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3 CNN Employees Fired for Reporting to Work Unvaccinated



CNN Headquarter Atlanta | 3 CNN Employees Fired for Reporting to Work Unvaccinated | featured

Reports of three CNN employees terminated by their company surfaced last Thursday. The media company confirmed that it let go of 3 CNN employees after they showed up at the office unvaccinated. CNN requires all employees to complete a COVID-19 vaccination program before returning to the office.  

Earlier, CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted the contents of the memo, which the Associated Press managed to pick up. However, CNN did not offer any details on the firings, the names of the employees, or their areas of assignment. 

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Company President Announces Termination of 3 CNN Employees

CNN President Jeff Zucker himself announced the terminations, according to a memo sent to all CNN employees last Thursday. “In the past week, we have been made aware of three employees who were coming to the office unvaccinated. Let me be clear — we have a zero-tolerance policy on this,” Zucker wrote. 

Zucker said the company will move from the honor system when dealing with employees working at the office. Previously, CNN management did not require proof of vaccination. However, CNN employees are still required to vaccinate against COVID-19 to resume work at the office or in the field. 

The company president said he expects proof of vaccination will become a standard requirement in the next few weeks. “You need to be vaccinated to come to the office. And you need to be vaccinated to work in the field, with other employees, regardless of whether you enter an office or not. Period,” Zucker emphasized. 

CNN Pushes Back Return To Office

Zucker also announced that they will push back the official return date for CNN offices to early or mid-October. Previously, management expected CNN employees to return by September 7.

Rising COVID-19 cases made companies like CNN reconsider going back to the office as early as next month. “This was not an easy decision, and there is much to consider. The bottom line is that, based on the information that is available today, and what experts expect to evolve with the virus in the weeks ahead, September 7 no longer feels appropriate,” Zucker said.

In addition, employees who regularly report at the office must wear face masks all the time. This mandate applies to all CNN employees regardless of vaccine status. Employees will need to wear masks when they aren't eating, drinking, or isolated.

Even in offices where mask-wearing is not mandated, people should do what feels comfortable to them “without any fear of retaliation or judgment from co-workers,” Zucker added. 

Vaccine Drive Gaining Steam

Lately, heightened restrictions are not unusual for media companies. Other news media companies including The Washington Post and the Washington Examiner also implemented vaccine requirements for employees before allowing them to return to the office.

With the rise of coronavirus cases spurred by the spread of the Delta variant, many companies are dialing down on their need to get back to normal. This includes postponing return to office schedules. Companies are also starting to mandate mask-wearing and now require vaccinations. Currently, around half of all Americans have at least one dose of vaccines. 

Watch the Break News video reporting that CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated:

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  • Max says:

    So, the large percentage of deaths reported are as a result of “breakthrough” – where even after being fully shot up, the individuals still contract the virus and die….. If one has a 99% chance of surviving the virus, why the shot? Seen on a poster at a local business: If masks work, why 6 feet? If 6 feet works, why masks? If they both work, why lockdowns? If all three work, why emergency unproven vaccines? If the vaccines are “safe” why the “no liabiltiy” clause? If more people die from the vaccine than not, why use the vaccines? If we took two shots to make others safe, why are we now “super spreaders”? and now after all that, why do those who have been vaccinated now have to wear masks? There’s a strange rotten odor in the air if you ask me….

  • Marilin says:

    100% Max!

  • Judy Ann Sarantakes says:


  • Elaine says:

    What about belief in the Bible and God’s promises? He created my body which includes my immune system. Who am I to think something man made can top God’s creation?
    Humans have exponentially grown into over-the-top prideful, greedy, out right lying sinners. Even those who go to church and call themselves Christian, yet you prove you don’t actually believe what the Bible teaches. Pray for foregiveness! I’ll take my immunity over any human created injection.

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    I just say, I’am Hypo-Allergenic, I’am Immune from the Virus, and the vaccine is against my Religion. So get out of my Face (AVR).

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