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Ducey Signs Bill Making Arizona A Second Amendment Sanctuary



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Last Tuesday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed HB 2111, effectively making the entire state a Second Amendment sanctuary. In effect, the new law prevents state and local governments from implementing federal gun control laws. HB 2111’s supporters say that Arizona’s new laws protect residents from any attempts to violate the Second Amendment. 

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Arizona To Exercise Sovereign Authority 

According to HB 2111, the Arizona State Constitution provides “sovereign authority” to state legislators. The bill’s text cites Article II Section 3 of the Arizona State Constitution. Specifically, the section declares that the “The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.”

“Arizona stands with law-abiding gun owners. The Second Amendment guarantees vital liberties, just like the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech and the Fourth Amendment prevents unreasonable searches and seizures,” state Rep. Leo Biasiucci (R), the bill’s sponsor, said in a statement. “If the zealous gun-grabbers in Washington try to disarm citizens in the name of political posturing, we’re not going to allow it in Arizona,” it read. 

Second Amendment Sanctuary 

In essence, what HB 2111 does is simple. “Arizona will protect law-abiding gun holders,” said Representative Leo Biasiucci (R). “If the federal government does anything that tries to infringe on our second amendment in the state of Arizona, we're not going to comply. I was voted into office to protect our constitution.

The Biden Administration was clear that they want to ban AR-15s, high-capacity magazines, and we don’t think that’s right. Our Arizona gun laws are strong and we believe that law-abiding gun owners have the right to bear arms,” Biasiucci said.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb backed a similar Second Amendment sanctuary policy. Pinal County’s board of supervisors contemplated a similar resolution. “I’m out amongst the constituents every day and I get more questions about the Second Amendment and our support and questions about our support for the Second Amendment, more than I do anything else.

I reiterated to them that as a sheriff I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and I’m going to do that at every turn,” he said. Many people falsely think that the Second Amendment applies only to hunter purposes. However, Lamb insists that this belief is entirely false.

“The Second Amendment was put in place for the key reason of avoiding another tyrannical government. The Second Amendment is what allows us to keep the government in check and voice our opinions, whether we disagree or agree with something.”

Others Not So Thrilled

However, not everybody is thrilled with the new law. In fact, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone said he isn’t a fan of the bill. Specifically, he believes HB 2111 puts law enforcement offices like him in an awkward position. “There’s a political motivation.

It’s one of those emotional issues but as far as the impact on law enforcement, it will create confusion or challenges more than benefits or protecting the Second Amendment. The people who wrote it really didn’t sit down and have a thoughtful conversation as to the application,” Penzone told KTAR Radio last week. “

“I’m just a little bit confused as to what value it offers. It’s arbitrary,” he explained. “You could make the easy argument saying it’s a state practice – the person has a right to bear arms, therefore you’re in conflict with that.

Now you’re putting officers or deputies in this position where they’re questioning whether or not some other entity will determine if it’s in conflict with the Second Amendment, therefore do we act on it? And that’s where it creates problems.”

Arizona Joins Other Second Amendment Sanctuary States

Similarly, other states and local governments across the country have passed similar legislation. Known as “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” this type of legislation is getting steam among red states with strong gun advocacies. Gun rights activists hailed Second Amendment sanctuaries as it represents a commitment to protect the right to bear arms. 

Besides, the federal government will still depend on individual states to enforce the gun control agenda. Ultimately, the burden falls on county sheriffs, many of whom believe in the constitutionality of owning firearms. Consequently, a Second Amendment sanctuary is a legalized declaration that they will continue to look at the Second Amendment as supreme law. 

In Time Before Biden Announces New Gun Laws

President Joe Biden has vowed to take up the gun control agenda, with a push for a ban on “assault weapons,” “high capacity” magazines, and universal background checks. Reportedly, the White House plans to announce up to six new gun control measures this Thursday. Among the measures expected to come out are those against ghost guns, regulate stabilizing braces on AR pistols, and set model red flag laws. 

However, Ducey beat them to the punch by signing HB 2111 into law Wednesday. This way, Arizona won’t feel compelled to enforce anything they see that violates the US constitution, with emphasis on the Second Amendment.

Watch the 12 News video featuring the segment: Arizona’s Gun Laws explained:

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Do you support Arizona’s moves to establish a statewide Second Amendment sanctuary? Is your state also a Second Amendment Sanctuary? In addition, do you think Second Amendment Sanctuaries can shield states from federal gun laws? Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

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  • Douglas A Delkener says:

    Good job Arizona way Stand up for 2A,

  • Anonymous says:


  • Pete says:

    Woke is dangerous.

