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Anti-Woke Ads Rip Nike, American Airlines and Coke



Woke and socially conscious or consciousness awareness of society | Anti-Woke Ads Rip Nike, American Airlines, and Coke | Featured

Consumers’ Research, a conservative consumer advocacy group, released three anti-woke ads today that attacked companies such as American Airlines,  Nike, and Coca-Cola. According to a press release, the group is spending more than $1 million on dropping the ads. The goal is to remind the corporations that they should serve the public and not woke politics.  

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Consumers’ Research Releases Statement

 Executive Director of Consumers’ Research Will Hild issued a statement during the launch of three separate ads. “American Airlines shrunk legroom for passengers and laid off thousands of employees during the COVID pandemic while receiving billions in taxpayer bailouts.

Coca-Cola and Nike have both been exploiting foreign, potentially forced, labor in China while American workers suffer. It is time these corporate giants were called to task. We are giving consumers a voice.

These companies should be putting their energy and focus on serving their customers not woke politicians.”

Meanwhile, an April survey conducted for The Hill/HarrisX found that 61% of registered voters believe it’s “not appropriate for corporations to engage in political speech.” Only 39% said it’s appropriate for corporations to be involved in political speech.

Consumers First Initiative

The conservative group launched the Consumers First Initiative, a major “name and shame” campaign against corporations playing woke politics. Consumers; Research alleges that these companies try to distract attention from their corporate failures by going woke.

The launch included an ad buy of over $1 million. It featured three hard-hitting ads critical of American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike for putting woke politics over consumer interests.

The anti-woke ads will air nationally on cable and digital markets as well as where the companies' headquarters reside. The three ads are part of the first phase of a campaign exposing companies that increasingly put politics ahead of their customers.

Specifically, the ads call out leaders of American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike. In addition, the ads pointed out that these companies can make better use of their time working to solve company problems.

“We are giving consumers a voice. These companies should be putting their energy and focus on serving their customers, not woke politicians,” Hild said.

Anti-woke Ad 1: American Airlines

Consumers’ Research’s first ad, titled “The Worst,” took aim at American Airlines and their opposition to Texas’s voter integrity law. Specifically, the ad depicted American Airlines as one of the worst airlines and the top airline that loses its passengers’ bags. In addition, the ad questioned why AA CEO Doug Parker is trying to appease the radical left. 

Consumers’ Research theorized that by going woke, AA is trying to distract the public from its various issues. According to the ad, the airline company received $5.8 billion in taxpayer bailouts to help it survive the pandemic. Despite the bailout, Parker received a $10 million salary and authorized the axing of 19,000 AA jobs.   

Anti-woke Ad 2: Nike

In the second anti-woke ad titled “ Distraction,” Consumers’ Research targeted global sports apparel maker Nike.

The ad slammed Nike for being “constantly political,” pointing to its campaigns featuring Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player who started the practice of kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. 

Then, it called out the company’s hypocrisy for lobbying against a bill that prevents the import of products made in Chinese labor camps.

Instead of hiring American labor, Nike preferred the lower cost of forced labor abroad. “Rather than hiring Americans, Nike chose China,” the ad stated. The video ended with advice to the company: “Nike, serve your customer, not woke politicians.”

Anti-woke Ad 3: Coca-Cola

The third ad, titled “Busted,” focused on Coca-Cola’s political views, which served to distract the public from its dismal sales.

In particular, the ad pointed out how Coca-Cola bent over backward to accommodate progressive demands, including issuing an opposite to Georgia’s new voter laws. 

“Coca-Cola is getting political, attacking Georgia’s popular voting law,” the ad stated. The company is only doing so because it wants to cover the fact that it’s bleeding from dismal sales.

The ad also accused Coke of using forced labor in some of their foreign installations. In addition, the ad called out Coke for knowingly targeting American children in their advertising despite the country’s current obesity epidemic.

Watch the Consumers Research video calling out Nike’s attempts to cover its practices:

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Do you support the anti-woke campaign initiated by Consumers’ Research? Are you considering withdrawing support for these companies given their woke politics?

Let us know what you think about this new ad campaign. Drop your comments below.

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  • janet says:

    I think it’s not only about time but it’s appropriate and can only be effective to finally have a voice against all this crapola going on in this country. Yes I support this effort – 100%. I can’t stop supporting these companies because I’ve not supported them for years already! Keep up the great work – you are appreciated!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have stopped using any product(s) from these woke companies

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    Add MLB to the list, as they removed the Allstars game from Atlanta in protest over its voter integrity laws.



  • Fighting Back says:

    I hope these ads keep the focus on how these companies are manipulating us so that we do not look closely at what they are doing to us and how they, use “Woke” to keep us agitated so that we don’t look closely at their internal shenanigans. Any company I see that is bending over to be “Woke” I stop using. Includes Amazon, Facebook, I refuse to fund them and their manipulations.

  • Skeet says:

    I love rum and coke when I have a drink . Rum and Pepsi just doesn’t cut it. I have now switched to scotch and water.

  • Mary says:

    I have not watched sports for their “wokeness”….they are anti American millionaire hypocrites and as far as Nike, coke and now to include American airlines they too are off my list do to their inhuman practices at home and abroad… no where to hide…EYES WIDE OPEN……NO MORE….p.s. I stopped buying Nike years ago due to their exploitation of Chinese forced labor….they make me SICK

  • Michael Sperrazza says:

    Time to turn the tide . Speak up America . Support more ads like this and against woke corps

  • Ruth Headman says:

    Yes, It saddens me about coke but that is life. The rest I don’t go near and I probably won’ even if they change, They lost my confidence

  • Thomas Hyde says:

    FINALLY!!! I have already stopped buying Nike products because of their commercials. I was not aware of the Coke and AA issues, but will not buy their product, nor fly their airline until they change their political views. I have also stopped watching anything NBA because of their racist practices.

