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Clinton Is Guilty



Hillary Clinton

  • The FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton on possible public corruption charges.
  • The development follows press reports about the potential overlap of State Department and Clinton Foundation work.
  • The FBI is on edge after the Petraeus case which was perceived as a “slap on the wrist.” 
  • On Sunday Clinton continued to dismiss the case on CBS’s Face The Nation. 

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server. 

“The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed,” one source said.

The development follows press reports over the past year about the potential overlap of State Department and Clinton Foundation work, and questions over whether donors benefited from their contacts inside the administration.

The Clinton Foundation is a public charity, known as a 501(c)(3). It had grants and contributions in excess of $144 million in 2013, the most current available data.

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Inside the FBI, pressure is growing to pursue the case.

One intelligence source told Fox News that FBI agents would be “screaming” if a prosecution is not pursued because “many previous public corruption cases have been made and successfully prosecuted with much less evidence than what is emerging in this investigation.”

The FBI is particularly on edge in the wake of how the case of former CIA Director David Petraeus was handled.

One of the three sources said some FBI agents felt Petraeus was given a slap on the wrist for sharing highly classified information with his mistress and biographer Paula Broadwell, as well as lying to FBI agents about his actions. Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in March 2015 after a two-plus-year federal investigation in which Attorney General Eric Holder initially declined to prosecute.

In the Petraeus case, the exposure of classified information was assessed to be limited.

By contrast, in the Clinton case, the number of classified emails has risen to at least 1,340. A 2015 appeal by the State Department to challenge the “Top Secret” classification of at least two emails failed and, as Fox News first reported, is now considered a settled matter.

It is unclear which of the two lines of inquiry was opened first by the FBI and whether they eventually will be combined and presented before a special grand jury. One intelligence source said the public corruption angle dates back to at least April 2015.  On their official website, the FBI lists “public corruption as the FBI’s top criminal priority.” 

Fox News is told that about 100 special agents assigned to the investigations also were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, with as many as 50 additional agents on “temporary duty assignment,” or TDY. The request to sign a new NDA could reflect that agents are handling the highly classified material in the emails, or serve as a reminder not to leak about the case, or both.

“The pressure on the lead agents is brutal,” a second source said. “Think of it like a military operation, you might need tanks called in along with infantry.” 

Separately, a former high-ranking State Department official emphasized to Fox News that Clinton’s deliberate non-use of her government email address may be increasingly “significant.”

“It is virtually automatic when one comes on board at the State Department to be assigned an email address,” the source said.

“It would have taken an affirmative act not to have one assigned … and it would also mean it was all planned out before she took office. This certainly raises questions about the so-called legal advice she claimed to have received from inside the State Department that what she was doing was proper.”

On Sunday,  when asked about her email practices while secretary of state, Clinton insisted to CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” “there is no there, there.”

Catherine Herridge is an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as a London-based correspondent.



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  • Earl says:

    its time she and Bill pay for all there crimes to many have went under the rug

  • NLS says:

    Clinton is guilty because she communicated secrets in an unsecure, public server. She conducted US State Department business on public servers. She contributed time to the Clinton foundation while serving as Secretary of State. All of these are criminal acts, in my opinion.

  • Edmund Gutowski says:

    Because all our Congress and Senators are taking money from drug company’s and the biggest one is Hillary

  • Richard I Pigott says:

    May we, the public, finally be able to see this good news broadcasted on the 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11PM news?


    Many people have had lives and careers crashed because of mismanagement of National Security information, regardless of it being done on purpose or by accident. All that she has done, she has done on purpose to evade public scrutiny. That makes is even worse.

  • Roseann Bruno says:

    she is a crook and is a liar and a thief same as bill they are a disgrace and americans should smarten up

  • Roy says:

    Not interested Sorry

  • Garry says:

    You’d have to be a moron to not understand why this pig-of-a-person is guilty. She has a long history of nothing but lies and lying. Only a committed socialist would try to justify her criminal acts and constant elitist lying.

  • Kenneth F. says:

    The proof is there but we are not going to do anything about it because she is a Clinton.

  • Roy de Haan says:

    Sshe is the biggest LIAR everybody knows exept the Dumb people on Welfare

  • marie says:

    not only her, but all,for who she was working,the list will be long?

  • Wanda says:

    She is a compulsive liar…..just can’t help herself.

  • Mark says:

    Hillary allowed 4 Americans to be murdered, for which the same was true with her husband, when 18 American soldiers cried for help in Somalia and Bill Clinton ignored their cries.

    I have already stated on another website last year that Hillary is immune to prosecution and I stand by that statement, because she and her husband are protected by “The Powers That Be”… the Illuminati. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that Lynch is not going to allow any criminal procedures to commence.

  • Barry Crist says:

    She has gotten away with everything her entire miserable life. She planned the private email account in order to extort money from foreign countries and corporations. She is a total POS!

