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Georgia Election Recount Says Biden Won



time exposure of outside entrance and grounds to the Georgia state Capital Building at night-Georgia Election Recount-ss-featured

The Georgia election recount finished its hand recount on time Thursday night. According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, results confirmed that Joe Biden won.

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In a statement, Raffensberger said the hand recount upheld and reaffirmed the machine tally of votes. Shortly after the results, the Associated Press called Joe Biden as the winner of the state. Previously, the AP also called Biden the winner last November 7.

Hand Recount

State law requires an audit of votes, independent of problems found in the voting system. At the same time, mandatory recount laws do not exist in Georgia. However, state law allows for a recount if the margin is less than 0.5%. Citing the close margin of 0.2% between Biden and Trump, Raffensperger announced the audit. This includes a hand recount that requires completion by Friday, November. Only then can the state certify the election results. 

Raffensperger said: “Georgia's historic first statewide audit reaffirmed that the state's new secure paper ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results. This is a credit to the hard work of our county and local elections officials who moved quickly to undertake and complete such a momentous task in a short period of time.”

Risk-limiting audit

The recount, also known as a risk-limiting audit, aims to verify the contest's winner. Reporter Stephen Fowler said that four counties uncovered a few thousand previously uncounted votes. Afterward, officials added the votes to the candidates after verification.

The Georgia election recount covered all 5 million votes for President. The result added around 2,000 votes for Trump, narrowing his gap with frontrunner Biden. Prior to the recount, Biden started with a 14,000 vote lead. Afterward, he ended up still ahead by about 12,000. The four counties: Douglas, Walton, Fayette, and Floyd, experienced issues with uncounted votes. All attributed the mistake to human error. In the end, the total votes added were too insignificant to change the outcome.

Biden’s Gain

Jaclyn Rothenberg, Biden’s communications director for Georgia, was jubilant. She said it was “what we already knew: Georgia voters selected Joe Biden to be their next president,” she said. 

Rothenberg thanked local officials for the work. “We are grateful to the election officials, volunteers, and workers for working overtime and under unprecedented circumstances to complete this recount, as the utmost form of public service.”

Trump’s Loss

Meanwhile, the Georgia election recount confirmed Trump’s and the Republican’s loss of a red state. The suburbs around Atlanta, plus the huge turnout of black voters, carried the Dems. But Trump didn’t take the loss sitting down. Until now, he continues to tweet allegations about voter fraud in the state. He made his objection known to the recount by calling it “fake.” Also, he tweeted mistaken claims about the state's signature-matching process.

Raffensperger himself came under fire from both Trump and the state GOP members. Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called on him to resign. They continue alleging that he failed to “deliver honest and transparent elections.” Raffensperger defended himself by saying he's a “lifelong Republican” and “conservative Christian Republican.” At the same time, he insisted the state has “not seen widespread voter fraud.” He said: “I'm going to make sure we count every legal, lawful vote and we're not going to count any illegal votes. My record will stand on itself. We have done a great job,” he added. 

Final Step

The last stage in the recount takes it to the Governor’s office. Republican Governor Brian Kemp needs to sign the certification by Saturday, 5 pm EST. Then, the signed certification officially awards Georgia's 16 electors to Biden. Media reports said that Kemp was relatively quiet during the process. But, he did urge Raffensperger to investigate claims of fraud. Specifically, Kemp asked him to “take a serious look at any and all voting irregularity allegations.” 

Meanwhile, Trump made mention of Kemp at least six times since November 4. He encouraged him to “get tough,” make the state “flip Republican,” and “take charge” of the audit. In others, the President blamed Kemp for the legal agreement on absentee ballots.

Watch this as CBS New York reports that Biden again declared a winner in Georgia:

After losing Georgia, what should Trump do next?

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For Donald Trump, Georgia has fallen. The official win is only a Governor’s final signature away. Should he move on to other states, or should he start accepting the inevitable? With the Georgia election recount completed, what should Trump do next? Let us know what you think Trump and the Republicans should do as the next step.

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  • Jeff Metz says:

    Proves Georgia sold out. Biden didn’t win any state.

  • Art Rosati says:

    Recounted all fraud ballots. Didnt audit anything.

  • Buck says:

    Of course a simple recount gave the same result! Without a true audit the crime still stands.

