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AOC Supposedly in Therapy after January 6 Riot While Blaming Trump; Says States Members of Congress ‘Served in War’



AOC Supposedly in Therapy after January 6 Riot While Blaming Trump; Says States Members of Congress 'Served in War'-ss-Featured

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) alleged in a recent interview that she’s undergoing therapy due to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. AOC also stated that former President Donald Trump had managed to put her in a “very reactive mode.”

The representative made her remarks in an interview last week with Latino USA. She said that the events of the Capitol siege had been “extraordinarily traumatizing,” claiming that many Congress members effectively “served in war.”

According to Ocasio-Cortez, the “cycle” had been moved on. However, it has severely and deeply affected the actual legislative process. She added that after the incident, she took some time and talked to Ayanna Presley. Presley said that she needed “to recognize trauma” and she had gone through it and everyone there continues to experience it.

The host of the show asked if she has been “doing therapy,” to which Ocasio-Cortez said she is.

She however said that she “just slowed down,” adding that the previous administration had many, especially people from Latino communities, in a “very reactive mode.” AOC added that, due to this, she started putting herself in a more “proactive space.”

The lawmaker then described the incident as “an all-out attempted coup” and that the country almost had “a martial state.”

AOC on Stress, White Supremacy, and the Use of Social Media

Ocasio-Cortez then answered criticisms of her claims as to what happened during the Capitol riots. She said that those who slammed her did so because of “white supremacy.”

She said that white supremacy is “a mythology” and that one needs to protect it to protect their political power. The lawmaker claimed that this has become a “very important base” within the Republican Party, so the response to protect it became “so vociferous” so that it wouldn’t be seen as bad as it actually is.

In the past, AOC opened up about her stress. She previously said that she needed to cut back from social media due to its effects “on everybody,” including a higher rate of isolation, depression, escapism, anxiety and even addiction. She even added that social media “poses a public health risk” to everyone. Ocasio-Cortez pointed out its amplified impact on younger people, especially children below 3 years old. However, she believes it has an effect on everyone.

The lawmaker said she personally quit Facebook despite starting her campaign through that platform. And for a long time, the said site served as her main digital organizing tool.

She admitted that she sometimes goes on Twitter when it’s the weekends but she tries to keep consumption of content to a minimum. AOC says she reads what journalists are saying during the workweek.

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