANDON”


    Theres only 2 problems with that. The next 2 in line. KAMALA HARRIS AND NANCY POLOSI !!!
    Hopefully America can hold on for one more year. Until the mid-terms.

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