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Boeing Encourages Air Travel with Confident Travel Initiative

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Boeing 737 Max | Boeing Encourages Air Travel with Confident Travel Initiative | Featured

Boeing is encouraging airline passengers to get back on planes as coronavirus restrictions begin to loosen. The company is using its Confident Travel Initiative. This “develop new solutions to help minimize air travel health risks” during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also “drive awareness of health safeguards already in place.”

The initiative is led by Boeing’s vice president of Digital Transformation, Mike Delaney.

“As air travel slowly begins to resume and restrictions ease around the globe, health and safety remain our top priorities for our teams who design, build and service the airplanes and all those who fly on them,” said Boeing President and CEO David Calhoun. “Mike’s deep technical expertise, leadership skills, industry knowledge and great passion for our customers make him uniquely qualified to lead this effort.”

Establishing Recommendations

To establish safety recommendations, the Confident Travel Team will be working with entities. Such entities include airlines, industry stakeholders, and infectious disease experts, among others. Airline operators will also be advising them on existing and approved disinfectants.

“Our commitment to ensuring the health of airline passengers and crews is unwavering,” said Delaney. “We’re working with partners to enhance aircraft cleanliness procedures and identify other areas to further reduce the risk of airborne illness transmission.”

Fox Business reported that the team will advocate for the use of facial coverings, and temperature checks. Enhanced cleaning procedures on all Boeing airplanes will also take place. They’ll also push for using as well as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems. These are “99.9+% effective at removing particulates such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi,” according to the family. They’ll disinfect the air before it gets “recirculated back to the cabin.”

According to a statement on the Boeing website, the company “continues to research and evaluate new technologies to enhance safety, including ultraviolet light disinfecting systems and antimicrobial coatings for high-touch surfaces.”

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