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Breaking: US Blames China for Massive Microsoft Exchange Hack



US Accuses China for Massive Microsoft Exchange Hack-ss-Featured

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On Monday, the Biden administration of the US blamed China for the hacking incident involving Microsoft Exchange email server software. The said incident compromised thousands of computer units worldwide this year.

The curred administration made this announcement along with a group of allies. These include the European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and NATO countries.

An official said this serves as the first time NATO condemned the cyber activities of China.

According to a senior administration official said that nobody can change China’s cyber behavior. A single country making an effort on its own can't affect it either. The official added that the country’s partners and allies serve as a major source of strength.

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The said Microsoft Exchange hack was initially identified in January. It was also attributed to cyberspies from China by organizations in the private sector. An administration official mentioned that the government's attribution to hackers connected to the Ministry of State Security of China only happened now partly due to the discovery of ransomware and for-profit operations. Also, the administration wanted to announce it with a guide for businesses about strategies China use.

US Blames China for Hacking Incident in January

When asked about the hacking incident, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson told the Associated Press that China “firmly opposes” and fights cyber attacks and thefts in all forms. The spokesperson also cautioned that the attribution of such attacks should have basis on evidence instead of groundless accusations.

However, the Biden administration and its allies revealed a wide array of other cyber threats coming from Beijing. These include ransomware from the government and ransomware attacks.

Another official mentioned that China’s Ministry of State Security employs the services of criminal contract hackers to conduct cyber operations daily, which are unsanctioned.

On the other hand, another senior administration official stated that the National Security Agency, along with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure and the FBI, will reveal over 50 tactics that Chinese state-sponsored materials are capable of doing.

Several Biden administration officials have also raised concerns regarding the hacking incident as well as China’s other “malicious cyber activities” with PRC’s government officials. They said they made it clear that their actions pose a threat to “security, confidence and stability in cyberspace.”

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  • David says:

    Ridiculous, Xiden, Gates, and Xi are all communist buddies. If there was a hack they all knew it. It was proba ly allowed, at thr expense of others.

  • JoeyB123 says:

    China response – AND ! you do know the your Boy hunter OWES US ? , so here’s what your going to do not a DAM THING !!!

  • tom says:

    Just how long is Biden and the rest of the Marxist left wing socialist communist democrats going to let China and Russia get away with this. China has done more damage to the people of the world than WWI and WWII ever did, and they are continuing their criminal activities. This article is right, no one country can stop it. Every country in the western world should totally boycott everything made in China. Stab them in their heart, their pocket book. Shut down all trade and commerce with China. Tell all companies doing business with China that they will no longer be allowed to bring into the United States anything made in China or by a Chinese owned country, no matter where the company is operating. This will hurt but in the long run, it will bring down the communist government of China. No jobs, no imported food, lots of pissed off Chinese folks. They will topple their government in a short time.

  • Chas says:

    And China Joe will do?

    Wait, wait for it…. NOTHING!

  • Ben says:

    When are we going to quit talking about China?

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