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At This Point, Clinton Could Get Away With Murder



  • FBI now sets their sights on some of the closest aides to Hillary Clinton, in the ongoing investigation of her email scandal.
  • The investigation is almost coming to an end and investigators have found no evidence that Clinton violated the law.
  • The FBI is now trying to find evidence of negligence to convict her of breaking the law, regardless of whether or not it was her intention.
  • The investigators are hoping to wrap their investigation within the next few weeks.

The long-suffering investigation into Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is getting close to home.

Some of Clinton’s closest aides, including her longtime personal advisor Huma Abedin, have been interviewed by federal investigators as part of the FBI’s probe into the security of the former secretary of state’s private email server, according to CNN.

The investigation is nearing completion but remains ongoing. So far, investigators have found no evidence to suggest Clinton willfully violated the law, U.S. officials said Thursday.

But that does not necessarily matter. According to 18 U.S. Code 793(f), Clinton could have broken the law, regardless of whether or not it was her intention. According to the code, evidence of “negligence” is all that is required.


Multiple Clinton aides have been interviewed in recent weeks. However, an FBI interview with the Democratic front-runner has not yet been set, but it is expected to take place in the near future, officials confirmed. Abedin, the FBI said, has cooperated with the probe. Her lawyers declined to comment.

According to officials close to the investigation, the probe has remained solely focused on the security of Clinton’s server and her handling of classified information and has not expanded into other issues.

FBI officials said they plan to conclude their investigation in the next few weeks, at which time they will turn their findings over to the U.S. Justice Department, where a final decision will be made about potential charges against anyone. Prosecutors from the Justice Department’s national security division and from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, have assisted the FBI with its investigation.


Clearly, the most high profile interview would be with Clinton. As a leading presidential candidate, who is actively campaigning, there are some logistical hurdles for the FBI, which has been fairly hushed about its interviews thus far.

The FBI plans to coordinate with Clinton’s legal team and her U.S. Secret Service entourage in an effort to ensure the interview can be conducted privately.

This comes one day after a notorious hacker claimed to have infiltrated Clinton’s server, but law enforcement officials said the FBI’s probe into “Guccifer” has found no signs he actually breached the private server.

Source: The Blaze


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  • Patrick says:

    She is the biggest and most disgusting criminal in this country and maybe the world.
    She has gotten away with murder too many times. The consulate in Lybia is a prime example of one situation. Like obuma, she has only been associated with absolute failures. All talk and no accomplishments! Makes everything worse.

  • I think she’ll probably never be tried for murder, but I believe she will be indicted for the emails.

  • Kevin Stern says:

    Because “Clinton’s” have been getting away with murder for years and she is a media loving democrat and Obama will pardon her actions and…. and…. and…..

  • duke says:

    I pray to God that Clinton will be indicted as she should be and the AG and obama do the right thing and have her prosecuted. But if it’s politics as usual I will be extremely diappointed.

  • Richard D Rinner says:

    Because the system is so corrupt and the trouble she could cause the Obmas if she decided to tell the truth to get even!!!

  • James Bucklew says:

    Because she needs to be severely punished for her crimes

  • Jack says:

    First Obama will not let it happen. She could bring him down if she were to be convicted. Second she is a woman running for president of the USA. It would not be political correct. I think the min d set in America is don’t do anything that is not political correct. People are afraid they will be called racist, murders, any name they don’t want to be called. As far as I am concerned call me anything as long as I know who I am.

  • Monte says:

    She is vindictive old lady who is so unqualifid to to be Commander In Chief that it is scary that is even able to run for the office.

  • neil says:

    The FBI has her number and email links!

  • Mike norrie says:

    Cunton has already killed Vincent foster

  • Wendy says:

    One word

    She’s already gotten away with murder… Many MANY TIMES. Her circle of influence is LITTERED with “suicides”, “accidents”, “strange deaths”. It’s DANGEROUS to know HilLIARy Clinton.

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