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Europe’s State Subsidized Suicide: Terrorism and Mass Immigration



It’s no secret that brainwashed, barely conscious, far left millennials on social media along with their authoritarian left mainstream media counterparts across Europe have an obsession with injecting ideas like racism, hate and intolerance into heinous acts of radical Islamic terrorism and unprecedented mass migration into the European continent.

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past several years, you probably are aware that terrorist attacks have become a common occurrence in countries throughout Western Europe. In September of 2017, London’s glorious mayor Sadiq Khan said that the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

Well said, Mr. Khan. Truly comforting words…

Whenever a terror attack occurs, and recently they’ve occurred more and more often, the focus quickly shifts to the political backlash against those who’ve carried out the acts of terror, as opposed to the acts of terror themselves and their perpetrators. Curious, huh?

At this point, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read comments on social media immediately after a brutal terrorist attack regarding “Islamophobia.”

What’s puzzling is that many people’s immediate concerns have nothing to do with the fact that scores of innocent civilians have been savagely murdered in hate-filled acts of war, in public places, but instead that people dare to take issue with the identities of the perpetrators of such attacks

Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of terrorist attacks that have taken place across European soil have been claimed by various Islamic extremist groups like ISIS.

Now, with that being said, it would be incorrect to assume that the recent waves of mass migration of people into Europe from North Africa and the Middle East have been the sole cause of the increase in acts of terrorism across Western Europe. In 2013, as a case in point, the murder of Lee Rigby was committed by Micheal Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Both individuals were British born and were brought up through the British educational system.

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However, Europe’s love affair with the importation of massive numbers of people, allegedly in an attempt to combat a declining birth rates and to assist people from war and poverty, has undoubtedly contributed in a significant way, to the kind of issues it’s been experiencing more and more of over the past several years. Douglas Murray’s recent book, The Strange Death of Europe, is a truly eye-opening read which brings to light many of the factors contributing to the urgent issues that Europe is facing today.

In July of 2016, Mohammed Daleel, who was responsible for Germany’s first suicide bombing in Ansbach, had initially registered as a refugee in Bulgaria. In 2014, Daleel had been ordered to return to Bulgaria by the German authorities and was again told the same in 2016.

In August of 2016, two policewomen in Charleroi, Belgium were attacked by an Algerian male who was armed with a machete and was shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Unsurprisingly the man had allegiances to ISIS. It was later admitted that the male had been issued an order of deportation on two occasions after he had entered illegally into Belgium back in 2012. This was unsuccessful because Algeria refused to take the attacker back to their own country and there were no spaces available in Belgium’s detention facilities.

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Douglas Murray’s book also emphasizes the sickening fact that Europe fails miserably in deport criminals back to their home countries, but financially supports these same people who often end up fighting against the state and committing horrendous terrorist attacks.

When Salah Abdeslam, the surviving leader of the group of terrorists who carried out the 2015 Paris attacks which killed at least 130 people and wounded hundreds more, was identified as being involved, it was later uncovered that he had been the recipient of state unemployment benefits totaling more than 19,000 Euros. The French government kindly gave Abdeslam his last round of free money just weeks before the attacks. These European government policies are effectively paying foreigners to attack their own native European citizens, and in a roundabout way, highlight the wholly illogical and suicidal policies that European countries have enacted and enforced. In short, and simply put, what European governments are doing is prioritizing the economic assistance of migrants over the safety and security of their own citizens—many of whom are struggling financially and receive little to no financial support from their own government.

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The Swedish government’s spending further elucidates the same issue. In 2016, the estimated budget for migration costs was expected to be around 50.4 billion Swedish Kroner. This exceeds not only the Justice Department budget: 42 billion Kroner, but additionally the defense budget of 48 billion Kroner. Some have compared this to economic and cultural suicide. Furthermore, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. The 2012 UN international rape rate comparison showed Sweden to have the highest rate of rape in Europe, and the second highest in the world,

What kind of a message does it send to a country’s population when its’ government invests more money in support of mass migration than the safety of its own citizens in both judicial and military spending? Additionally, it’s quite apparent that the judicial systems of many European countries are utterly overwhelmed by crime rates which have continued to shoot through the roof. It doesn’t take a genius to see the direct correlation between the rising level of violence against women and significantly increased crime rates with the increased importation of massive amounts of economic migrants into Europe. The only thing that it takes to see this is honesty—just honesty.

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At what point, if ever will the governments of Western Europe decide to ensure the safety of its citizens and bring stability back to the continent? Regrettably, it certainly appears that the primary concern of European governments is to ensure the continuation of the mass importation of migrants into Europe’s borders, no matter the cost.