  • Robert says:

    It is important for people to know what companies/organizations are taking their money just to sell them out. I, long ago, dropped Nike products. Support for Kaepernick was what took care of Nike….good riddance. Coke is recent, any and all products that I can find being owned by Coke are banned in my home. American as well and especially Delta are off my list. I will never board one of their planes again and I was a Platinum Delta Flyer for years. Any company/organization that plays “woke” politics can look else where for support. I keep a list. It is now long but the companies on it will never see one dime of my money again!

  • Alex Lindquist says:

    I agree with all the responders. And as much as I enjoy MLB ITS OFF MY AGENDA till they admit their mistake. BUSINESS’S BEWARE STAY OUT OF POLITICS! Personally do want you want, mention your business, and look out here comes American voters. And there’s more than fourteen of us, a whole lot more of us.
    SEMPER FI, COME ON JARHEADS HELP AMERICA OUT. Hope you owners get what I just did, does it feel good? Didn’t think so!

  • Cheryk says:

    So done with all of them. Sports Nike Coca-Cola I’ve been done with them for a while I’m an American I live in America. I can’t stand up for us we can’t support them

  • Susan says:

    Thank you that we are getting to see the agenda of woke companies and how they are actually hurting people around the world. Nike was my favorite brand until I learned about their labor practices. I haven’t bought a pair of Nikes in at least 5 years. My mom was a Coke drinker but after this companies stunt she’s drinking Pepsi. I won’t support any company that abuses people or the law. Companies: Treat people everywhere with some respect! Obey the law and stay OUT of politics. If these companies don’t adhere to these simple principles they will hurt the public and their stockholders.

  • sheila joyner says:

    The person who has the list Robert I would like a copy of it so I too can throw my hat into to the do not support ring. Let’s help make AGA.

  • Norma Milton says:

    These people are all crazy. No common sense, no sense of fair play, no honesty. We need to boycott all of their businesses because money talks and as soon as their bottom line starts turning RED, they will all of a sudden smarten up.

  • David says:

    Who the hell drinks Coke anymore? Yea, let’s drink something that has like a cup of sugar in each can, not to mention whatever else. I don’t watch pro sports, especislly the MLB because of the All star game and their support of fraudulent elections. Besises MLB is scripted like the WWE. You can even cheat, get caught and you’re still the winner?! Sold my season tickets for Dosgers as well as the Kings. I look forward to a time when pro sports no longer exist, snd children get to play in all of the arenas/stadiums. My only fear is what all of the dregs of society would be doing without their fake career. Actors and actresses can join them!

  • Art says:

    We are living in a clown world… or maybe even a The Walking Dead episode where the zombies have taken over and where corporations are announcing their zombie support for fear of getting bit. Disgusting… Pathetic… The woke as a joke radical Left are the villains that are hellbent on censoring the normies. Dipsh*t of the decade AOC and the rest of her vile squad need to be squashed. May the exposing of this disastrous time of American sabotage by woke media, academia, hollywood, sports & corporate scum… be met with resistance and a ferocity only true freedom-loving American Patriots can unleash.

  • The professor says:

    Has anyone ever done any outside contracting in a Coca-Cola plant …. it is not the most sanitary place to make a food product …. I have done work occasionally at their Valhalla New York plant …. not really sanitary and don’t bring a canna Pepsi in your lunchbox they will throw you out escort you right out the door …. I rarely drink soda if I do it’s a Gingerale and I don’t fly anymore …. in other words they’re not getting my money !!!

  • William Krambs says:

    I believe we need more of this kind of advertising to help the American public stear clear of companies whose corporate values are ultimately anti American. It’s time to take a stand for the values that made this country great.

  • Debra says:

    If Americans do not take our country back we will need to prepare for the cheese lines as politicians get richer! We do not watch any NFL broadcast and fo not go to movies. MLB ….whaaaat! You move the All Star game from Atlanta? So you allowed Abrams to call the shots? My family and I stopped buying and wearing Nike immediately and have added Coke products, which we do not drink anyway, to the mix oh snd don’t forget Starbucks! We will not give a penny to these companies. Question is what is the radical left promising these companies in exchange for democratic contributions? We are a country without a President, led by AOC and Bernie Sanders. Biden is old and weak and will take us down if we do not stand up and speak out!

  • Ken says:

    I have already stopped purchasing from Coke, Nike and AA. Can’t support them

  • Jim says:

    I have been a Coke drinker since the 60’s. I now drink RC Cola. Will not sell Coke in my bar or store.

  • Debra Carson says:

    Yes, That is one thing the average American still has the power to do. Boycott the product. Boycott
    the movie star, boycott the athlete, the singer ETC… When it hurts their pocket book, they may think differently.

  • Kelly says:

    All of these woke companies need to understand that when the pendulum swings back and Republicans control the house and senate we will remember how traitorous they have been and they will pay for poking their noses where they don’t belong.

  • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    it bothers me when black Americans especially love slave made clothes and shoes…I don’t get it. I watched my countrymen and women bragging about their sweatshop bargains for 30 years…they just don’t care.

  • Anonymous says:

    FINALLY, something. I can believe in and support. Kudos to the people bringing this to the forefront. It’s too bad we can’t go back to bartering and screw all these corporations.

  • Billy says:

    Their monitary loses are their own fault hope they enjoyed the left screwing them.

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