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Safe Trick Or Treating During COVID Halloween



A man giving candies to a girl dressed in a pumpkin costume | Safe Trick Or Treating During COVID Halloween | featured

Are you ready for a COVID Halloween celebration this year? Are the kids raring to go trick or treating, especially since the CDC gave the all-clear signal to do so?

Here are some tips on how to conduct a safe trick or treating experience this coming COVID Halloween.

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Don’t Force It

Kids trick or treat in Halloween costume and face mask-Covid Halloween


If you or your kids show the slightest signs of coming down with a cold, or even COVID-19 symptoms, call it a day. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we’re dealing with children here.

For mild symptoms, getting rest and isolating yourself can help avoid any complications with elderly relatives or young children.

Bottom line, you know best, so stay honest if you think you can conduct a safe Halloween trick or treat despite the threat of COVID.  

Keep Your Hands Clean

Pandemic or not, handwashing is good practice every time. Handwashing every time you touch a foreign object might seem OC, but it works.

Americans are already well-versed in washing their hands after going to the toilet. This shouldn’t be a problem. Adults tasked with handling treats and escorting children should always be on guard.

Remind kids not to touch any surfaces unnecessarily. Keep a sanitizer or alcohol spray handy with you at all times as well. Before heading and before coming back in, wash your hands.

Minimize Contact With Other People

Halloween, especially trick or treating, can involve a lot of physical contacts. Leaving a bag or bowl of candy where every trick or treater can touch isn’t a good idea moving forward.

Instead, be prepared to meet kids at the door and hand them their treats without actually touching them. In fact, you can make this a challenge for both kids and adults.

Try to complete trick or treating without getting into physical contact with kids, adults, or zombies. Having sanitizers to offer to trick or treaters is a good idea. 

Mask Up If You Can

We’ll leave the debate on masks for some other time. For an occasion like COVID Halloween, masks might be a good idea, especially when going house to house.

For those of you who find the idea of masks a bit too much, try to integrate the mask into the costume. Just make sure it’s not more uncomfortable than standard COVID masks.

Otherwise, it’ll lose the point and your kids will continue to touch and adjust them. 

Keep Your Distance

Social distancing would be hard when you’re managing a bunch of kids racing to get the most candy. Gently reminding children to maintain a distance from each other and from adults can go a long way towards avoiding any untoward contact. 

Stay Within The Neighborhood

2021’s COVID Halloween is not the time to go venturing beyond your familiar neighborhood. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so try not to venture beyond the areas you are familiar with as well as know the residents. 

Leave the COVID Talk and Have a Happy Halloween

Halloween night is a great time for kids and adults alike to celebrate. Conversely, this is not a good time to demand for discussions on COVID topics and whether you agree or disagree with certain policies or topics.

Use safety prices within your family and friends and decide according to your best interests. 

Watch the WGN News Video about Safety tips for trick-or-treating this Halloween:

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Happy Halloween! Are you going trick or treating with your kids or friends?

Let us know what tips you have that can help keep Halloween safe. Share your tips below in the comments section.

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