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Michael Moore Hates Hillary Clinton



Let me start off by saying that I hate Michael Moore and I know you too. That all being said, give this interview a watch.

Michael Moore talks to Megyn Kelly about Clinton, Sanders, and Trump.

Moore spends the majority of the interview trashing Hillary Clinton and her ability to lead. He calls her a hawk and fears that she would immediately drag the nation down in an endless war.

“My fear is that if she is president, we'll find ourselves in another war,” Moore said.

He talked about the possibility of Hillary going to jail before the election and why he supports Bernies Sanders. This is further evidence that supports just how much of the left is actively hoping to see Hillary arrested. I have never seen a leading candidate so unliked by so many different groups.

Concerning Trump, Michael Moore talks about how the Democrats don't take trump seriously enough. He is not a joke and had proved time after time that he can win. However, Moore does tell Megyn Kelly that Donald Trump is not what he makes himself out to be. He also spends the whole time saying how much he isn't like Donald Trump, despite the fact that he seems to agree with Trump on quite a few policies.

Give this a watch and let us know in the comments how much you hate Michael Moore, I'll be right there to agree with you.

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  • Jane B eirne McGuire says:

    She should not run for office while under investigation by FBI. If it were Trump they would be going crazy.

  • jb says:

    Hilary cannot be trusted, will not support Israel, she is bombastic. . American should be able to produce candidates we can all be proud of. First time EVER I will not vote…

  • Tom Byrd says:

    She is a self serving crook!

  • Lorrie says:

    Hillary has proved to be a compulsive, possibly pathological liar. She can’t be trusted!

  • Lyle sutton says:

    Micheal moore is a fat, worthless, good-for-nothing blowhard. He would rather eat shit than help a friend. All m.m. thinks about is money money money.

  • Dennis Woodhull, Sr. says:

    She’s been a criminal all her political life. If there an illegal deal that involves Clinton making money you can bet Hillary is at the bottom of it !! Same for that pervert husband of hers !!

  • Eric Carlson says:


  • Robert Ridle says:

    using the freedom of speech

  • Joe says:

    If Hilary is our next President our country is doomed. Has our citizens lost contact with reality? No MUSLIMS should be allowed in our country. They are killing innocent people by the dozens and beheading people. Look back at the World Wars. Wake Up America

  • Kenneth atkinson says:

    I believe that Hillery is one of the biggest and worse liars that Iv ever had the displeasure of of listening to. She is worse than my first ex wife.. ….

    Hillery’s lies are typical of the trash that we have in power presently. She isn’t fit to hold the office of The President of the United States of America.. I pray everyday to my Father in Heaven that we recieve wisdom to elect a leader that can and will straighten out the Awful mess that she is a part of..equating to the destruction of MY COUNTRY. .I don’t want a leader that selectively adheres to our Constitution and our bill of rights. .they aren’t proper Citizens. .

  • James Moore says:

    Because she doesn’t do anything but lie

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