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Google Is Swaying The Public Politically



Google Is Swaying The Public Politically, see more at:

Google Is Swaying The Public Politically (Image: MGN)

We've all seen that little bar that pops down when you begin to type something in to the Google search engine. That is called Googles Automatic Recommendation, it is supposed to give an estimated guess at what it is you are trying to search for, and it's exactly what people are complaining about.

When you type in “Lying” into the Google search bar immediately “Lying Ted” pops up in the bar, and yet when you type in “Crooked” nothing comes up about Hillary. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land was the first to discover that there is no Automatic Recommendation for “Crooked.” Of course, after this revelation Google came forward with a statement that they are NOT rigging their systems to keep the visibility of “Crooked Hillary” from their Automatic Recommendations. 

Although the chairman of Google Eric Schmidt is a massive Clinton supporter, he came forward to give a statement to Search Engine Land about the for-mentioned accusation.

“Auto-complete predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity of search terms. Our systems are periodically updated to improve Search, and our users’ search activity varies, so the terms that appear in Auto-complete may change over time. Additionally, our systems automatically filter a small set of offensive or inappropriate content from Auto-complete predictions. There is no difference between how our removal filters operate among candidates.”

If that be the case then, “Lying Ted” was just more relevant in the public eye than “Crooked Hillary.” 

The suspicion didn't stop there for Google. Brietbart, actually published their own little experiment over Google's Automatic Recommendations. They typed in both “Lying Ted,” and “Crooked Hillary,” to see what the results would be.

They first tried “Lying Ted,” and after the first three letters (lyi) “Lying Ted” popped up as a recommendation.

Then they tried “Crooked Hillary” and after four letters (croo) “Crooked Hillary” still hadn't popped up. With five letters (crook) the words “Crooked Hillary Bernie,” came up as a recommendation, but not “Crooked Hillary.”

The only response that Google gave was that their systems automatically respond to public searches. So if we want to see “Crooked Hillary” up on the Automatic Recommendation bar then the public needs to search the term more. If you ask me that seems a little suspicious, but let's keep searching the term and see what happens.





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