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These Refugees Are No Better Then ISIS



In this shocking raw video from Germany, you can see a giant gang of Middle Eastern refugees firing guns and shooting off fireworks in the streets on New Year’s Eve. This terrifying video is just one of the latest to surface in the march of refugees across Europe and particularly Germany. We can’t allow these men to come into our countries and do such awful acts all. They are fighting a war on western society that we are too afraid to even acknowledge out of fear of PC. Enough is enough

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  • John W Bletsch says:

    When at least 10% are ISIS fighters what can you expect?

  • Daniel Stephens says:

    These refugees come form near third world cultures and can not absorb the ethos of a modern society. They are Muslim by culture and have been told how to live every day without any thought. All of a sudden they are like teenagers who want to be free of parental confines, yet have no concept of how to properly act. They feel they are owed everything just because they can turn perfectly good air into CO2 and food into Shit. That is why the countries they came from are run by dictators who completely control them. Thus is the crux of the Muslim areas of the world.

  • Roy de Haan says:

    My Opinion. observing the News

  • Roy de Haan says:

    My Opinion. observing the News

  • Eric Carlson says:

    Why are we letting them into out country? Because Obama is one of them?

  • Beverly Bradshaw says:

    Refugees are killing people just like ISIS so they are no better – they do not need to be allowed in the US. What does our President think.

  • Leo Bailleaux says:

    mostly illiterate, deoesn’t respect women, beats and rapes them, multiple wives , sodomizes young boys, few job skills, lives by cheating ,robbing, no forgiveness, just over power or kills, no future plans other than taking over the world.

  • Davey says:

    These “refugees” feel a moral imparitive to attack western societies, their values and outward manifestations.
    Those who don’t are looked-down upon by their co-religionists and can hardly be trusted to observe our laws and
    customs. Allowing thousands of these people to immigrate would be similar to releasing thousands of habitual DUI
    offenders. The results are predictable and tragic; Obama pushes for their admission because of a Messiah complex.

  • gf says:

    WTF, is wrong with the leaders, of these countries, that let this garbage in. I had always thought that, Europe and especially Scandinavia, was some of the best places to live on the planet. Well, look what they are doing to themselves, by letting this vermin in. It defies logic, and I don’t understand. It is like committing, national suicide. Of course, we have been doing the same thing. However, we have an ass hole, for POTUS. Will there be any place left, on the planet, for the humans, to live in peace.? When I say human, you know what I mean!

  • Mr Randy says:

    A perfect example of a GUN FREE ZONE!!!!! The German people and Government Have brought it on to them selfs, along with France Grate Britten, and other countries that do not let THEIR Citizens have fire arms.The BAD GUYS will always have FIRE ARMS, all ways !!!! And now our PRESIDENT, which is a perfect definition of a Oxymoron, who has a fatal condition of demigodery ( think I just made up a new word), who also suffers from Executive ACTION SYNDROME, no wonder why he has 20 pens handy. Thank GOD for our Declaration Of Independence and Our constitution. But, I have found that most people of The United States Of America think “INDEPENDENCE DAY” is a movie about a bunch of funky looking, purple aleians trying to take our world over and Will Smith saves the day with a Cuban cigar. Here is good link to start with. A very smart informed young woman on our Government.

  • Stephen Squires says:

    It’s coming here. Anarchy will prevail. The American people can trust no one and must provide their own protection.

  • Stephen Squires says:

    It’s coming here. Anarchy will prevail. The American people can trust no one and must provide their own protection.

  • peter biondo says:

    They acted like delinquents. Out of control mideast children. Where are their parents. I thought muslims were suppose to be respectful of other people and their countries. Surprise, if they’re going to act like this in front of cameras what will they do off camera. We have all seen muslims sneaking out in a road and burying bombs when they thought know one was looking

  • Jack says:

    They were contained in the Middle East and didn’t pose a threat to Western Culture. If not contained or eliminated will bring the world back to the 7th century or worse.

  • David Newman says:

    They all have one track minds. They are all dangerious because of their up bringing. They are like a rabbit dog, a wild animal you can always count on them turning on you. We have to be smart and keep them were they are. I am not saying to leave them to die over in their country I am saying if we do help them, help them in their country, HOWEVER dont leave the expense and responsibility just on the US, all the Nations have to help keep them safe on their own dirt. WE DO NOT NEED THOSE ANIMALS HERE!!!!!

  • Joe says:

    I seen many come to the US to start a war

  • Lyle Cammerer says:

    They are Crlmals

  • Rodney says:

    they are ISIS ? not Normal, Firing in every random direction ? Really ?

  • Gary Wayne Van Gorp says:

    Unthankful and violent towards anyone Muslim!

  • Ruby Bohanan says:

    they say they are fleeing the very thing they are doing. Or are they trained terrorist planted to bring their terror to the benevolent country that allowed them in?

  • Lorraine James says:


  • Romayne says:

    We do not need more violence in our country. Let’s fix this problem first before we bring in more people. The young men should be fighting for their own countries. Why can’t our government see this. We are a land of immigrants but we were proud to be Americans, hard working people and did not expect nor did we receive handouts. Whatever happened to “Charity at first begins at home and then we take care of others.” God bless the USA and Israel.

  • aurora says:

    They’re not even looking where their shooting. They could hit anyone with a bullet.

  • deano formaro says:

    they are too unruly when they get hungry they will bunch up the same and come fo rthe innocent they have too many years of war look they are already armed

  • Name says:

    He. Ant be bought by special interests and lobbyists
    He will defendthiscountry and the CONSTITUTION

  • harold says:

    once a terriost always a terriost

  • Name says:

    Anarchy is not going to do anything but tear down the fabric of a cohesive society. If they think socialism is so great they cant prove this to anyone with violence. As you live so shall you die.

  • frank says:

    This is the kind of crap o bozo is letting into our country

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