  • Roberta says:

    The evidence is overwhelming. If it were me instead of her being investigated, I would have been charged and thrown in jail by now.

  • Susan Shipanik says:

    Hillary running shows how corrupt the government is. She should of been in jail LONG AGO. GET HER OUT OF THE RACE NOW

  • Susan Shipanik says:

    Hillary running shows how corrupt the government is. She should of been in jail LONG AGO. GET HER OUT OF THE RACE NOW

  • Vince says:

    Mrs. Clinton has made a career out of lying and theft.
    Everyone should go watch 13 hours and decide for themselves.

  • Art says:

    Imprison Clinton!

  • Eric Carlson says:

    She is a as corruption 101 she wrote the book and Obama is right in there with her.

  • John Bonnes says:

    The Clintons are no less than the modern day version of Bonnie and Clyde. Their past is littered with dead bodies. Hillary is a monster that needs to be in jail for a very long time. She has spent her entire life subverting the constitution and running rough shot over our country. We need to make examples of these criminals in Washington by prosecuting and sentencing them to the proper punishment for their actions. Hillary deserves death for what she has done to Ambassador Stevens and crew in Benghazi, and her involvement in the numerous murders under hers and Bills watch. These are the minions of the Bushes who also one day will be brought to justice for their war crimes against humanity. Hillary is a murdering, war criminal and should be dealt with accordingly in the swiftest fashion.

  • Ron Howard says:

    Put Her in Jail !

  • J Casey says:

    Too many contributions conimg in from countdrys needing favors from Hillery’s connections . Also using Canada Charity as plcae to contribute so as not to have to reveal source of money.

  • Dan Cisler says:

    Clinton, Was caught telling her subordinate to send classified information by removing the classified document designation. The excuse that documents were not labeled classified
    does not exonerate her.

  • Carl Bujan says:

    She belongs in prison!

  • Louise McLaughlin says:

    Hillary and Bill have blood on their hands over not only Bengashi, but also the many people that have been involved with them that have died. She is not fit to be our president. She should be indicted for all her lies and crimes.

  • dave pettey says:

    Hillary and her sex mad husband will not be prosecuted period. If by chance, they were
    to be procecuted/indited and jailed ,Obongo would pardon them because they have too
    much dirt on him !!!!!!

  • W H BRYSON says:


  • james hedge says:

    She has a 40 year history of scandal and corruption. Her own friend and Ambassador
    ask several times to increase security for the embassy in Benghazi. For whatever reason, she
    denied the request.
    She denied having classified E-mails on her
    private server, but they have found at least
    100. She gave instructions to to a senior aide
    to strip the classification from a document
    and send to her. If, she used that excuse only
    once, it would be ludicrous to believe she did
    not know what was happening.

  • SUE SHARP says:


  • Billy Biggs says:

    Se is the worst possible selection to the office of president. She is related to the man who was the worst president this countery ever had.

  • Merida McKnight says:

    She and her husband are the worst kind of vermin around!

  • cynthia washington says:

    The evidence is overwhelming even if one just considers the private server for transmission of state department information…

  • Charles E. Higgins Sr. says:

    She has been shown to have an aid remove the “classified” status from documents then sending them over the e-mail in the opened. This is treason.

  • Eliece says:

    The donation records will show the corruption. Follow the money….!!!!!!

  • David M. Congero says:

    Absolutely, Hillary Clinton as broke many federal laws and should most definitely be in prison. Unfortunately, the Clinton’s have powerful influence. Which will probably keep her out of prison this type of government corruption has got to and. I believe the only person that can achieve a clean government is the one person that has no political influence Donald Trump.

  • Ed Barutio says:

    the evidence is overwhelming.

  • Mary K. Esper says:

    First and foremost, she is a liar and a hypocrite.
    Among all the other things she has done, which are many, the one that gets me, is that now she
    is running on how she is the champion of women, when she takes money from countries that abuse women, she is married to a female abuser, how many, no one knows for a fact, but it was proven at least once when he was impeached. Also, she lied and lied again over the Bengazi deal. How would she like it if her daughter and grand-daughter were in a situation where no one sent help and they lost their lives. She thinks she is so smart, and maybe she is, but it would be so much better if she was out to help our country instead of her pockets.

  • Mary K. Esper says:

    First and foremost, she is a liar and a hypocrite.
    Among all the other things she has done, which are many, the one that gets me, is that now she
    is running on how she is the champion of women, when she takes money from countries that abuse women, she is married to a female abuser, how many, no one knows for a fact, but it was proven at least once when he was impeached. Also, she lied and lied again over the Bengazi deal. How would she like it if her daughter and grand-daughter were in a situation where no one sent help and they lost their lives. She thinks she is so smart, and maybe she is, but it would be so much better if she was out to help our country instead of her pockets.

