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[PTSD] Did Donald Trump Lose The Military Vote?



Donald Trump made yet another misstep when it came to veterans on Monday, a group that he has already turned off in the past. When asked a question about the suicide epidemic among veterans and as president if he would bring faith-based initiatives to combat PTSD, suicide, and other related mental health issues of returning soldiers, Trump gave a response that was less than supportive of PTSD.

“When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of people in this room have seen many times over and you're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it.”

I don't mind calling out Donald Trump when he puts his foot in his mouth. If he is to be our president then it is our duty to be critical of the man on a level that is greater than a blanket better than Hillary statement. With that in mind, Donald Trump has made multiple slights against service men and women and veterans while running for president and in my honest opinion I don't think he really holds them in high regards.

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HOWEVER … This statement was not the hateful comment that the left has made it out to be. They have blown this up and misquoted it into something it is not. This was Donald Trump trying to show support for PTSD and veterans who are struggling with mental health issues. He was trying to relate to the men and women in the room. He just did so in a very badly. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

I will never judge a veteran for how they choose to vote and Donald Trump has definitely done a lot to lose their votes in the past. Let us know what you think.

P.S. This is how Vice President Joe Biden reacted to the statement and put his spin on it.

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  • Sid Abma says:

    Play more than 41 seconds. Trump wants to take care of the Veterans and some have gone through more than others and some just are stronger mentally.

  • david williams says:

    I’m retired military and I agree with his statement.

  • April says:

    What he was saying is some can’t handle what they see in war, while others can. Those that can’t need help. There’s nothing wrong in what he said. I didn’t take offense, and neither did the Vet who asked the question. This is just a blatant attempt to make people feel he’s going to lose, so that we’ll change our minds and vote for somebody else. Please, please, PLEASE get over yourself.

  • Roland E. Trimmer says:

    Because…Hillary is the only other choice.

  • Marvin says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran and I would not trust Clinton with a cap gun . . . TRUMP/Pence – 2016-2024

  • Ron Miller says:

    Because as usual media took out what they wanted to spin to mean something else !!!

  • Edna Smith says:

    I heard his speech. He is in FULL support of our veterans. Any words spoken can be twisted into different meanings if you try hard enough. I am amazed at the lengths Hillary and the Democrats go to attack Trump and his supporters. I am also saddened–we are all AMERICANS–it’s time for everyone to act like it!!

  • Edward J Waldrip says:

    all he did was tell the truth about ptsd you don’t know who will come down with it

  • Gus says:

    he can see the inner turmoil; psychologist, can see the inner hurt of our clients. He stated those words but many haters saw his simple words a chance to put him on the spot; some can handle it means some will not return from war after seeing the death only men and women in service will ever see. This is why many of our servicemen don’t seek therapy because doing so is seen as ‘weak’ or ‘they can’t handle it’ which is true to those whom have seen it all. The mind couldn’t handle it but the person is strong although the mind gives in. Why it is not a demeaning term to use but a sound word of compassion…”couldn’t deal with it” showing the person needs therapy. Mr. Trump shows compassion nothing more. Hillary will use it to add to her poison against Mr. Trump to the eyes of America.

  • James Ross says:

    I watched the clip, I saw no such thing. Trump is, as far as I can tell, pro veteran.

  • Charles Tubbs says:

    Once again a comment blown all out of proportion just because Trump said it.
    Double standard all the way,a Democrat had said this, wouldn’t have made a ripple.

  • B Coates says:

    He was trying to say these service people returning home had seen things that we the average person could not even imagine! He wants to help them to adjust and return to the normal things of life.Wants them to know he cares about them.His words were not an insult unless YOU try to make it so!!

  • Gregory J Kuhl says:

    At least Trump will treat veterans better than Obama/Clinton’s “illegal immigrants/so-called refugees! Veterans For Trump! Gregory J.Kuhl, USAF 1971-1975

  • Gregory J. Kuhl says:

    Trump believes veterans at least worth more than criminal illegal aliens and so-called “refugees”, that have contributed “nothing”, and likely will not, anything to this country! He will grant “reciprocity” to vets for healthcare, giving them the respect they deserve-earned, unlike the criminal illegals/refugees that “demand” respect merely because they “exist”, and are “here”!

