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GOP Gains House Seat As Democrat Majority Shrinks, 218-212



Concept of political confrontation between American major parties - Democratic and Republican | GOP Gains House Seat As Democrat Majority Shrinks, 218-212 | Featured

The Democrat majority in the House is shrinking, thanks to Representative Julia Letlow (R-LA), who finally joined Congress last Wednesday. Letlow replaces her late husband, Representative Luke Letlow, who died in September from COVID-19 before taking his oath.

Julia Letlow won a special election in March. She got critical support from former President Donald Trump and managed to outraise opponents in terms of support.

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Representative Letlow

Letlow handily won the special election last March to succeed her husband in a heavily Republican district in Louisiana. Prior to Congress, she worked as a university administrator before stepping in for her husband.

In addition, she earned a Ph.D. after writing a dissertation on coping with the sudden death of family members. She dedicated her work to her younger brother Jeremy, who died in an auto accident as a teenager.

Also, Letlow became the first female Republican elected to Congress from Louisiana. She will join the House Agriculture Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.

Her husband, Representative Luke Letlow, 41, died last December 29, five days before the new Congress convened. He left his wife, Julia, and two children.

“I want to thank him for paving the way for me,” she said during her oath-taking. “Too many families like mine have experienced tragedy because of this pandemic. To those families: I see you, I hear you. And most importantly, I pray with you,” she added. 

Thinning Majority

The additional Republican lawmaker gives the GOP a total of 212 seats in the House. The new total inches closer to the democratic majority of 218.

Votes ending in a tie mean the measure failed. This means Democrats cannot lose more than two votes from their party. Otherwise, votes can end in a tie. Moderate Democrats might have difficulties passing progressive bills which some moderate Democrats oppose.

Over the next two months, three House special electrons will decide three vacant seats. Polls project Democrats to take two of these seats.   

A special runoff election in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District will happen on April 24, with both candidates members of the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, another special election will happen in Texas on May 1 to secure the successor for GOP Representative Ronald Wright, who died from COVID. In addition, a special June 1 election in New Mexico will determine the replacement for now Interior Secretary Debra Haaland, who joined Biden’s cabinet this year. 

Democrat Majority ‘Doing OK’

Meanwhile, House Democrats seem unfazed at their shrinking majority. “Frankly, we're doing OK as Democrats as you look at this quarter,” according to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, (MD), said in March. Also, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that advancing the Democrats’ agenda is “not going to be a problem.”

Watch the Hill reporting on Representative Julia Letlow sworn in as House member after winning election to replace late husband:

Do you think the House Democrat majority can still pass progressive bills given the slim margin?

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Do you think the House Democrats will maintain their majority until the 2022 elections? Or, do you think the small majority will be enough for Republicans to block any progressive bills?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Debra Blanton says:

    Here we go AGAIN

  • Jeremy DeTrude says:

    Thank God!!
    Let’s keep the red momentum!!!

  • JJ Johnson says:

    God and We the people are asking our fellow Democrats in the House and Senate to leave their party and come over to the Republican Party as soon as possible! That is the only way to stop these far left idiots from ruining our country. Will you please step up for the good of America? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jameson says:

    Pee-losi isn’t worried, she has many arrows in her quiver. THIS IS HER RESPONSE TO DEMOCRACY?

  • Dave says:

    The left’s ‘god’ is government and power. It is their religion, it is their number one priority in life to control the rest of us as if they are God. They will do anything they can to keep their power and to get more. They have two goals, money and power and they see the rest of us (We the People) simply as pawns in the game. They don’t worry about the laws or the constitution. They think that they are above that because they view themselves as moral and they view everyone opposed to them as evil. As Rush used to say, liberalism is a mental illness. To win against them, they must be crushed. As long as they have any bit of power they will keep trying to get more.

  • sherril henderson says:

    The Dems that are not insanely liberal need to switch over to the GOP and work to get this country back to having the welfare of our country first. If we could get rid of ALL lobbyist and Quit letting their money influence those in Congress would certainly help matters. The temptation is just to great to become a millionaire once in office. One day we will all have to answer for all we have done in this life. Those who are so greedy need to remember you can not take it with you,

  • Nancy P. says:

    Wish Pee-Losi would just disappear so we don’t have to listen to anymore or her crap. And what about Harris’s speech on how she felt about our veterans and who she Favors to receive their benefits rather than them. Disgraceful, Anti- American. American foster care couples taking in American children to foster? Being kicked out of their homes that are designated foster care homes changing their status to make room for the illegal immigrant kids who have been dumped here. The fostered children are traumatized as they do not want to go to another home. tHarris hasn’t even gone to the border where Biden put her in charge weeks ago. Where do we Americans stand with the Biden Administration? Last. Favors immigrants over America’s citizens. America will turn into Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador and Mexico. Even Spanish may be our language. Already when you make a call you have to listen to Spanish before getting connected. Come to this country, you learn our language. A part of living here. Tired of hearing that crap on the phone. Fellow Americans, we’re doomed. Biden put a crisis on top of a crisis. Qualifies for removal from office but then we have an idiot of Harris to contend with.



  • L. Sherrill Ackerman says:

    The Republicans Must Win Back Both Houses. And Just as Important They Need to Pass Laws That Support & Protect The American, U. S. Citizen. Talk Yes. Work Definitely!!!

  • Richard Brown says:

    After next year I thing both houses will be all red with no blue in either house as the blue are communist

  • Duke Stamina says:

    Never overestimate the intelligence of the average Republican voter.

  • Aida says:

    I have always been an Independent voter. For a while in the past, I voted mainly a mixed ballot in every election, although I voted for GOP presidential candidates for the most part. But those times are gone now, as the Democratic Party is more Socialist/totalitarian every day. I see no reason to change my Independent voter status, but I will NOT cast a single vote for a Democrat anymore, until I see some changes, and “valuable” and decent candidates in that Party. If that is ever possible again…….

  • Ken Gillette says:

    Both Parties need to remember the word “Integrity” and we want free choice for all citizens, both appear to be lost on the blue side. A word to the wise, Republicans the word for every day is “UNITY”. To all of you on “both sides of the Aisle” you are serving your country, not yourself and your bank account. Its the peoples checkbook, not yours. It’s also two terms and out and when you serve with dignity, loyalty and honesty, you can walk out with pride and the people you have served bid you a well deserved “Thank You” for your service and best wishes for success in your private life. If you can do these things, you have earned the title of “American Hero” and if no one else knows it, you do. Pie in the sky, maybe, but it is the truth, it is what makes America Great.

  • Mary says:

    Amen and Amen to all above!!!

  • Bob says:

    The American people actually NEED BOTH parties to function as a Republic. A one – party
    system takes away YOUR CHOICES! So, if you don’t like an incumbent, for the next election you can vote to REPLACE that individual. Can’t do that with a one – party system.

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