  • Roger M. fOSZCZ says:


  • steve erickson says:

    The misuse of power by this evil woman is too long to enumerate. She should be in jail by now, and yet she is running for president of the USA..UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gf says:

    My only concern, at this point, is that the bitch, will not get the Dem nomination for POTUS. I am afraid, that the Dems, will dump her, like in 2008. Donald Trump, would bury her. Should the bitch be prosecuted? Hell yes! If she were GOP, she would be rotting in jail by now.

  • Deborah says:

    She has been involved in so many illegal things I want to know why she hasn’t been locked up.
    Some presidents have resigned for less that what all she has done. She should not be able to run for president

  • Matthew N. Feller says:


  • James Hulbert says:

    She belongs in prison.

  • Laine Stewart says:

    That slut Hellery will do anything. say anything to get what she wants ! Put Hellery in prison where she belongs !!!

  • wm says:

    her looks, the way she talks , what she has done with emails. the way that she thinks.
    what she has done in the past, do not trust
    her. to far to the left. what she stands for.
    need i say more

  • DUKE says:

    So why does the FBI, et al, just keep talking about it and doing nothing about it?? What are they afraid of? Anyone else, other than Hilliar would already be in prison. Stop tip-toeing around the matter and wasting time; arrest her and give her the Loooooonnnnngggg term in prison that she deserves. Are they going to just talk, talk, talk about this forever? When are they going to do their jobs and arrest her? The facts are clear, and the evidence against her is indisputable and overwhelming. Get with the program, FBI. Do your jobs NOW. You are turning into a bad joke, a sick joke, a pathetic laughing stock that looks like you are being paid off, bribed, and intimidated.

  • Michael G says:

    She has committed treason several times. Her redacted emails prove she lied about the information she put at risk . She doe not uphold the constitution.

  • Name says:

    Contradictions of what she says happened and what the emails & receivers report.



  • herman wilson says:

    The lyes she has told in sworn testimony is enough to send her to the big house for the rest of her life. She has had several mysterious killings of people in poosition to send her up if tried by a legitimate court.

  • John says:

    She’s a corrupt Marxist Bitch just like her piece of shit former boss !!!!

  • Art Dixon says:

    Too Careless with Sensitive , and Classified E Mails.

  • DB says:

    It’s already been proven that she passed on secret information to those that shouldn’t have received it. She lied about turning over all the emails she had and so many other things. She also had to be fired. People that get fired aren’t the best of the crop. They are the ones that don’t do their job right and are screw ups. She has done nothing but screwed up and has put our country’s security at risk! Just because she is Hilary Clinton should not give her a free pass! Look at the General, he got busted for just sharing his schedule with his mistress. This is much more serious! She needs to be treated like we would be. A bit of time in prison may give her time to think before she opens her lieing mouth again.

  • Stephen Squires says:

    If we allow favors for money and ignoring national security by our government not only will we destroy our country, but our economy.
    Citizens will live in fear for their lives.

  • Stephen Squires says:

    If we allow favors for money and ignoring national security by our government not only will we destroy our country, but our economy.
    Citizens will live in fear for their lives.

  • Joe says:

    Hilary has scandals going back decades. A long trail of bodies. She is virtually UNTOUCHABLE. So even though she violated the law and used a private server to send classified documents she WILL get away with it. All hail the untouchable, she will get away with everything just like Obama has. Live in quiet fear of her or be her latest statistic.

  • Joe Knight says:

    To many lies and too much evidence of doing anything to benefit themselves. She thinks she cannot and will not be touched.

  • Name says:

    during her time at State, she used the time to feather her own nest even at the expense of the citizens of the country worked for. She owed allegiance to no-one except herself.She has shown herself to both corrupt and immoral, as is her husband.

  • Constance says:

    She is guilty of lying on the stand under oath, lilting to the families of victims of Benjamin and of fraud and mismanagement of federal funds and for taking bribes. Hillary needs to be held accountable and go to prison along with slick Willie. They have committed my crimes before the White House, during years in White House and after leaving the White House. Hugh cover up by police backers. That is why TRUMP IS,THE ONE TO CLEAN UP THEIR MESSES AND OBAMA SAID ME ses.

  • Claudia says:

    I Think

  • CMGIII says:

    She has a long, long history dating back to the Watergate investigations, from which she was fired. I don’t think she’s able to distinguish the truth from the lies. She’s habitually untruthful. Look at the way they use their foundation’s money for their own benefit and for re-election. Look at the way she solicited money from companies while she was Sec or State. Look at the way she treated the women that Bill abused and the way she treated her first case as a defense lawyer and lied to get her client out of a RAPE charge. And finally, she lied numerous times about her emails, her server not containing classified correspondence, she communicated with her husband Bill via email, she thought that the attack was due to a stupid film. And on and on and on. She is a constant liar.

