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Biden to Address Failures to Nation After Afghanistan Falls to Taliban



Biden Will Address Nation on His Lack of Leadership After Afghanistan Falls to Taliban-ss-Featured

President Joe Biden is scheduled to address the nation from the White House at 3:45 p.m. ET on Monday following a dire situation unfolding in Afghanistan. Americans have been forced to abandon the embassy in Kabul on Sunday when the Taliban managed to take over the country.

The sudden change in schedule came following intense pressure put on Biden who has been at Camp David over the weekend. He will speak about the situation many compare to the US falling back from Saigon. The Taliban managed to take over Afghanistan in just a few days, killing and defeating US allies on their way to do so. The US is now facing difficulty in keeping the Kabul airport open for people still hoping to escape.

Civilians have flocked to the airport, trying to get into exiting airplanes in the hopes of escaping the country. Some Afghans were even reportedly falling from the sky when they try to cling to departing US airplanes in desperation.

Biden to Address Afghanistan Situation

Some of Biden’s advisers have teased on what people should expect at the address later today.

“I expect you'll hear from the president in the coming days. I don't want to get ahead of any announcement that he may have,” said Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer in an appearance on MSNBC.

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told ABC that the president will speak to the American people “soon” and that he feels “deeply enraged” about the situation.

On the contrary, a lot of people have criticized Biden for the way he is handling the Afghanistan exit.

Fox News Contributor Mar Teissen reacted on Monday about the president’s silence in the past few days, describing it as “shameful.” He also described the US withdrawal as “the most shocking thing I've witnessed in my career in Washington… he really shouldn't show his face.”

Former President Donald Trump, along with some Republicans in Congress, are urging Biden to resign over the weekend for the way he has handled the US exit from Afghanistan.

Chaos at the Kabul International Airport

All American evacuation flights have already been suspended at the Kabul Airport, per a Fox News report on Monday. According to a US official, the runway has been deemed not secure following hundreds of Afghans breaching the airport walls and flooding the runway.

Until they clear the runway of desperate Afghans trying to escape, every US military and charter flight has been suspended.

Earlier this year, Biden announced that every American military person would exit Afghanistan by Sept. 11. He also kept on dismissing the idea that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban without US support.

Last month, Biden said: “The Taliban is not the south — the North Vietnamese army. They’re not — they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy … of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.”

However, the said situation is currently happening in Afghanistan, with the US evacuating the embassy and instead, setting up shop at the last place the Taliban has control over in the country – Kabul's International Airport.

However, the situation at the said place has started deteriorating, too. American forces killed two gunmen in two different incidents in the city.

On Monday alone, 7 people have been killed at the airport.

An Associated Press report stated that, per senior US military officials who spoke to the news outlet on the condition of anonymity, the death rate includes several Afghans caught on video falling from the sky after trying to cling onto the sides of US C-17 planes during takeoff.

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  • David says:

    Former President Donald Trump, along with some Republicans in Congress, are urging Trump to resign over the weekend for the way he has handled the US exit from Afghanistan. ??

    Urging Trump to resign?

  • Sam says:

    I will only watch if he is juggling while on a unicycle.

  • tom says:

    Biden is the Best Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated. How much longer are the American people going to put up with Biden/Harris and the left wing socialist marxist communist democrats currently running this country. Remember this: When in the course of human events …. If your a real American you already know the rest.

  • BBA says:

    What that f’n idiot said while “addressing the Nation” only goes to show what a complete stupid out of touch pos this scumbag is!! We are in grave danger as a Nation with these Marxist low life dumb motherf#$^ers running this country straight into hell!

  • Elaine says:

    Wow he really has his head in the sand!! Does Biden have any clue what happens in the real world? No I guess he and Harris sit up in the ivory towers and rule from afar.
    “Let them eat cake” we know how that ended for Louis and Antionette! Maybe we need to do the same here!

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Send those two assholes, Biden and Harris, to Kabul. Bet they don’t live 1 hour.

  • Carl says:

    Who wants to bet he gets horrid ratings even worse than the olympics!who wants to watch a senile old man talk pre planned gibberish! Oh and let’s not forget he blames Trump! Lol

  • Princess says:

    Take Biden out put a real leader Trump back in !!!!!!!Biden is an idiot destroying our country

  • Chas says:

    40 plus years in government, the American Tax Payer would of thought biden could of at least of handled something like this better than he just has! If he can’t handle something that was handed to him on a silver plate, and that his top officials suggested as a reasonable pull out, god help us all in the USA. He ignores his top officials and goes it on his own. One has to wonder, is he working for our American interest or China’s. :/

  • Mike says:

    Bumbling Boob!

  • Christopher Alatis says:

    Some say he is senile, some said he is just a puppet…. In either case we as a country are in dire shape! Wake up people! Is this what my son fought for? Three deployments to Afghanistan now 75% disabled? what his buddies DIED for? Ok, Joe, explain that to all our widows and orphaned toddlers.
    Better yet, let HIS son HUNTER explain this to them and use his MILLIONS of dollars to dry their tears!

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