  • Dan says:

    I like it! If Blue states and pull this crap of claiming they’re sanctuary states and cities protecting illegal aliens from federal immigration laws, then Red states should do the same when it comes to the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. The Democrats blamed President Trump for not following the constitution. What the Democrats have done since the old feeble crypt keeper took office in January is a complete disgrace and abuse of power. One executive order after another….shameful!

  • Rodger Stepien says:

    Republicans need backbone already man up and stop being wimps to the left

  • Van says:

    If the sanctuary concept can work for the Democrats, it will work for everyone who supports the Second Amendment.

  • Ray says:

    Well said Dan.

  • Bob says:

    Great job governor!! You have our support!

  • Don says:

    We need a leader who will lead and protect the people of the United States some who can stand on his own two feet not a snake who is trying to poison everything he can as I see it the so-called president is not a defender of our rights but trying to take all our rights away from us I fought for this country once but under this president I would not fight for hem one big question I would like for our so-called president to answer why is he sending fema and money to the Mexico boarder to help the Mexico people when we have so many people here in the U S that need help and our government won’t help them

  • Homeofthebrave says:

    Background check to buy a gun, ID’S to buy alcohol, cigarettes, but its “voter suppression” to have show an ID to vote? Just about power grab…well try gabbing the power of my gun. “Woke” really means indoctrinated, coerced, and cowerdice…feed that to your family when they’ve used up all the present and future money, good jobs gone, and resulting inflation makes the dollar ass wipe.

  • Danno says:

    When guns are outlawed, there is going to be a lot of us criminals walking the streets in a lot less danger

  • Anonymous says:

    Good job now we need other states to follow AZ Way to go Gov

  • Rob says:

    Now if the rest of the states would do the same. Each state can and will be responsible for gun laws. We in Tx have awesome leaders (not all) but so many that have the protection of us first in their minds….The left wants to outlaw guns for their own agenda. That is to take over the country more easily.

  • Nancy P, says:

    Well said Don. Biden favors illegal immigrants over his own American people. The man is insane and should be impeached but then we have Harris to deal with, sounds like a loosing battle. America is in big trouble. Have cousins in Canada, ready to move,

  • DesRae L Strome says:

    All Americans who believe in the second amendment should start moving to red states now!

  • Bachelor with Sense says:

    The Second Amendment does NOT give me or you the RIGHT to “keep (own) and bear(carry) arms”! The Second Amendment PROHIBITS the Government and Government Actors from infringing (trespassing) on That RIGHT!

    Every person who voted for ANY Gun Control commits multiple Federal FELONIES punishable by 10 years in JAIL AND a Million Dollar FINE!

    Start locking up those Congress Critters and throw away the key!

  • Wayne says:

    Totally support Arizona !!! Arkansas where are you ???

  • Mike says:

    Hell yes AZ, that’s the way this whole country should be .
    Let’s get back to what this country was founded on , don’t let the Libs destroy our country.

  • CSD says:

    Kansas is a 2A sanctuary state

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Good job Arizona, unfortunately I live in Colorado where governor polis has his head up Biden butt!

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Great job, Ducey! …….OK Abbott, let’s see some action and get sanctuary done for the great state of Texas!

  • Joe L. says:

    I live in a rural Nevada county which is 2A sanctuary. Unfortunately, we have a BLUE governor who seems to be a follower of
    commie-fornia and Biden. 2 attempts at a recall have failed.
    Nevadans need to wake up before all of our freedoms are gone.

  • roger knight says:

    I couldn’t agree more with those in here who draw the comparison where blue states defy federal law by having sanctuary cities, not enforcing drug laws, and on and on.
    You guys are right, I think that those of us in red states( and proud of it ) should move to have our state legislators to pass laws to protect the constitution and states’ rights.

  • Mike Letscher says:

    We do not need any more new LAWS for gun control, there are enough of them already in place
    the Authorities just need to do their jobs without being accused of profiling. Making harder for LAW abiding Citizens is not the answer. if the DEMOCRATE’S continue the only people left with the guns will be the Criminal element!

  • sherril henderson says:

    Good job Arizona

  • t.keegan says:

    Arizona just beat that old fool in the white house to the draw. I support Arizona 100% and I believe this is the start of something big.

