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Kamala Harris Ridiculed Over Science Video for Kids



Kamala Harris Ridiculed Over Science Video for Kids-ss-Featured

People on social media are roasting Vice President Kamala Harris following her appearance in a NASA video for children as the Biden administration’s approval ratings continue to tank.

The vice president serves as the chairperson for the National Space Council. In the NASA video posted on YouTube, she talked to children about her fixation on the moon’s craters for World Space Week.

In the said video, Harris hosted the children at her official Washington D.C. residence where the U.S. Naval Observatory is situated. There, she also gave the children life advice.

In the video, Harris can be heard saying that one of the most significant pieces of advice she can offer the kids is to “Never let anybody tell you who you are, you tell them who you are.”

She also said in the video that the children should “never let” anyone make them think that “you are what they think you should be.” Instead, she said the kids should tell those people about who they are and who they “intend to be.”

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The vice president also spoke about her passion for science and for “exploring the unknown.” She also talked about what the children can expect when they visit the observatory.

Harris said that the kids would be able to see the moon craters with their own eyes. “With your own eyes! I’m telling you, it is gonna be unbelievable,” she exclaimed.

She then went to the observatory with the kids and excitedly said: “Wait until you guys see the moon. I’m telling you. I just, I don’t know what it is about those craters on the moon.”

“Always dream with ambition. Have big dreams!” Harris then went on to say. The vice president’s animated gestures and enthusiastic actions over the subject eventually became something the conservatives ridiculed.

This video’s publication comes after a few rough weeks for the current administration as it experienced infighting among democrats, the delay of two important proposals in Congress, a report showing low jobs numbers, the messy Afghanistan withdrawal, and the continuing southern border crisis. All these have caused President Joe Biden’s approval to take a nosedive. Now, it’s at an all-time low since he took office, and it seems its descent is not slowing down.

On Friday, the president addressed the disappointing new jobs report while also defending his record on the country’s economy, claiming it as “progress” while his approval ratings close in at 38%.

Harris, whom Biden assigned to be the point person for the border crisis, has also seen her approval numbers tank. She currently sits at 42%, per The Los Angeles Times. On Friday, she went to New Jersey instead of coming with Antony Blinken, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Merrick Garland to conduct high-level security talks in Mexico.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    I wish camel toe Harris was on the moon

  • Cjp says:

    What a joke!!! And one of the kids was hired by acting agency to sit there . She talked and gestured like they were 5 yr olds! What a shame to do this when you couldn’t even go to a border meeting with Mexican President over weekend about this crisis. She’s a joke Biden’s s joke and anyone who agrees with this crap is a joke

  • Kevin Yancey says:

    Life advice from a two-bit hooker. Now that’s funny!

  • The professor says:

    Be careful what you say folks….. if sleepy Joe dies in his sleep guess who’s taking over….do you think we got problems now God for bid she gets into office

  • Carolyn Patterson says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤣😂😅good one

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