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It’s Over! NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns In Disgrace



Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo addresses the Democratic National Nominating Convention | It’s Over! NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns In Disgrace | featured

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned today over allegations of sexual harassment. This makes him the third NY Democratic governor to resign before his term ended over a scandal.

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Andrew Cuomo Resigns

The Democrat New York governor filed his resignation, which will be effective in two weeks. In a press conference, Cuomo said that “New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you.” He then continued by saying he didn't want to be unhelpful in any way. He added that resigning is the best way to help now. 

The governor then apologized for any behavior deemed inappropriate during his term. However, he remained defiant against the sexual harassment allegations brought forward by state Attorney General Letitia James. 

Andrew Cuomo Accuses State Attorney General of Bias

Cuomo accused state investigators of bias. He said that the report saying that he sexually harassed 11 women over a period of seven years is unfair. He deplored the “lack of fairness in the justice system” which is a major concern. 

“When there is a bias or a lack of fairness in the justice system, it is a concern for everyone. There is a difference between alleged improper conduct and concluding sexual harassment. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not to say that there are 11 women who I truly offended. There are, and I deeply, deeply apologize,” Andrew Cuomo said. He later admitted that he made jokes and gave people hugs and kisses, both men and women. 

Cuomo started his announcement attesting to his outdated beliefs. “I have slipped and called people ‘honey, ’sweetheart' and ‘darling,’” he said. Then, he continued by defending his actions.

“I mean it to be endearing but women found it dated and offensive.”. Cuomo then proceeded to own up to his mistakes, even without admitting them. “I take full responsibility for my actions. I have been too familiar with people.

My sense of humor can be insensitive and off-putting,” he added. “In my mind, I've never crossed the line with anyone, but I didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. There are generational and cultural shifts that I just didn't fully appreciate. And I should have, no excuses,” Cuomo said.  

Earlier, Andrew Cuomo Refused To Resign

Previously, Andrew Cuomo denied the accusations and refused to resign when officials called out to him. However, the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee expects to wrap up its own probe on the sexual harassment allegations.

As a result, Cuomo resigned even as he continues to deny the accusations. Meanwhile, Cuomo's lawyer Rita Glavin joined his client’s in accusing bias at the state attorney general’s office. She said that investigators ignored evidence that didn't fit their narrative. She added that the media created a “feeding frenzy” over the findings instead of sticking to the facts.

Cuomo Lawyer ‘Politicizing’ The Process

In response, state attorney general Fabien Levy criticized Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer. He described Glavin’s characterization of the investigation as unfortunate. “After multiple women made accusations that Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed them, the governor himself requested that Attorney General James oversee an independent investigation.

The independent investigators selected are widely respected professionals, recognized for their legal and investigatory ability. To attack this investigation and attempt to undermine and politicize this process takes away from the bravery displayed by these women,” Levy added.

Watch the ABC News telecast of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo making his resignation announcement:

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What do you think of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation? Do you think it’s out of his remorse for his inappropriate behavior? Or, is it because he realized he’s now a political liability?

Tell us what you think about Andrew Cuomo. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • Robert says:

    Now there should be criminal charges filed for the wanton disregard of nursing home paitents resulting in so many deaths. As soon as this arrogant punk is convicted on criminal charges he should be facing civil charges that will make sure he has to live with his punk brother!

  • The professor says:

    There are so many big cities in New York….New York City Albany Buffalo… Syracuse Rochester but what about the hundreds of small towns that I’ve had to put up with Andrew Cuomo and his lies …thank God it’s over and I hope these people can go on with their lives and put their trust back into the government

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    3 Democrat governors, 3 scandals, wake up new York, now take the bastard to trial. Now, sleepy joe, it’s your turn to resign.

  • Steve says:

    Isn’t this the same person that was beating the war drums when president Trump was falsely accused of sexual harassment and that was only one where he has 14 charges . Funny thing about how it’s comes full circle.

  • William says:

    He resigned to preserve his huge, glorious government pension and stop the impeachment. They should continue with the impeachment to keep him out of government forever, and if he is found guilty of any criminal activity, he may lose his pension anyway. They should also rename “Daddy’s Bridge” to take the Cuomo name off of it, like maybe Veterans Memorial Bridge!!!

  • GomeznSA says:

    He ain’t ‘done’ until the door is slammed and locked behind him. As smarmy as he is, I wouldn’t put it past him to try some sneaky trick to stay in.

  • Linda says:

    How many times have you, yes you, called someone Honey, Dear, or darling. BUT you had no intention of crawling in bed with that person.
    This is just to get your attention on something other than what the Government is up to.

  • sherril dwane henderson says:

    lock him up!!!

  • Daniel Ferguson says:

    many times women have said hi honey, dear, darling and they didn’t mean anything about it they are happily married, I don’t think he meant anything by his actions because I know many people that have done things he has done and really didn’t mean anything by it.

  • Joan says:

    The have dropped the additional investigations so in my opinion this is a cop out and he has gotten away with murder….

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