  • Mark says:

    He was just pointing out that some combat soldiers need help after experiencing the horrors of war, some don’t

  • R. Seroka says:

    Everyone understood that Mr. Trump was trying 2 say. I did.They know he wants 2 build back up the military. Obama has reduced our military 2 such an extend that if we were attacked 2morrow, we would b basically helpless. Obama sends our husbands,wives,daughters & sons 2 war with infurior weapons & with their one and tied behind their backs. It wont b like that with a President Trump. They know that. Clinton twists Mr. Trumps words all the time. She lies all the time. What scares me the most is Clinton always blaming Russia for what she has said in her released emails.
    She constantly tats Putin. What’s wrong with the U.S getting along with Russia?? Clinton will start a war between us & the military knows we can’t win. My God they are scavenging parts from museums cause our jets r so outdated. Obama cut the military budget & got rid of most of our ships & planes 2 boot. I cant believe the military wont support Trump.
    Its funny, Trump always looks so healthy & fresh faced 4 someone that’s almost 70 yrs old. He can run circles around Clinton. Clinton needs Obama, Michelle, The Justice Dept, Biden, Gore, & the media 2 campaign 4 her cause she can’t do it on her own. She has no merits 2 run on. Obama & the Justice Dept ordered the FBI not 2 press charges. That investigation was a sham & a farce. It was an insult 2 the American people that she looks down on. She committed Treason in my eyes & should never have security clearance again. Their protecting her & she doesn’t deserve it. Heard 2day Obama plans on pardoning her. Karma sooner or later catches up 2 you. She pathalogically lies & can’t b trusted. If hackers could get in2 the DNC’s protected server multiply times, then it would b easy 2 hack an unprotected one. She set up that server 2 hide her pay 2 Play scheme. The 1st woman president should not have those gualities. All the women that paved the way 4 women rights are hanging their heads in shame. If u stay home or vote 4 a 3rd party candidate then it’s a the same as a vote 4 Clinton. In the primary Trump said he didn’t want the yearly salary 4 president, not use superpacs so no one could pull his strings & he was gonna clean out the corruption. That’s when they knew they would have 2 go after Trump if he became the nominee. Don’t want 2 lose their corrupt money.

  • danny says:

    NO, Absolutley not. Our Veterans want to get this thing over once and for all. they want to stop diddling around.

  • Russell Purkey says:

    I have PTSD, But not from my service time. I have it from events in my childhood.
    If you listen to the entire clip He WANTS to HELP US, So he didn’t say it PC, I don’t care.
    Mr Trump puts it out as he gets it, not filtered for correctness. It is a refreshing change from the Political Crap.

  • Bill Lavook says:

    Why do you people pick and delete parts of what Trump says but not what Hillary says.You are a bunch of idiots!! I’m unsubscibing from your site..Go Trump and Pence!!!!

  • Plain Jane says:

    I am a Vet and I do not feel that our men and women in uniform today would vote for Hillary who has put America in harms way. She does not like the Military. Ask the ones who served her and r…..Bill doing their stay at the White House what she called them. Would be interesting to bring it up again.

  • Evangeline says:

    The media is missing some points what he will do for them in his speech.

  • Francis Irvine says:

    I heard only concern for returning servicemen who Obama has told to pay their own medical expenses because they volunteered to defend the country. I watch every wordsTrump fearing crook in the USA put words in his mouth then I listen to the exact verbiage on tape. It’s never the same. The level of fear of his presidency is massive. Every crook in USA and beyond is coming out from under his rock to dump Trump.



  • Diane Rivenbark says:

    I understand PTSD, being a nurse who does V.A. cases. This is a real problem that needs addressing much faster. I read that hyperbaric chambers might help brain trauma cases. The men with values could have a rougher time dealing with the violent nature of fighting in a war.

  • Vahnessa says:

    No. I live in a military community and everyone I talk to is voting for trump not dishonest, untrustworthy Clinton.

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