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Defense Secretary Will Mandate Vaccines For Entire Military



American soldier getting vaccine shot during corona virus pandemic

By Friday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will announce that US military troops will need to vaccinate against COVID-19. A mandatory vaccine policy will cover all active-duty forces in the military totaling 1.3 million service members.   

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President Directed Defense Secretary To Mandate Vaccines in Military

The directive requires all 1.3 million service members to be required to get shots in their arms. It comes just days after President Biden urged all federal employees to get vaccinated.

President Joe Biden, in a speech last week, said he will direct the Defense Secretary to check how the Defense department can make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory. 

In addition, Biden also asked the Department of Justice to study the legality of mandating a vaccine that has yet to secure full approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Initially, DOJ officials said a vaccine mandate might need a presidential waiver. 

Defense Secretary Austin to Make A White House Recommendation

Meanwhile, reports said that the Defense Secretary will present a recommendation to the White House tomorrow.  At present, an estimated 64% of active-duty military forces already complete their COVID vaccination. In contrast, around 70% of all US adults received at least a single vaccine shot.

In addition, Biden will also require all federal employees and on-site contractors to complete their vaccinations. Otherwise, they will have to subject themselves to regular testing. 

Biden’s announcement covers the Defense Department’s civilian employees. However, it does not affect active-duty service members. Biden can plug the military loophole with his directive to the Defense Secretary to make the Friday announcement. 

Increase in Coronavirus Cases Prompt More Vaccinations

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the seven-day total cases for the US increased by more than 64% last week. The US coronavirus rate is now closing into figures similar to that in February this year. This is the time before vaccines received their emergency authorization. 

With the surge attributed to the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, the US can see increased restrictions to help prevent the further spread. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said that the administration is looking into the possibility of a vaccine mandate to bolster protection against the virus. 

Reducing The Unvaccinated Rates

The White House hopes that requiring the military to vaccinate can also increase the number of vaccinated Americans. Despite an abundance of vaccines, only about half of the United States population received at least one dose. If things go from bad to worse with regard to the pandemic, the White House said it may consider another economic shutdown. 

Private companies are also starting to require vaccines for returning workers. Big Tech such as Google and Facebook will require proof of vaccination before allowing workers back to the office. 

Even food manufacturing companies such as Tyson are now requesting workers to get a vaccine. In addition, Mcdonald's will now require mask wearing for workers and customers in hard-hit areas. However, the recent surge in cases put many companies’ plans to resume office work on hold.

Watch the News Leader video report that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin weighs recommending vaccine mandate for troops:

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Do you agree with mandating vaccinations for military members despite the lack of a fully approved vaccine? Do you think that’s a good idea considering the increasing spread of COVID-19 nationwide?

Let us know what you think about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Jennifer says:

    No the Government should not require these vaccinations for the military. They are primarily younger & physically fit. If they have had Covid previously the “shot” (not actually a vaccine at all) can cause serious adverse reactions. This may seriously compromise our military readiness in the near future. It should remain a voluntary decision & personal choice for the military & citizenry. I am very disappointed in our military leadership. Hmmmm…kinda reminds me of the original Red Dawn movie…Use Duck Duck Go search engine to avoid censuring of material & research Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. Harvey Risch, & Dr. Peter McCullough, the Bird-group, & America’s Frontline Doctors. They cite actual scientific data & actually name the data sources unlike the main stream media, CDC, & Govt.

  • Lori Becker says:

    We have no idea what could occur 3, 6 , 12, 18 months down the road from a shot that has not been tested long enough. Covid recovered people have a natural immunity. With all the deceit and lies that have come from our so called leaders, why would we believe anything they say? Being a Christian, I believe the word of God. I read Psalm 91. I also believe my life is in His hands. He can protect us from Covid and Any other plague…I and my family have never worn a mask, have never stopped getting together and no one has yet to be sick. God says “There is an appointed day for man to die.” When it is our time nothing will prevent it. If not our time, we are safe. If the left can say ” my body my choice” while killing millions of babies, We can also say, “My body, my choice” when sticking a needle in our arms. And if the shot is as perfect as they say, why worry about the unvaccinated. ? No wonder so many Americans don’t trust them.

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    Stop the spreaders from the Border, that should help. Are they crazy, to fire tax paying workers, when they are letting in free of charge, infected people at the southern borders of the US. The Admin. say’s squat about that. This all sounds like a plan not to help American people but to try to destroy them.

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