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Black Lives Matter Gets A Pass For Preaching Hate



Black Lives Matter Not A Terror Group?, see more at:
Black Lives Matter Not A Terror Group? (Image: MGN)

What is your definition of a “terror group?” Is it an organization that endangers the lives of those around it? Is it a group of individuals who threaten and attack other peoples way of life? Is it a group that instills fear in others by the means of violence?

Hasn't Black Lives Matter done all of the above?

Equality is a beautiful thing. All Lives Matter. Our country has fought against years of oppression to ensure that equality existed. People have died in the name of equality. Yet now, it feels like we are abusing the deaths of those before us. It feels like the Black Lives Matter movement, although for the right cause, is going about it the wrong way.

It is a terror group.

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I understand that we cannot allow one to spoil the bunch, but how else should we see it? People have taken lives of innocent police officers in the name of Black Lives Matter. Their social media accounts are doing nothing but instilling hate into the hearts of the American public. That, by definition, is a terror group.

Obama recently refused a petition that would label Black Lives Matter as a terror group, but in reality, that is what they are. Lives have been taken, families have been ruined, people are now in fear, because of Black Lives Matter.

This is not what Martin Luther King wanted. He did not envision the world where “whites” would be against “blacks.” In fact, that is what he was trying to stop.

Twitter is now filled with posts about killing police officers. People are drinking the Koolaide and joining in a fight that should not be happening. It is a tragedy when police officers kill citizens in the line of duty, and usually, they are in the wrong. No one should have to die. Yet, fighting fire with fire is not the answer.

Black Lives Matter started out as a group with good intentions, yet now the avalanche has begun and it has gotten out of hand. They are a terror group. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they will be stopped anytime soon.

Be safe.

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