  • Elaine Morris says:

    Not just this case…this woman is a serial killer: “The Clinton Corpse List.”
    The is an entire list: The Clinton Chronicles:
    She also committed Treason against the U.S. and caused horrible problems for the Ranches:
    Clinton-Sells Uranium From Ranches to Russians to Fund Presidential Campaign
    Read more at:

  • robert says:

    It’s pretty obvious just look at her past

  • Rod Roberts says:

    She has violated federal law about electronic communications, having secret correspondence in an unsecured location (home, should have been in federal control), she tried to delete/destroy official correspondence in a cover-up attempt and has committed perjury. She’s guilty of multiple felonies, she should be tried and by law never be allowed to run or hold public office.

  • jerry nettrouer says:

    She is known to sell anything for a price.

  • van Vollmer says:

    I feel that every American should
    be personally responsible for the own actions. It appears that the Clinton don’t want to be re-sponsible for their actions and feel that they are above the laws the rest of us must obey. But that program seems to be built into American politics at all levels of Government. Bye- bye American pie..

  • Pete says:

    I knew this while it was happening! First, at the Tsummi ,the Red Cross appeared less practical than usual; and USAID was totally out of character. I worked with USAID on 10 Horticultural Assignments in Swaziland, Ukraine and Jamaica and they always had some really street-smart people working on the problems. None of the cleanup efforts made sense because the Clinton’s were taking most of the money to make promises on projects that they never undertook! Also, Benghazi was an ILLEGAL Arms supply to the Muslim Brotherhood in Lybia against Pro-West El-Sisi. !

  • Leo LaBrie says:


  • Chris says:

    Because, just like her boss ignoring the safe guards and policy put in place to keep America safe from outside attacks her actions have already resulted in deaths of innocent Americans. If these actions go unpunished it will set the precedent for future politicians to act on their own for personal benefit no matter the cost or what laws must be broken. On the flip side if she is prosecuted and found guilty as she should be it will be sending the message that we the people are watching these despicable excuses for representatives and not standing for their B.S. any longer!!!!!!

  • Ralph W Will says:

    I think I AGREE Hillary Clinton is Guilty od doing PRIVATE EMAIL messaging that she has PLRGED not to do while in job she was assigned to do. I don’t think she has the right to run as a Presidential Person. She should be tried for public corruption charges.

  • Gina says:

    Yes she is gultity and she should go to jail for her crimes. If it was anyone else they would already be in prison for what she did.
    I also believe that the reattach of the ship should go with her.
    President Obama should be impeached and he should go to trail for treason. Treason against the people of the United States.
    He andHillary as well as both cabinets they had working for them should all be held and tried for all the crimes they have done against the United States of America. And there are many, plus the people who have already left should be tried as well.
    This also should go for so many people in the Senate and the House of Representatives. That also should have been there to protect us if and when the Excutive Branch when it is apparent they are in the wrong!

  • alvin says:

    it only go to prove that they feel above the law look at pres.Obama desire to import terrorist to murder the american people and to disarm them to make it easier for them Congress and Senate by law should impeach him why haven’t they

  • Thorney says:

    It disgusting that she should get away with treason.

  • Roy Taylor says:

    I think there is more than enough evidence to prove she broke the law. We the people need proof that no one in this country is above that standard!

  • Linda Helda says:

    Hilary is responsibe for every scandal that came up in the Clinton presidency (Travel Gate, the supposed suicide of the White House counsel, and so many more) As secretary of State the ones we know of Private Server with Top Secret info, failure to send aid to our Ambassador that was killed, on and on! How much do we not know about? Do you want to give her more power and time to destroy our country? How about the condition the Clintons left the White House in after their presidency. The leaders in congress and the higher ups in the White House had to tell Hillary that she was not the president Bill was and she needed stand down.

  • ron says:

    what a sick pup !

  • John Stager says:

    Anyone not living under a rock could find at least two dozen events .

  • Don says:

    Put Her Under The It

  • john says:

    The first classified email would have put anyone else in jail. She has 22 higher than top secret. That is 20 years each. Add minimum 4 documented murders made intentional by not attempting rescue. Biggest reason- she is a Clinton.

  • Todd Hadersbeck says:

    Either she lied for political gain, which is pretty low considering 4 Americans died, or she really didn’t know …. and that makes her incompetent. Either way, it does not look good for her.

  • john says:

    how can anyone vote for Clinton do they not see or read news, she is guilty

  • lois kalmick says:

    By never being straight, lying to the public, pretending like she actually does not know about the emails, Pretending that she has no recall about her decisions regarding Bengazi, Her actual medical condition, forgetting that her husband is a proven liar. that still speaks in public.
    Absolutely Deplorable!

  • marlese says:

    Look at the facts! Is there any question???

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