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Joe Biden Allegedly Linked In Hunter Biden Investigation



Joe Biden Presidential Debate on the Curb Event Center | Joe Biden Allegedly Linked In Hunter Biden Investigation | featured

An ongoing FBI investigation into presidential son Hunter Biden can end up involving the President. Allegedly, father and son shared bank accounts and helped pay each other’s bills. 

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Emails From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Shows Shared Accounts


Emails recovered from an abandoned laptop owner by Hunter Biden showed clues that Biden Sr and Hunter shared expenses. There were email correspondences between Hunter Biden and Eric Schwein, his business partner at Rosemont Seneca.

It showed that Schwerin was working on the elder Biden’s taxes at the time. The emails also discussed that both Bidens paid each other’s household bills. 

In addition, the emails showed that Schwerin fielded requests for book deals for the then-Vice President. Also, Schwerin managed the donation of the VP’s Senate papers to the University of Delaware.

Earlier, Hunter Biden claimed that he shared a bank account with his father. He also admitted last year that a federal investigation over his taxes was ongoing. 

An email on April 9, 2010, showed that Schwerin sent Hunter a message about the elder Biden’s taxes. “I was dealing all afternoon with JRB's taxes (but solved a big issue – so it was all worth it),” it said.

Another email dated June 10 also showed Schwerin continues to handle Joe’s taxes. “Your Dad's Delaware tax refund check came today. I am depositing it in his account and writing a check-in that amounts back to you since he owes it to you.

Don't think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead. If not, I will deposit tomorrow,” it read. However, it remains unclear what Joe owes Hunter money for. 

Emails Can Hook The President Into the FBI Investigation

An anonymous money laundering and criminal tax law expert contacted by the Daily Mail weighed in on the emails. He said that the elder Biden’s involvement can lead to his inclusion in the FBI investigation. 

“Whatever transaction you're looking at, if there's a connection to a family member or a friend, sure the answer is yes [they would be investigated],” the expert said. “Obviously, if you're talking about the President of the United States, you'd better have a pretty damn good reason to talk to that person.”

FBI and IRS Continue to Investigate Other Hunter Biden Dealings

Apart from the email trail, the FBI and the IRS are also investigating Hunter Biden for his business relationships. It’s possible that money laundering charges can surface from the investigation.

Former US Intelligence Officer and Treasury Special Agent John Cassara said that if Biden wasn’t President, he would already be under investigation. “The information available publicly is very worrisome, particularly in the areas of corruption. They could go at this from all different avenues. Follow the corruption trail and then charge money laundering,” he said. 

In addition, Cassara said that “Corruption is a predicate offense for money laundering. And besides corruption, it's the perception of corruption. This kind of thing should not be happening. It undermines full faith in the US government. It undermines trust and our international reputation. It's an embarrassment.”

Hunter Biden in the Crosshairs

Over the years, some of Biden’s family members entered into business relationships with people who wanted access to Joe Biden. Hunter Biden is the most prominent among the family for going into business deals with questionable associates.

Dealings among family members include taking loans from lobbyists and getting businesses from labor groups. Hunter himself took a job at MNBA, a Delaware-based financial firm that is a major Biden contributor. He also joined the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company facing charges of corruption.

Watch Glenn Beck’s video discussing that Hunter Biden emails hint that President Joe Biden illegally benefited from son's corruption:

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What do you think of the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings? Do you think this will lead to convictions? Also, will this go all the way up to the President?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments below.

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  • BBA says:

    Expecting the FBI to actually do anything to the Biden’s is like expecting the wolf to rat out his buddies who ate the chickens. In other words, Wray and the corrupt FBI will do absolutely NOTHING about all of these treasonous scandals against mush-head and his crackhead son!!

  • Jim says:

    They should both be at Gitmo, not just Hunter. They are both as sleazy as they come. I cannot believe that anyone voted for this sleez bad. He has been a crook throughout his political career. Wake up America and pay attention before you cast your votes. Unless you are informed on the candidates, stay at home. You will do more harm than good.

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    Recall how fast the FBI, and later, Congress using what they knew was a fake dossier and the FISA court to go after Trump? And how the Mueller investigation dragged on and came up with flimsy unrelated indictments, to cover that it all was without merit. And now with Joe having instilled more appointees….there’s more chance of Hillary being prosecuted for destroying evidence than Joe being indicted. And less chance of Bill having to satisfy Hillary.

