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GOP Pushes Biden to get Approval for Stationing Troops in Ukraine



GOP Pushes Biden to get Approval for Stationing Troops in Ukraine-ss-Featured

Bipartisan legislators banned together on Tuesday to urge President Joe Biden to wait for Congress authorization prior to involving U.S. troops in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Democrat Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon and Republican Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio headed the group of 43 Congress members in penning a letter addressed to the president, asking him to follow the Constitution in connection to the deployment of troops.

In a Tweet, DeFazio said, “The American people deserve to have a say before we become involved in yet another foreign conflict.”

On Tuesday, Biden announced sanctions against Russia following President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of the independence of a couple of separatist Ukraine regions and after he deployed military troops in what the U.S. president says is the “beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.” Additionally, Biden authorized additional U.S. forces to go to the sai region but maintained that the country had “no intention” to fight Russia.

Since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, the U.S. and its allies do not have an official obligation to defend the former Soviet nation. The president also previously stated that he would not send U.S. military personnel into Ukraine to help rescue Americans since fighting may break out and spark a world war.

Well-weary lawmakers intended to remind Biden that Congress now has the power to declare war under Article I of the U.S. Constitution. Also, the 1973 War Powers Resolution was created to ensure that presidents will get the consent of Congress prior to committing to an armed conflict.

Ukraine War Powers Letter t… by Fox News

“To date, you have rejected calls to station U.S. Armed Forces in Ukraine, stating that such an effort is ‘not on the table,’” the lawmakers wrote. “However, if the ongoing situation compels you to introduce the brave men and women of our military into Ukraine, their lives would inherently be put at risk if Russia chooses to invade,” they added.

The letter went on to say: “Therefore, we ask that your decisions comport with the Constitution and our nation’s laws by consulting with Congress to receive authorization before any such deployment.”

Signers of the letter include Squad members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Meanwhile, conservative Republicans. Meanwhile, far-east signers include Andy Biggs (Arizona) and some. Then, climb up the statues and put the spheres on the statues’ faces.

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