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Democrats Play Political Games While Americans Suffer



Hand Holding Stimulus Check for Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Relief | Democrats Play Political Games While Americans Suffer | Featured

The Democratic party loves to paint itself as the defender of the working class. However, it seems like Democrats are more interested in furthering their far-left political agenda. They seemingly want this more than doing what’s right for down-and-out workers and small businesses.

Senior Democrats want Republicans to meet a long list of demands before they’ll pass the next round of coronavirus stimulus. The Dem proposal wants $3.4 trillion in taxpayer money for its politically-biased spending agenda. However, Republicans are pushing for a more responsible spending plan that primarily focuses on supporting the country’s economic recovery. The disparate approaches have led to a prolonged impasse in Congress, and there’s no end in sight.

There are several items on the Democratic wishlist that have emerged as major points of division in the negotiation process. Here are a few entries from the Dems list of demands:

Bailout for Cash-Strapped State and Local Governments

The Dems want to spend nearly a third of their proposed spending bill on bailing out state and local governments. The biggest beneficiaries of the $1 trillion slush fund will be the nation’s largest cities. These are predominantly run by Democratic governments. They’ve been pushing for this particular issue since negotiations began back in March. Although, they’re really digging their heels in this time around.

Liberal city governments are well-known for their spend-happy ways. Although, most of them are strapped for cash because of their own irresponsible budget policies. Many of the city governments crying about budget shortfalls are also allowing rioters to wreak unchecked havoc on their streets. It wouldn’t take much for local authorities to shut down the violence, vandalism, and theft gripping cities like Portland and Seattle, but local liberal governments dare not offend the radical progressive minority.

Now, the same cities denouncing the country for its allegedly evil, racist ways want American taxpayers to bail them out. Republicans are understandably against making major expenditures for bloated government agencies while small businesses and working-class Americans suffer.

Expanded Benefits

The $600 per week expanded benefit incentivizes unemployment recipients to stay on unemployment. After all, who wants to work 40 hours per week when they can make an average of 33% more by collecting unemployment? Many experts say the $600 benefit should’ve never made it through in the first place but, with the worst days of the pandemic behind us, the Dems want to expand this benefit until January.

Republicans are proposing a more conservative $400 per week enhanced benefit. It would eventually transition to a system that replaces 70% of lost earnings. After Congressional negotiations broke down, President Trump issued an executive order to provide the $400 per week benefit but Democrats are having a fit that he sidestepped them.

Stimulus Checks for Illegal Immigrants

Both sides are exploring the idea of sending out additional stimulus checks, but the Dems want to expand the program to include illegal immigrants. Dems also want to increase stimulus benefits for dependents to $1,200 instead of the $500 provided in the first round of checks. Democrats likely hope the expanded stimulus package will buy them more votes in November.

The country is coming out of the economic crisis so it seems counterintuitive for the government to hand out more money than it did at the onset of the crisis. If Republicans agree to another round of stimulus checks, they would likely push for a repeat of the first round at most. GOP lawmakers also don’t think the government should extend benefits to people who are in the country illegally.

No End In Sight

Despite the virtue-signaling that dominates the party’s new public relations strategy, the Dems negotiating stance is all about politics. The party will do whatever it takes to get Trump out of office in November, even if it means withholding desperately-needed aid from Americans.

The Democrats have proven they’re willing to destroy the world’s most successful economy in order to fulfill their political agenda. They will let cities burn while small businesses across the country die if it means satisfying their vendetta against the Trump administration. The increasingly radical-left mainstream media is a willing accomplice to the wanton destruction of U.S. values. Therefore, the party isn’t worried about a media backlash.

From the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, Democrats have exploited the crisis as a means to further their political agenda and undermine the economy’s prosperity under President Trump. The stimulus stalemate proves that American prosperity isn’t the foremost concern for the power-hungry Democratic Party.

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  • Jimmy Winn says:

    I’m sure the republicans aren’t wanting anything,especially for their rich contributors!

  • Don Whitfield says:

    I agree

  • Lisa A Follis says:

    Democrats can frost the cake anyway they want to……. I know president Donald Trump is Doing A Wonderful job for the American people…….

    • Sheliah says:

      I agree trump is doing the right thing what the hell have the demorats done for the American people in say the last 3 and a half yrs I can tell not a damn thing except hurt the American people and our country I for one would not cry a tear if all the damn demorats left our country that they hate so much pelosi is nothing but a damn drunk and every time she gets up to speak she can not got a sentence out for stuttering or not knowing what she was saying she just needs to go to a rest home already I can’t stand that evil witch

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