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  • Yadja says:

    This is exactly what is happening all over Europe, it was a well laid out plan and Obama was in on it. If Hillary would have been elected in America we would be right behind Europe. This really started full throttle in 2015, now many are leaving Europe and saying that the UN promised them housing, food and money and they didn’t even have to work. The Slavic countries refused these savages and they have no refugee problems. Now the EU saying they will use force to take down those countries walls and make them accept refugees.

    This is going to get ugly.

  • TheMadHater? says:

    Europe? To hell with Europe. I’m in California; ground zero, along with New York and other so-called Sanctuary cities and states, in the American version of this nonsense. ‘Where did this situation come from? What is it about? What is the motivation of these people who perpetuate and facilitate this phenomenon?’, and I’m not talking about the people scampering around, over, under, whatever; the preventative measures erected to prevent the illegal entrance into our sovereign territory. Their motives are simple, straightforward and sensible. It’s based on self-interest, common sense and the instinct for survival. They’re coming for the resources that are here. Resources that aren’t available where they came from. Nothing any sensible version of you or I wouldn’t do. No, I’m talking about the (let’s call it what it is), the ‘Commie Agenda’.
    The first thing you need to understand about the Commie Agenda; is that they don’t believe in the concept of Nations. Hence, their little cadre of soviets (which translates into little nooks of their insurgency), not Countries. Their vision of the world is one big “Worker Bee’ commune to serve them. No borders. Borders are irrelevant. ‘Their vision is that there will be ‘The One World System’. Of course, with them at the Head of the State, because, ‘Who the hell are you to presume that you can handle your own affairs, without their guidance and direction? (Indeed)’. Therefore, the Commie war on the intellectuals, bourgeoisie, i.e., the middle class; the American. The people who put a value on thinking for themselves, speaking freely, basing our judgments, decisions, and indeed our actions on the rule of law. Something quite antithetical to the ‘Commie Agenda’. The American Values we hold dear, the American Values this Country and our way of life (everything about us) is based on. American Values that just don’t work for their ‘Commie Agenda’.
    So, where is this going? Well, I do believe it is the answer to a question that has been puzzling me for some time now. Why are so-called American public servants so bent on championing a cause in the service of a group of people, who are a foreign population and hence no constituency of public servants elected to serve the interests of American Citizens? The Citizens, by the way, who actually pay their salaries, with the intent of having our American interests served. Once again, remember, the Communist Party isn’t interested in serving the purposes of people who consider themselves sovereign nations. Their only intent is to serve themselves (The Politburo). That’s right. Regardless of how they refer to these poor refugees, immigrants, whatever ingratiating terms they concoct to make their position seem based on a charitable humanity, they don’t consider them their constituency either. They’re just a tool.
    Remember those aforementioned freethinkers, intellectuals, middle class, Americans, that the ‘Commie’ simply cannot abide. They can’t just round them up and send them off to the Gulag anymore so they have devised a much more insidious approach to the problem. Inundate the economy with their foreign little worker bees who they can control because of their illegal status. Now, working with these illegals who can’t push back , who have to keep their heads down and tow the party line (not like real Americans who use (to be able) to push back and demand justice), they have been able to deflate wages and fill the part of the housing market that working people use to be able to afford, with people willing to live multiple families to a house, bedrooms filled to overflowing with people willing to sleep in shifts. Where does that leave Americans who were counting on jobs with incomes that provided them with the resources necessary to provide for themselves and their families? Even if their working, many are so broke their living under bridges and in tents on the streets of our cities.
    So, what’s to be done about it? The answer is in the answer to two of my favorite questions when considering issues like the ones we are discussing here. WHO’S GETTING FIRED?, and WHO’S GOING TO JAIL? You see, I’m no lawyer, but until they can manipulate the legislation at the Federal level, I believe they are breaking more than a few laws. The DOJ has insinuated as much.
    ICE has increased its presence and activities of late but it is going after the wrong target. Going after the worker bees is like shoveling sand at the beach. They need to start arresting employers, who hire these illegals instead of legitimate workers from the pool of real American Citizens, so-called public servants of every rank and persuasion (who think they’re above the law and immune from prosecution). Churches would be included in the usual suspects (the clergy is not above the law either), and of course family members who share domiciles, commingle and commiserate (it’s called conspiracy), share resources and facilitate along with all the others who participate in this truly expansive (that which probably discourages and dissuades law enforcement the most) endeavor. Some of the laws involved would be aiding and abetting, conspiracy; and, as per the expansiveness noted, wouldn’t RICO be invoked? As far as I’m concerned any of the conspirators noted would be as guilty as the smugglers, money launderers and any of the other nefarious players involved in this grand endeavor of theirs. They’re all criminals. I’d be more than interested in your and your reader’s thoughts on any of the issues I’ve raised here, and don’t get me wrong, I do feel for the Europeans and their situation, but it is their problem to solve, and I have no doubt it involves ‘Commies’.

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