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A Letter To The Tyrant Of America, Barack Obama



Dear Mr. President,

I read something today that I didn't understand. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System has come out with figures for background checks conducted during your presidency, and personally, the figures don't make sense.

They have come forward and said that your, President Obama, daily average for background checks was 52,000. 52,000 background checks a day. You're telling me that you, the President, have been doing an average of 52,000 background checks a day, and situations like Orlando still happened? 

Omar Mateen was on an FBI watch list for three months and yet they couldn't put the pieces together? Yet, still, President Obama you are conducting 52,000 background checks a day?

Mr. Obama, sir, you need to focus your priorities.

How can you be focusing 52,000 background checks on the wrong people? You supposedly have the best intelligence team working for you night and day, and yet you can't seem to figure out who you should be watching?

Mr. President, you can understand my confusion.

Do you know the total number of backgrounds that you have conducted since you have been in office? 141,392,490. If you do the math that actually equals up to be 51,650 background checks a day, but I'm rounding up because you never know.

I can even break it down for you by year.

2009 – 14,033,824

2010 – 14,409,616

2011 – 16,454,951

2012 – 19,529,303

2013 – 21,093,273

2014 – 20,968,547

2015 – 23,141,970

And 2016 (up through May) – 11,698,006

As you can see Mr. President your background checks have gone up steadily since 2009, and yet the crime, mass shootings, attacks on American soil have not improved they have gotten worse.

You have taken on the mantel as being our protector, our leader, and yet you are wasting your time in the Oval Office watching people who clearly aren't the ones causing the problem. I know what you are going to say, “if we hadn't been watching those people the attacks would have been much worse.”

Fine. You know what, I'll give you that. Yet, how can you justify spending your time, easing a problem, when you could be fixing it. You don't ask an exterminator to come in to your house and spray most of the bugs, do you? No. You tell him to get rid of all the termites so your house doesn't fall apart.

Mr. President, your house is crumbling. The termites you have neglected have chewed away the foundation of your office, and the boards beneath you are breaking.



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