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Announcing Bill Of Rights: A Brand New News Source



The Bill of Rights means a great deal to a lot of people worldwide. To most, it is a symbol of freedom and democracy. A document that once created, had given people, not just in America, the right to pursue liberty.

We at Absolute Rights are proud to announce the beginning of our new site Bill of Rights which we will launch on July, 4th. What better day for a website that we hope will bring a measure of freedom and liberty to all who read it and participate in the shaping of how they recieve their news.

So starting on Monday please visit and take a look around. You can expect big things out of our newest site and we want you to be a big part of it.

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  • Alma Reeves says:

    I believe our founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see these dirty democrats at work now. It makes me so mad I have to back off.Hillary and Obama are both overdue for prison.

  • dale says:

    It’s about time we get our country back and get rid of all the “Do-Gooders” out there. Time to get the “O’s”, the Clinton’s and all the Far Left who hate America out of here and get back to basics. America the Beautiful!!!!!

  • Mary says:

    It is our GOD given right. The United States of America. We should honor it and respect it. Too many people lost there lives defending it for us! We are one nation, under GOD! We have to put GOD back in, the USA has gone downhill since government took him OUT.

  • Wendell Hardesty Sr. says:

    I truly believe the left is purposely sabotaging our country in order to make us accept a ONE WORLD ORDER !!! ???? GOD BLESS AMERICA in her hour of NEED ….

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