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Border Crisis: Sleepy Joe Admits He Doesn’t Have Time to Visit the Southern Border



Sleepy Joe Admits He Doesn't Have Time to Visit the Southern Border-ss-Featured

On Thursday night, President Joe Biden revealed that he hadn’t had enough time to visit the southern border and handle the surge in illegal aliens. He also admitted the need for him to “go down” at the border areas.

During a town hall event on CNN, Biden told Anderson Cooper that he had been to that area before. He said he knows the place well, and “I guess I should go down.” The president also stated that he hasn’t had “a whole hell of a lot of time” to do so.


Biden cited damages created by hurricanes and his trips to visit devastated areas as his reasons for not seeing the border until now.

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It remains unclear whether or not the president had ever gone to the border when he was a senator, vice president, or just a concerned citizen.

Many people on the internet have questioned Biden's claim of having no time.


Crisis at the Southern Border Continues to Get Worse

The immigration crisis happening at the U.S.-Mexico border continues to pester Biden’s administration. Recent data from that area reveals that Border Patrol arrests have gone up to record levels since 1986.

The authorities have detained over 1.7 million migrants at the southern border within the 2021 fiscal year that ended in September, per CBP data that the Washington Post obtained.

On Thursday, Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland failed to answer a question regarding the number of migrants the Justice Department is prosecuting for their illegal crossing of the border – a federal crime.

At least 160,000 illegal aliens have been released into America, often with almost no supervision, by the current administration since March 2021

According to Fox News, sources from Border Patrol say that as many as 60,000 migrants have gathered on the Mexican side of the border. These people intend to enter the country in the next few days, knowing that the current administration is planning to re-implement a Trump-era policy in November as a response to a court order made by a federal judged and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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  • Amy says:

    I believe that if he was a great president, he would make time to do the things that mattered instead of coming up with all the stupid reasons he can’t. He didn’t have a problem going on vacation when there was issues in Afghanistan. Wake up people!!

  • David Woodward says:

    What’s up Joe? Afraid that you might catch Covid from all those illegals you let across the border. If the truth is known you don’t give a toss about the border, the American people and the illegals you let into the country. Do you honestly think that they will vote Democrat in the elections? Wake up you damn moron!

  • Insert Name Here says:

    STFU Joe. You don’t care. You do the walk of shame.

  • Mark says:

    Biden probably doesn’t know where the southern border is

  • Linda Coates says:

    Biden and Haris should never have been put in the White House he can’t even tie his own shoes and neither one of them are for the poor and middle class all they care about is their selfs just like the Congress table the American people need a real president in office now don’t you wish they hadn’t cheated Trump out of the election

  • Q-Tip says:

    Funny how BOTH he & Harris had time to waist at a totally unnecessary afternoon at the MLK monument for NO reason!!! That must be way more important than the border crisis?

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Hang them from the top of the wall. Biden and Harris you are a disgrace to our great country. 🇺🇸

  • Johnny says:

    I wonder if the democrats seen their mistake in the way they voted yet , maybe they will change their minds next time around , if their is a next time . fools they are for voting for him.

  • BoB says:

    I agree with Linda Coates.We might as well pull someone out of prison and put in the White House cause thats what everyones been doing.

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