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“Fortnite” Removes Police Cars in New Update

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The video game “Fortnite” has removed police cars. This happens amid a national debate on law-enforcement practices following the death of George Floyd who died in police custody.

“Fortnite” has more than 350 million players as of May. The New York Post explains that players never used the police vehicles in the game, and they were merely decorative.

Video game news site Kotaku reported that some players are upset about the change.

“Multiple players expressed frustration that the removal of police cars would affect their Creative maps and game modes. Others complained that politics and political statements have no place in Fortnite, while others disapproved of the perceived anti-cop message,” Kotaku reported.

A person familiar with the game’s development said he wouldn’t say that it’s a political statement. “I think it’s just us being sensitive about the issues many people in our audience are dealing with, ” this person said.

There have been different reactions to this update. One Reddit user wrote: “Yikes. The anti-cop sentiment is reaching everything. Sad times.”

On the other hand, “Fortnite” player Morgan McNabb said she’s for it. McNabb, who is white and just graduated from law school, said: “There really is major police brutality. Minorities are treated differently than myself.”

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