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Biden Anger Grows Louder, Mainstream Media Mum



Former US Vice President Joe Biden | Biden Anger Grows Louder, Mainstream Media Mum | Featured

Tara Reade’s damning sexual assault allegations on Joe Biden, launched over a month ago, have received a conspicuous lack of coverage from mainstream news providers. As the story grows in alternative press sources and social media, the silence is deafening. 

Over a month ago, former congressional aide Tara Reade made public the allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in the early 1990s. The allegation would have been a bombshell story for a major presidential candidate during an election year. However, most media outlets have all but ignored the claims.

Deafening Silence

Both the Democratic political machine and liberal mainstream media have made visible efforts to ignore the story. These moves ostensibly made in hopes that it will go away on its own.

Since the allegations came out, Joe Biden has been interviewed several times on major outlets, including MSNBC and CNN. To Reade’s dismay, reporters that she once admired, such as Anderson Cooper, have chosen to completely spare Biden any mention of the alleged sexual assault. This goes for both both in direct interviews with him and during their normal coverage.

Following a recent interview with Biden, Ms. Reade said she “lost total respect” for Cooper after he failed to bring up the topic.

There is only silence from both the Democratic establishment and its loyal mainstream media outlets. It indicates a clear, unified decision to completely ignore the issue. The strategy assumes that potential Biden voters won’t hear about the allegation elsewhere. That, or won’t believe it if it doesn’t come from a voice they trust.

This strategy has obvious flaws, not least of which is the growing voice of die-hard progressives in the Democratic party.

Progressives Scorned

Interestingly, progressives also feel greatly alienated and enraged by a silent liberal establishment.

The far left has made the greatest efforts to push the #Metoo movement to the forefront of the liberal zeitgeist. They have also served as a key factor in Biden’s victory or defeat against Trump. Progressives are angry not only that another party-liner won the nomination over Bernie Sanders, but that the growing evidence against him as a sexual predator is being ignored in the interest of political gain.

Progressive anger has only grown as the allegations appear ever more credible.

A segment from the Larry King Show surfaced recently which adds credence to the accuser’s claims. An anonymous caller in 1993 asked King for some advice. She asked how her daughter can hold a sexually abusive senator accountable without going to the press. She didn’t want to do so “out of respect for the senator,” the caller said. Later on, the public found out that  This caller was Reade’s late mother.

Progressives Respond

In response, prominent progressive activist Shaun King tweeted, “This much is clear. In 1993 the mother of Tara Reade was so disturbed by what her daughter told her Joe Biden did to her, & the lack of help she said she got from his staff, that she called Larry King to talk about it the week Tara stopped working for him,”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist Congresswoman known for butting heads with establishment democrats like Biden and Pelosi, had this to say regarding her party’s silence on the accusations:
“If we again want to have integrity, you can't say, you know, both believe women, support all of this, until it inconveniences you.”

Progressives, and pretty much every nonmember of the Democratic Party establishment, take offense by the apparent cynicism with which the mainstream media and liberal leadership have completely ignored the Biden allegations. Once the greatest proponents of the movement to end coercive male power dynamics in the workplace, liberals have become their own villain by attempting to silence Reade’s cries for justice.

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