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Federal Authorities Make Sweeping Gun Arrests in Lawless U.S. Cities



Protest in Downtown Portland | Federal Authorities Make Sweeping Gun Arrests in Lawless U.S. Cities | Featured

At least someone is enforcing the law in America’s cities.

While gun crime skyrockets in Portland and Seattle, local liberal governments are dismantling their police force. Local liberal governments have proven to be either unable or unwilling to attack the problem. They fear a backlash from the unruly mobs that they’ve allowed to take over their cities. After months of chaos and rising crime, federal agents were finally forced to step in last month. With this, Attorney General William Barr says the G-men have made over 1,400 gun arrests since they deployed.

Over 1,400 Gun Arrests Made

Barr made the announcement during a speech in Kansas City, MO. This is the city where the Department of Justice first launched the operation last month. Dubbed Operation Legend, The coordinated deployment of federal officials was so successful that the Trump administration has since sent more than 1,000 additional federal agents to eight other U.S. cities to assist local law enforcement. Operation Legend agents have the authority to help local law enforcement investigate shootings, track down fugitives, disrupt illegal weapons markets, and more. According to Barr, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms alone has seized more than 400 guns.

Most of the arrests are for state and local charges because officers are working in conjunction with local police. However, Mr. Barr said 217 people have been charged at the federal level, including for gun charges. The arrests have also included at least 90 for homicide cases. “Criminals know that federal law enforcement means business, and we are putting them out of the business of violence in our cities,” said Barr.

Turning a Blind Eye on Violence?

Despite the rising violence, local left-wing politicians are letting the criminals and mobs run wild. Additionally, their pals in the mainstream media to justify the approach. Several cities, including Portland and its radical left local government, have vehemently resisted federal intervention in their cities. This happened despite the skyrocketing level of crime in their practically lawless streets. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler actually encouraged the groups to resist the presence of federal officers, which further emboldened the instigators. Wheeler’s anti-federal law enforcement demonstrations resulted in several injuries. It also created a dangerous environment for the officers. However, he continues to blame federal law enforcement for escalating the situation.

Another city where crime has skyrocketed under the watch of left-wing leadership is Chicago. Most of the federal cases resulting from Operation Legend have come from the Windy City, where local officials have proven to be unable to tackle rising violence for decades. Federal law enforcement has brought federal charges against 61 people in Chicago. This includes 34 arrests for weapons offenses and 26 for drugs. Federal agents have also been deployed to Detroit, Cleveland, and Albuquerque.

Operation Legend was named in honor of LeGend Talliferro, a 4-year-old boy who was killed by gunfire in Kansas City, MO last June. Authorities recently announced they had made an arrest in the case. However, that’s just one of the 17 people federal agents have arrested for homicides since Operation Legend began.

Residents Living in Fear

If you reside in a U.S. city, you have to feel worried about the local government’s laissez-faire approach to violent unrest and crime. In the worst cities, like Portland and Seattle, many residents and local business owners live in constant fear. The Dems don’t seem to care because they’re too busy pandering and playing the identity politics angle. They also think they can blame the riots on President Trump so, in their eyes, the rots are helping them politically.

It’s nice to see that the Feds are willing to step in if your local leaders won’t. No amount of perceived injustice can justify the theft and destruction of private property and businesses. Many of the so-called demonstrations also include reports of organized looting and gang assaults. It’s hard to see how anyone could call this peaceful, but Democrats have almost entirely refused to denounce the violence or even acknowledge that it’s happening. If you’re living in one of these far-left cities, get out as fast as you can because it’s only going to get worse. However, if that’s not an option, you can rest a little easier knowing the president is willing to put federal boots on the ground in order to maintain order.

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