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Dominion Slaps Newsmax, OAN With $1.6B Defamation Suits



It is an conservative US news and opinion website operated by Newsmax Media | Dominion Slaps Newsmax, OAN With $1.6B Defamation Suits | featured

On Tuesday, election machine supplier Dominion Voting Systems filed three separate defamation suits.  Two were against conservative media networks, while one was against an outspoken conservative. The company accused the defendants of pushing false accusations. Each suit sought $1.6 billion in damages.

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Defamation Suits Vs Newsmax, OAN and Patrick Byrne

Dominion filed defamation suits against Newsmax and One America News Network (OAN). They directed the third suit at Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. The latter is an outspoken supporter of former president Donald Trump. According to the lawsuit, the media companies “helped create and cultivate an alternate reality”.

Here, Dominion helped “steal the presidency from Donald Trump by rigging the vote.”

The two networks reported “manufactured, endorsed, repeated, and broadcast” a series of lies. These are a “series of verifiably false yet devastating lies” implicating Dominion. The suit also alleged that OAN did so because it wanted more profits and viewers.

The company noted that OAN competes with established conservative outlets like Fox News. Both networks promoted figures such as Byrne. These figures promoted the idea that Dominion helped steal the votes from Trump.

Dominion’s Involvement

Meanwhile, Byrne, a former Overstock CEO “continues to stick to his manufactured, inherently improbable, profitable, and demonstrable lies” implicating Dominion. The lawsuit attached dozens of statements made by Byrne and the two media outlets. The statements claim they have evidence of a conspiracy to overturn the elections.

Dominion included statements by the networks and Byrne repeating conspiracy theories. However, Newsmax already issued a disclaimer over its reporting. Earlier this year, the media company retracted some of its 2020 election reporting. 

It was part of a settlement involving a lawsuit filed by a Dominion employee last year. They retracted news that Dominion rigged the elections to favor President Joe Biden. The company said it “subsequently found no evidence that such allegations were true.”

Byrne, Newsmax Dismisses Defamation Suits

In response to the current defamation suits, Newsmax issued a statement. They claimed they were only reporting what public figures told them. “While Newsmax has not reviewed the Dominion filing, in its coverage of the 2020 Presidential elections, Newsmax simply reported on allegations made by well-known public figures, including the President, his advisors and members of Congress — Dominion's action today is a clear attempt to squelch such reporting and undermine a free press.”

Meanwhile, Byrne also issued a statement also making light of the lawsuit. A spokesman for Byrne read a statement that accused Dominion of using Byrne as a smokescreen.

“Between the imminent release of the Maricopa Audit, and Mike Lindell's current activities in South Dakota, Dominion Voting is about to have a very difficult week. They are simply doing this as a distraction,” the statement read. Meanwhile, OAN has yet to respond to the Dominion defamation suit.

Dominion Earlier Sued Fox

Earlier this March, Dominion filed a similar $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News. It alleged that the conservative network falsely accused Dominion of rigging the elections. Like OAN, Fox allegedly did so over profit and rating motives. “Fox sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes, severely injuring Dominion in the process,” Dominion stated.

Watch the CNBC Television video reporting that Dominion files defamation suits against Newsmax, OAN, and founder of over false election claims:

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Do you support the Dominion lawsuit against Newsmax, OAN, and Patrick Byrne? Or, do you think they’re trying to deflect controversy off themselves?

Let us know what you think of Dominion’s defamation suits. Share your comments below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Marcia Sprow says:

    It is coming out that there was, in fact, fraud involved in the election. It was illegal. America citizens are paying the price. What will happen to our country?? With the current administration, America as we know it is under attack. We are seeing widespread corruption all over in the government. Republican RINOS and Democrats are going to be the death of this country. It is so sad to watch it unfold. Please, GOD help this great country.

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