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Breaking: Biden Admin Allegedly Spying on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson



Biden Admin Allegedly Spying on Fox News' Tucker Carlson- Florida -ss-Featured

U.S. Government Whistleblower sounds the alarm on Biden Spying on Tucker Carlson

Just a few months into his term, President Joe Biden is showing that he is dangerous as, per a new bombshell report, the current administration is allegedly spying on Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson himself made the revelation on his show Monday.

According to the host, they heard this from a whistleblower working within the U.S. government. The said informant reached out to them, warning them that the National Security Agency (NSA) is observing or monitoring their electronic communications. Apart from this, the NSA is also allegedly planning to leak whatever they get from it in an effort to take the show off the air.

Carlson explained that the whistleblower is in a position in which he would know, implying that the report is legitimate. He added that the said whistleblower repeated information that they have gathered for a story the show was working on. The said information, per Carlson, are those that came directly from the host’s text and emails. He added that there could be no other source for the said pieces of information,

The host alleged that the NSA “captured that information without our knowledge” and that politics drove the agency to do so. He then said that “The Biden administration is spying on us” and that they have already filed an FOIA request for all information on what the NSA and other agencies have possibly gathered from the show. Carlson said they did so mostly as a formality, but they’ve also contacted the press offices of NSA and FBI.

People React to the Revelation of Biden Spying on Tucker Carlson

Many people were shocked at the bombshell announcement since Biden previously promised that he would not allow the Justice Department to steal records from reporters.

Given the gravity of this report and the situation, many took to Twitter to share their reactions.

At least a couple of House members shared their thoughts on the matter.

GOP Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia said that the situation “is entirely believable” due to the FISA process abuses that they have discovered. He then said that the matter needs to be investigated immediately as they can’t allow the administration to routinely use the intelligence committee as a weapon against the people going against them politically.

Likewise, Republican Gov. Ken Buck of Colorado also shared his two cents. He said that if proven to be factual, the move by the NSA serves as a violation of the people’s civil liberties. He then urged NSA to respond to Congress as soon as possible.

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