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Biden’s America: Top Officials for Biden MIA during Multiple American Crises



Top Biden Officials MIA during Multiple American Crises from Complete Embarrassment-ss-Featured

As the administration of President Joe Biden continues to struggle in handling multiple issues involving the country, the president himself seems to have stopped making visibility one of his top priorities.

The media was only notified two months later that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took parental leave in the middle of August to take care of his newborn twins. Buttigieg’s office revealed to Politico last Thursday that he was “mostly offline” for the month unless “major agency decisions” needed to be made. The office also said that his activities have started ramping up in recent weeks.

During his leave, Buttigieg did not leave anyone as interim secretary, even though disruptions to supply chains across the U.S. have caused shelves to be empty right before the crucial holiday shopping period. On Sunday, he revealed to CNN that these disruptions are expected to persist until next year.

On Monday, regarding the matter, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said Buttigieg was “completely unqualified” to work as Transportation Secretary. He then pointed out how Buttigieg is absent while a transportation crisis that severely hurt working-class Americans is ongoing.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to defend Buttigieg on Twitter.

On Friday, Psaki tweeted:


However, the Transportation Secretary isn’t the only member of Biden’s Cabinet who faced criticism for having absences.

Earlier this month, Vice President Kamala Harris went to Palm Springs, citing a “private family matter,” according to officials. She spent one night at an unrevealed location in the area, but no reason was revealed for the trip.

In March, Biden put Harris in charge of handling “the root causes” of the ongoing southern border crisis. In connection to this, the vice president has constantly received criticism for not going to the border region, except for a brief visit back in June in El Paso, Texas. Following her trip to Palm Springs, Harris chose to head to New Jersey instead of going with State Secretary Antony Binken, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, as well as Attorney General Merrick Garland for high-level security talks held in Mexico City.

On the other hand, last Sept. 17, Biden and first lady Jill went to Rehoboth Delaware, reportedly to spend a quiet weekend attending church service and going on bike rides. That same day, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, who serves as the commander of U.S. Central Command, revealed that a drone strike against ISIS on Aug. 29 actually killed ten innocent civilians in Afghanistan, not the terrorists.

At that time, Biden was already under heavy criticism for the way he handled the evacuation of U.S. military troops from the country. The president has defended his withdrawal plan repeatedly, but up to a hundred Americans and thousands of Afghan allies remain stranded in Afghanistan. Since then, Biden has seemingly tried to avoid cameras during the initial drawdown, choosing to watch the fall of Kabul on Aug. 15 at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland.

Blinken was also on vacation in the Hamptons a few days before the fall of Kabul, the day Taliban insurgents have finished retaking Afghanistan 20 years following their ouster.

Similar to many other American officials, Blinken had to be summoned back from his holiday when things swiftly deteriorated in the Middle Eastern country.

Even Psaki had an “out of the office” email being sent out for one week, which started on the same day as Kabul’s collapse. However, she returned to the White House the following day.

The vice president, who had said she played a crucial role in Biden’s decision to pull back from Afghanistan, seems to have stayed relatively silent regarding this issue. She instead went on her first official Southeast Asia visit – a totally unrelated trip.

Many on the internet have slammed the Biden administration's officials regarding their absences.

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  • Jay says:

    Let’s face it ! Biden is a demented idiot and so are his cabinet members!
    He will go down in history as the worst president ever , worse than
    Jimmy Carter! There is no way he was legally elected!
    God bless and save America from this insanity 🙏🇺🇸

  • The professor says:

    Transportation secretary Butt-A-Geek needs to be removed along with sleepy Joe …. how in the world could he get twins when he’s married to a man ….you have to read the story of him on Wikipedia of how he handled the supposed suicide Of a young black man when he was mayor of South Bend…. this country is slowly turning into a whirl pool where we won’t be able to escape …..transportation secretary married to a man oh well

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    Hey, Buttkeg is still attempting to breast feed the twins. Finally someone told him and his but buddy about baby formula.

  • Billy Wilson says:

    Dictator Biden and his Communist regime must go.

  • Johnny says:

    where has this nation gone in the last 60 years to hell in a hand basket because good people have just set on their hands and done nothing why because they don’t want to get involved to name a few just in my life time , gambling was not legal , then the gov. got so they could collect money , then the lottery got started and it was suppose to fund the schools then the gov. got involved , then abortion was illegal until the gov. stepped in and said it was legal and people started killing unborn baby’s , then all the LGBTQ people came out of the closet and our gov. passed a law saying it was okay to disobey GOD”S laws andlive life on their terms , then they passed a law saying same sex marriages were legal and GOD don’t know what HE is talking about , then women decided they should lead men around like a bull with a nose ring and chain on it , they forgot theBIBLE say’s women were suppose to be help mate’s for man , thinkthey are just pissed off because GOD made man first , when women lead this nation will fall , can you say pelosi , clinton , harris , chainey , michelle , and many more the BLM people that want pay back for what setting them free from salvery . then there is the democrats that want to destroy this nation with their greed for power and money . this country runes on in GOD trust what happened to make people forget all that proverbs 29:2 say’s when the righteous are in authority , the people rejoice; but when the wicked bearth rule , the people mourn. Isaiah chapter 54:17 say’s no weapon thet is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against us in judgment HE will condemn. Proverbs chapter 30:11-12 says there is a generation that curseth their father , and doth not bless their mother. there is a generation that are pure in their own eyes and yetis not washed from their filthiness. want to change this nation pick up the BIBLE and read it believe it and live by it . I don’t know about you but I wish we could go back to the 50’s and 60’s where people lived life the way they should and there was not all this hate and shooting going on and our gov. served the people and GOOD MEN lead this country . JOHNNY appleseed

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