  • George Hall says:

    I agree with everything that has been said here. Let’s have more Second Amendment Sanctuary States!

  • Reaper says:

    It is my sincere belief that these “mass shootings” are being perpetrated by agents of the government, in order to ramp up emotions right before a “gun control” measure. Joe “Demento” Biden is a puppet to Soros.

  • Huapakechi says:

    The current administration seeks to render us helpless against criminals (and their own agents) thus making us completely dependent on the whims of bureaucrats for “protection”.

    The unopposed rioting last year provides a glaring example of what we can expect if they prevail.

  • JM says:

    Now it is time for the states of NEVADA, NEW MEXICO, and the rest of the states to stand up for the CONSTITUTION, ESPECIALLY THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND THE 1ST AMENDMENT WHICH ARE TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS for their owe personal defense, BUT also to PROTECT the people from any form of a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR TYPE of GOVERNMENT. The administrations of any state who refuses to allow the citizens the RIGHT to PROTECT themselves against criminals. and other radical terrorist groups is a tyrannical administration and “MUST” be removed for the good of the people, the state and the country.

  • David Hayes says:

    the Democratic run government wants your guns for something that any hand gun can do. The present government want’s your guns for a complete over, even you people that are Democrats will be affected by it!! wake up people. Biden should be IMPEACHED for what he’s done already! look at the mess he created at our southern border. Biden isn’t smart enough to do this, there is a group of people making up these executive orders.

  • GARY D REDDIN says:

    The safety of my Children, Grandchildren and fellow countrymen reign supreme for me. And for the first time in my life I feel as though our state is in danger of being overtaken by a distant unknown regime? And no, I’m not speaking about our friends who live in the Republic of Mexico.
    Historically, it’s been the exterior states of war torn nations that are assaulted and taken captive long before the country is overthrown. Arizona is one of those exterior states in the USA and it’s imperative that every man be ready to defend his family, home and whatever else is his. Relieving law abiding citizens of their weapons, would only make us more vulnerable to outside forces. God Bless our great country leaders who seen fit to secure our Second Amendment Rights.

  • bob says:

    BRAVO to Arizona , for protecting OUR 2nd Amendment . The 2nd Amendment protects us from the TYRANNY OF THE GOVERNMENT !!!! ALSO , if the RADICAL , SOCIALIST ,LIBERERAL democrats can have sanctuary cities for ILLEGALS , then two can play thier game !!

  • Anonymous says:

    Many states have already, including Arizona, defied the Federal Government on their marijuana Laws. I see no difference in what they did here. The same goes for the cities and states that have declared themselves Sanctuaries for illegal aliens. Basically it just means they won’t enforce Federal Law with their police forces and leave it up to the feds to do the enforcing.

  • Stephen Miller says:

    Thank you Mr. Governor!

  • Joe Smo says:

    I love guns,Money and women. And God.

  • Dave says:

    A point few Americans understand anymore. In a free society, the whole purpose of government is to SECURE the rights of the individual. 98.44% of all gun control laws do the exact opposite of that.

  • Glenn Bult says:

    The second amendment to the constitution of the United States makes the entire United States a gun sanctuary Place no state has any right to pass any laws of any kind that have anything to do with firearms and people even a concealed carry permit is in infringement the entire country should understand that that’s how it is there’s one simple way to stop all mass shootings and that is if a large percent. Of the population in the United States carries a concealed weapon this way when somebody starts shooting in a crowd somebody in the crowd will kill the fool and less people will be wounded and the main thing that will happen is the criminal will become afraid of their target and all of these mass shooters will understand that if they start shooting Somebody will kill them the only way to solve our government problems is more honest citizens carrying guns according to the second amendment not more restrictions

  • Emmons Boatfield says:

    God job Arizona. I hope the Governor of Georgia will follow the state of Arizona in protecting the 2nd amendment.

  • tony says:

    Great job guys,well put.I agree,We need someone with a “BACK-BONE” to stand up to Biden & the SWAMP.As i see it,Biden is still looking for 99cents to make an even dollar,and Kamala,well once she stops laughing,she will join Biden helping him looking for that same 99cents.Speaking of Kamala,did u hear she refuse’s to give “LEWINSKI”HER KNEE-PADS BACK.

  • Patty Michael says:

    I only wish every state would stand up to protect all of the rights given by the US Constitution.

  • Bob W. says:

    Very proud of my home state of AZ. Now, if we could only find some Republicans that have even a slight bit of backbone!

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