  • Richard says:

    Folks the elected President only calls the shots as far as the Shadow government allows the
    President to go. This Election Violation is orchestrated by the Shadow (Deep State) government, and that is the entity President Trump is fighting. Those vote for joe biden ( again no capitalization ) out of respect is for a Shadow government puppet. Think about it, and say your prayers.

  • David says:

    Of course Biden won….the re count was as corrupt as the original….if you can’t have on lookers watching the integrity. Democrats have created hate and division in this country. People are moving out of dem run city by the millions….ruining lives daily…..the sheep are ok with that…just like rioting, looting…anything free at someone else’s exspense…. they remind me of a bratty little kid who neeeds his ass whooped

  • Patsy Cheesman says:


  • Patsy Cheesman says:

    They have to audit the machines and verify legal ballots. And most importantly, audit the senate. There’s fraud there for sure.

  • Leslie says:

    Trust in GOD for all things are possible.
    Isaiah 20-21

  • Bill says:

    No audit? Just a recount of the same paper votes? Was there oversight by republican representatives?
    Feels like they got the wolves guarding the henhouse.

  • Neil B says:

    Trump, has a screw loose. He is a sick cookie! He should concede and cooperate with the transion.

  • The Georgia Political family earned millions in payback from Dominion , there is proof of that.

  • Robert Munson says:

    The people with loose screws are you brainwashed libtards. Stop being a p***y and open your eyes. You sicko’s are slowly destroying this Country. Do you even know what the hell you are voting for? Do you actually think Biden is a leader? He will be nothing but a puppet for the socialist party. Have a little respect for the President of the United States or get the hell out. You wont see the law abiding Trump supporters burning down cities if Biden and his clowns become official. Sleep on that you wack job

  • Lou says:

    Georgia obviously only knows one method of counting ballots ,FRAUDULENTLY .Raffensberger and Brian Kemp are paid for RINOs

  • Kay says:

    Thank you Robert, it is so difficult to remain patient with these unstable individuals, they seem to be a bunch of kids who think they know something because they watched MSM one time and someone said. It is particularly maddening because of the magnitude of what it at stake here. Whether the President is re-elected or not, there will be other “elections”, sadly if this one isn’t investigated and the system repaired, any elations and subsequent “leaders” will be nothing more than facades, there won’t be any point in voting because it won’t matter, it will be done strictly for show. People are giving up their rights and the power of their voices historically illustrated by their votes which did in fact mean something. Tragedy and devastation in the works for sure.

  • Michael Valencia says:

    Trump should go fuck Rudy Giuliani just like he FUCKED THE REST OF THE COUNTRY !!!!!

  • Mason says:

    to M. Valencia: Can you specify please how Mr. Trump F’d the country? Or are you just mouthing the Dem mantra? Saying he lied isn’t proving he lied. Which according to the intense investigations during the impeachment hearings, could never be proven, not once. Saying he F’d the country– especially after Obama’s outrageous behaviors, is a real stretch. He gave us a good economy, he put people back to work, he raised the stock market without raising inflation, he strengthened the military, and he put HONESTY and INTEGRITY back in the White House. All the while the Liberals were F-ing the country with riots, financial ruin, hypocrisy, and shame. So shut your pie-hole and learn to see things from both sides.

  • David says:

    Mason and Robert,

    So very well put. I could have not said it better. Thank you for your comments

  • Ronald Sabra says:

    There is so much that I could say but I realize I can’t fix stupid and based on the comments I read, this site is packed full of stupid.

  • Donaldo says:

    M Valencia is typical of the ignorance shown by many on the left. They have no facts, ignore all the advancements President Trump made and because of this, instead of saying something factual they just spout profanity.

  • Miguel Stroe says:

    The recount is meaningless if you can t have proper unbiased observers. Also many of the mail in ballots without confirming envelopes were counted again making a mockery of the election!!

  • Dan Ferguson says:

    it was shown how easy it is to add lots of ballots, it should say on the ballots who voted but it don’t so anyone could add hundreds or more ballots, the envelopes with who voted was tossed out and they should’ve been kept too to see if any one voted more then once or if dead people did in fact vote too but all that is now lost

  • Anonymous says:

    Fraud and trickery abounds. the dems are ruining this country
    They will take everything of value from us.

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