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Delta Airlines Waives Rescheduling Fees Due to Winter Storms

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Delta Airlines | Delta Airlines Waives Rescheduling Fees Due to Winter Storms | Featured

Delta Airlines waives rescheduling fees for flights at more than three dozen airports. This is because of the anticipated major storm this winter. There were also waivers on Tuesday for Denver and Wednesday for Minneapolis due to the predicted snow and strong winds.

According to Fox Business, “the move will allow Delta customers traveling to, from or through the listed cities ‘to make a one-time change to their travel itinerary without incurring a change fee,’ according to the Delta website.” The typical charge to alter non-refundable tickets for Delta is $200 to $500, showing that those who reschedule will be saving a significant amount.

According to CNBC, those who are booked to fly from the listed airports on December 1-2 can change their schedules for as late a December 5.

On the other hand, American Airlines is offering “weather fee waivers at 29 airports affected by winter storms in the Northeast.” Airlines for America, the industry’s trade group, estimates 31.6 million people to travel over a 12-day holiday period around Thanksgiving.

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