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Surry County Not Sorry For Banning Coke In Govt Offices



Coca Cola Truck with driving along highway | Surry County Not Sorry For Banning Coke In Govt Offices | featured

Surry County, North Carolina is banning Coke machines as their way of fighting back against left-wing politics. This happened after Coca-Cola criticized Georgia for passing voter integrity laws. Officials say they are fighting back in the culture war using the left’s own tactics.

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Banning Coke Machines

Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris said it's time to fight back. Plus, it's time to do what the left does. “The left-wing in America, they defund, they boycott, they cancel, they tear down statues…all sorts of egregious actions.

He said the left expects them to cower in the corner and say that everything is OK.  Harris said they won't do so. 

In a vote of 3 to 2, the commissioners voted for banning Coke vending machines. As a result, the county ordered the removal of all Coke machines and products in county-owned buildings.

Then, Harris sent an official letter to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey. He wrote that Coke’s position is “wrong on many levels” and seems selective. “I have seen no public statements from you or Coca Cola regarding the placement of China’s ethnic Uighurs and Turkic Muslim minorities in concentration camps.

Where is your outrage of this persecution in a Communist country in which Coca-Cola is heavily invested,” Harris asked.

Letter To Coca-Cola

Harris also said that they learned about Coke’s policies. This includes policies that disparage people based on their race. He said some Coke training materials taught employees to become “less white”.

A training slide wrote that in the “US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel they are inherently superior to their skin color.

The slide detailed how to become less white and outline 10 areas for improvement. Harris said that this “bigoted and racist thinking” doesn't belong in corporate America.

“This type of bigoted and racist thinking has no place in corporate America or our country. Instead, “people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin,” he said.

In addition, Harris called out the company’s decision to favor the Democratic Party and their attempts to divide Americans by race and ethnicity.

He said these moves are unnecessary in this age where Americans remain divided. Also, he quoted Michael Jordan as saying “Republicans buy sneakers too” when asked about his silence on politics.

As a result, Surry County and other Americans are wary of large companies and their CEOs. They keep pushing “an increasingly intolerant, bigoted, left-wing, divisive political agenda on its customers.”

Surry Not Sorry For Banning Coke Machines From Government Premises

“Due to your company’s support of the out-of-control cancel culture and the bigoted leftist mob, the Surry Board of County Commissioners voted at their May 17, 2021 meeting to remove all Coca-Cola machines from Surry County Government facilities,” Harris concluded.

“Our Board felt that was the best way to take a stand and express our disappointment in Coca-Cola’s actions, which are not representative of most views of our citizens.

Our Board hopes that other organizations across the country are taking similar stances against Coca-Cola and sincerely wishes that future marketing efforts and comments emanating from your company are more considerate of all your customers’ viewpoints.”

Georgia Republicans Are Also In Favor of Banning Coke From Offices

Earlier in April, Georgia Republicans said they also want to ban Coca-Cola products from public offices. Consequently, eight state House lawmakers that month wrote a joint letter to Kevin Perry, president, and CEO of the Georgia Beverage Association.

In it, they accused Coke of spreading disinformation about Georgia's new elections law and kowtowing to “cancel culture.”

In addition, the letter said that Coke decided to mislead the citizens of Georgia and deepen a divide in Georgia. However, the lawmakers decided not to engage in Coke's misguided intentions.

As a result, they will also withdraw their support to corporations who choose to. “Given Coke's choice to cave to the pressure of an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately.

Should Coke chose to read the bill, share its true intentions and accept its role in the dissemination of mistruths, we would welcome a conversation to rebuild a working relationship,” the letter said.

Watch the WCNC News reporting that an NC county bans Coca-Cola machines over ‘left-wing politics':

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Do you agree with Surry County for taking a stand against woke corporations? Also, do you expect the movement banning Coke products to grow?

Tell us what you think about woke corporations and why people boycott them.

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  • P.Dillon says:

    About time people wake up

  • Dave says:

    Heck yes, ban them from the county, period!

  • barco blanton says:

    First Georgia and now Texas for their new voting laws when they are no different than the Left Coast laws and New Hampshire New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio. They are going after Republican states. Who is next? It’s time to take a stand against all corporations and Hollywood and big tech

  • Janice Stalnaker says:

    Business should stay out of politics. For years they have ran on their products. Now I notice how bad they taste. Good riddence! Not good for people anyhow. Drink water!

  • Jon says:

    This double standard that the media is helping support has got to stop. Racism is Racism period. It took more white people to end slavery then to keep it around. So this implying that all whites are bigoted and all blacks were slaves is bullshit. Only 3% of inslaved blacks came to America. And not a single black person has immigrated since slavery was ended is a joke. Plus slavery is still going on in Africa now. I’m all for justice and reparations to the people that were directly affected. But people have to take responsibility for themselves and not blame all their misfortunes on other races. We need to work together and build a better future for everyone. Not having the media stoke the division should be the first priority.

  • S says:

    Coke may never go Broke. under Wokism. Anti-Wokism will certainly is here to stay. So Watch Out
    Coke, the people have Spoken.

  • Deb says:

    I have not heard of so much racism since I was a teen in the 60’s. It all started back with the Obama’s and Old Biden has banked on that administration and the current one. According to him whites are trash and responsible for all the racism. Wake up people all the left are interested in are votes and we all had better hit our knees to God and pray this country is freed from the trap the left has set for all Americans. Who gives a darn about Coke! All states should demand the very same voting laws as Georgia and Texas! We are all going to suffer as our taxes are raised to cover the living, health and college expenses of the illegals and the immigrants flooding our boarder. Do you actually think that all the billions and trillions of dollars corrupt Biden is setting aside for infrastructure and COViD or anything else will go for what it is intended? How do you think politicians get rich? Do you keep up with it demand a budget report with receipts to prove where the money went? WAKE UP PEOPLE IS RIGHT! STAND UP FOR OYR RIGHTS! We all lost when the left bullied President Donald J Trump out of office!

  • Samuel Oliva says:

    America needs a unified response.
    Each time the woke and cancel culture show their ugly head simply say,
    “Stick It Up Your Ass.”

  • Dawn Worley says:

    After a life-Long (70+) Coca Cola Girl–you know–RC tastes just Fine–Pepsi doesn’t And they got “Woke” too!
    Also, You know–I Really don’t miss Facebook OR twitter!

  • Sue Hernandez says:

    I concur w/the three posts above me. I drink a Cherry Coke Zero every day, but after my last 12 are gone, I’m not buying anymore.

  • Jeanne Stoller says:

    We are buying anything NON WOKE. Done with Coke and all Wokes!!! I hope they go under!!

  • Manny Paula says:

    I believe in the right to bear arms I believe in Freeform of Speech
    I believe that we need to start thinking for ourselves and not follow blandly no matter what political party you follow

  • sherril henderson says:

    Yes get into their pocket

  • Aqua says:

    China owns Coke,I’m pretty sure. What do we expect?

  • Esteban Gonzales says:

    Fellow Americans, has ALL THE GRUESOME FACTS. Gracias.

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