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What’s In Your COVID Time Capsule?



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Larry Murphy (1988, 1992)

The worst parts of the colossal pandemic tragedy are the thousands of people who have died alone, and their survivors who have been unable to comfort them. I would find a way -microchips, cloud storage, whatever -to include and commemorate their ordeal in the time capsule. Victims of historical tragedies like the Holocaust, the Irish famine, other genocides, have been so honored, those who have perished from the COVID pandemic deserve the same respect.

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Ken Brown (2001, 2009, 2013)

Multiple creative face masks, a supply of Sonoma Valley cannabis, Spirit of Jewel dancing, my excellent daughter/ roommate Eden photo, photo of Donald Trump, Doonesbury Sunday comix, copies of the Sonoma Index-Tribune, and a hardy congratulation for surviving!

Tom Rouse (2014)

Generations from now, when our great-great-grandchildren unearth the COVID time capsule, my contribution to that capsule will have been an assortment of masks. As the pandemic unfolded, it was clear early on, that healthcare workers needed masks to keep themselves safe as they were caring for the influx of patients. Supplies were limited and, as a result, the general population was not immediately asked to wear one. As time went on, the logic behind everyone wearing a mask became obvious and the mad rush for masks was on. Homemade masks began to appear. Groups of men and women across the country and the world started making masks of all colors and materials. By Christmas, masks were the go-to stocking stuffer. Fast forward to today and retailers from 7/11 to Nordstrom and everywhere in between are selling us masks. In the past, we might wear a mask on Halloween. Who would have thought it would ever be OK to walk into a bank with a mask on? COVID changed our lives in many ways and the mask to me will always be a reminder.

One last thing… I'd probably throw a bottle of hand sanitizer in there as well. Because that stuff lasts forever!

Nancy Parmelee (1976, 1980, 1987)

Any 2020 time capsule will have lots of pictures -pictures of the half-million Americans who shouldn't have died that way, and pictures of lines waiting for testing, for the vaccine, for food banks, outside grocery stores, and empty shelves in those stores. My contributions would include an annual calendar empty of activities after the middle of March. The other item would be a copy of the movie “Groundhog Day,” because most days seemed to be a repeat of the one before.

Larry Barnett (2000, 2005)

For many, the social and psychological impacts of the pandemic may last a lifetime. We were witness to events on a tectonic scale; rather than coming together to help one another during a disaster, we were forced to stay apart. Husbands, wives, and children in the same household faced great uncertainty if one member of the family contracted the coronavirus. The pandemic tore the ties that bind -hugs, kisses, shaking hands, sharing meals, physically caring for each other -an emotional trauma of the first order, particularly for kids and the elderly.

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