  • The professor says:

    Dear Jill Biden … it’s time it’s time to take your husband by the hand and tell him to resign … The feds are coming for him and your son Hunter do the right thing you can claim he has dementia insanity this way he won’t go to prison …. Hunter will have to do some time but at least you have someone at your Delaware a state to look after… prop him up on the porch give him a cigar and let him watch the sunrises and sunsets ….. you will be doing America a great service you will save this country ….and when Kamala takes over….well we’ll just have to deal with that

  • MAD WARRIOR says:

    Shame on you Jill Biden for allowing your husband to be abused due to him mental issues (Dementia).

  • Gary Schelvan says:

    I read this article, and my first thought was, “Tell me something I don’t already know!” The entire Biden family is just one big organized crime syndicate. They’re all crooked corrupt pathological liars, and they have been for China Joe Biden’s worthless political career. Big time shake down artists 🤑

  • BOB says:

    They are all crooks in the White House time for Americans to clean this country of ours up.Get rid of all the oones in the White House an start over fresh.

  • Carlbert Rick says:

    I would love a FAIR and unbiased investigation of the Bidens. Pres Biden had an official fired because he was looking at his sons employer, and many more items have come to light.
    It is only fair for the Bidens to be looked at as closeley ad X Pres Trump.

  • Laveda Kelly says:

    Yes its a shame that Jill Biden did not step in and say no to have him run for President, guess she wanted to be First Lady!! Ha Ha What a joke. She is suppose to be a smart lady, guess greed gets in the way. Don’t kid yourself, she is as involved as the rest of the family. Too bad there is not enough power in Washington to bring them down. Too well connected and with all those Billionaires shoveling all that money their way. They have bunches of people in their pocket, they are the real ones wanting to take America down, so the ones taking the money are just as ruthless as the one’s with the money power. It seems all involved are rotten to the core. Let’s all get behind Trump in 22 & 24, and hope America haven’t gone down the drain in the meantime. God Bless America is my constant prayer!!

  • Billy Wilson says:

    I do not feel anything will be taken to court over Hunter’s lies and corruption, Both have benefited from his lies and Daddy fixing his crimes. They should be in prison along with the progressives running the country.

  • John says:

    Nothing will happen. Didn’t Joe appoint one of the lawyers from the law firm representing Hunter tb be the head of the FBI criminal division. Therefore he would have authority over who would and who wouldnT get indicted. I can’t believe either that attorney or Joe hasn’t bee disbarred over this as it certainly gives the appearance of an impropriety.

  • Craig says:

    Liars crooks thieves the whole bunch of Bidens have disrespected stole raped drugged Our great country America.Put those turds in prison now……..

  • Sam says:

    Oooh this is so exciting! I can’t wait to sit back and watch absolutely NOTHING be done about the xiden crime family!

  • Patriot says:

    Yeah, right. You have absolutely no proof of any of your accusations. Not like Trump and his kids aren’t thieves, grifters and out right liars! You Trump supporters are insane! President Joe Biden is an angel compared to the last guy. I remember the flags you all flew that said “f**k your feelings “ and called us all snowflakes. Doesn’t feel so good when your on the other side, does it? I had to live with 4 years of Trump, you can live with 8 years of President Joe Biden. Vote Blue!!!

  • art says:

    Don’t hold your breath

  • DB says:

    Patriot…..??????….why are you calling yourself that????? Name ONE single thing the Biden communist mafia has done that is GOOD FOR AMERICA????? The border???? The economy???? CRT Marxism brain washing our kids in schools????? No longer energy self-sustaining, have to beg OPEC??????? Energy heating is expected to go up this winter in some places as much as 50%?????
    The devastation of the (intentional) Afghan so called withdrawal???? Trans-gender males competing against females in sports????? “My body, my choice” when it relates to abortion…… why in the hell doesn’t that apply to mandating a “vaccine” that doesn’t have PROOF of possible long-term side effects?????? MY BODY, MY CHOICE! Mandate isn’t legal. Congress has to make it a “law” to be enforceable. Oh…,but congress & staff has excluded themselves from the vaccine mandate???? My list is WAY to long so stopping, my blood pressure is rising! Wake up & realize what is REALLY happening to our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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