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Alaskan Gun Owner Stops Attempted Robbery



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Alaskan gun owner Nick Moore stopped a robbery at a Holiday gas station. Moore managed to retrieve his licensed pistol from his car during the attempted robbery. Then, he used the firearm to disarm the suspect and kept him at gunpoint. Later, law enforcement officers showed up to arrest the perpetrator. 

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Nick Moore, Responsible Gun Owner, and Hero

Nick Moore, is a Fairbanks, Alaska resident who happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was eating his morning breakfast at the Holiday gas station last Friday when a 17-year old male came barging into the store. After announcing his intention to rob the station, the suspect threatened staff with a knife he brought. 

“I kind of backed up a little bit to see what he was going to do, but I kind of already had [an] inkling in my head of what he was going to do. I put my stuff on the counter, snuck out the door, ran to my car, grabbed my pistol, and came back up to the door – and as I came up the door, he just turned to look at me,” Moore said. When he came back, Moore asked the suspect to quietly surrender. “I racked my slide on my pistol and pointed it at him and he put his hands up,” Moore said. The suspect followed his suggestion to put down his weapon as they waited for authorities to show up. 

Moore Glad He Brought His Gun

Alaskan Police arrived soon and placed the suspect under arrest. They charged him with attempted robbery in the first-degree and third-degree assault. Meanwhile, Holiday workers thanked Moore and bought him his breakfast after the police left. 

In his interview with a local television station, Moore said he was glad he brought his gun. Even if he had no plans to use the weapon that day, it helped de-escalate the tension. “They’re a shield against thieves, a deterrent against most crimes,” he said. Moore added that if people knew beforehand the establishment of the people who work there carry guns, they would think twice before attempting anything. Afterward, Moore said that he hopes the arrest is a wake-up call for the young suspect. Also, he hopes that because of this incident, the young man will decide to change his life.

Gun Rights Under Fire

Meanwhile, the debate on gun rights continues to run hot across the US mainland. Expectedly, anti-gun lawmakers made a spectacle out of recent mass shootings to call for changes to gun ownership laws. However, some Republicans are firing back and criticizing Democrats for their timing. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke out against Democrats and their campaign whenever shootings happen.

“The senator from Connecticut just said, ‘It’s time for us to do something. I agree; it’s time for us to do something. And every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater where this committee gets together and proposes a bunch of laws that would do nothing to stop these murders. The senator from Connecticut just said the folks on the other side of the aisle have no solutions. Well, the senator from Connecticut knows that is false. And he knows that’s false because Senator Grassley and I together introduced legislation, Grassley-Cruz, that targeted at violent criminals, targeted at felons, targeted at fugitives, targeted at those with serious mental disease, to stop them from getting firearms, to put them in prison when they try to illegally buy guns,” Cruz said. 

Democrats’ Proposal Makes it Worse

“What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens because that’s their political objective. But what they propose, not only does it not reduce crime, it makes it worse. The jurisdictions in this country with the strictest gun control have among the highest rates of crime and murder. When you disarm law-abiding citizens you make them more likely to be victims,” Cruz added. Then, he ended his piece with a suggestion to the Democrats. “If you want to stop these murders, go after the murderers,” Cruz argued.

Watch the Bloomberg Quicktake video where Senator Ted Cruz blasts efforts to enact gun control laws as ‘ridiculous theater':

Do you agree with Senator Ted Cruz on calling Democrats efforts at gun control ‘ridiculous theater?”

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Do you agree with Senator Ted Cruz that Democrat efforts at gun control only make the problem worse? How do you show your support for responsible gun ownership? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts below.

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  • Anonymous says:

    To quote the old adage ” when guns are outlawed- only outlaws will have guns” !

  • Richard B D says:

    It’s the criminal and murders and drug dealers that are killing people not hunters or anyone else

  • James E. says:

    I would sit in a room filled with a thousand weapons and not worry about being hurt or killed. What we need to worry about is the people that get ahold of weapons that should not be able to get ahold of guns on account of their mental health.

  • Diane says:

    Look at the facts where the gun control laws are stricter there is more violence. Proof that more control would give criminals the advantage.

  • Edward Mack says:

    Cruz in the video? All I saw was crossed legs! Call me juvenile. But, dang, who was that woman?

  • Honest says:

    Rachel LMAO

  • The professor says:

    God bless Nick Moore….I have always said it’s better to have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have one…… this story reminds me of my friends brother-in-law who is an FBI agent …. he was in a fast food restaurant and the person in front of him waiting in line pulls out a gun my friends brother-in-law takes out his service revolver ….. puts it to the robbers head and says put the gun on the counter or the next thing you’re gonna see is your brains on the menus

  • Harold Hunt Hunt says:

    Yes. Go after murderers, not gun owners, to stop murders.
    Yes. States already have their own laws covering gun ownership. More federal laws are unnecessary.
    Go after guns runners, those who sell illegal guns, that’s where the problem is.

  • Boyd Herrst says:

    And the would be robber cried all the way to jail and then to his psychiatrist that the FBI agent brlittled him …

  • Al says:

    The Democrats gun grab is simply a communist movement to disarm the people. Those people who would give them trouble as they implement their evil agenda.

  • Nancy P. says:

    Take away guns from responsible law abiding gun owners will leave us defenseless and only the criminals will have the guns. Go after the illegal gun runners and criminals is the only way to stop the murders. Responsible Gun owners don’t go around killing people, ONLY WHEN THEIR LIVES ARE THREATENED, WHICH THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO DO, IF SITUATION SHOULD ARISE. CRIMINALS DON’T PURCHASE THEIR GUNS LEGALLY FROM A GUN SHOP, SO HOW IS THIS GUN CONTROL AGENDA GOING TO HELP ANYTHING?

  • Charlotte says:

    It is Democratic Party are so called leaders in the White House a way for them to turn our country into communism and for Americans to lose our rights and freedoms .

  • David Williams says:

    60 years of the SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST DEMOCRAP PARTY’S CONTROL of the public school system in the US. from preschool through college have brought us to this point. The republican party has stood byron the sidelines for those 60 years doing nothing! It is up to CONSERVATIVES and CONSERVATIVES ALONE TO REMEDY THE PROBLEM. TIME IS OF A CRITICAL ESSENCE. NEVER MORE ARE WE NOW VULNERABLE TO TAKEOVER BY OUR ENEMIES CHINA AND RUSSIA. When you have a government that only has a history of appeasing its enemies, you are on a losing situation! Hence Viet Nam, Korea, the Middle East; all stalemates at best! A new party needs to be formed with only CONSERVATIVES ALLOWED, AS WELL AS A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WITH ONLY CONSERVATIVES ALLOWED. Unfortunately, as far as the public school system, it is a lost cause.Whtmy do you suppose the SOCIALIST COMMINIST DEMOCRAP PARTY IS AGAINST PRIVATE SCHOOLS, CHARTER SCHOOLS, RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS And HOME SCHOOLING??? It ISN’T rocket science. IT IS UP TO US TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN GOVERNMENT , CIVICS, AMERICAN AND WORLD HISTORY. Subjects not currently taught in our public school system and if they are, it is the “NEW” MODIFIED SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMOCRAP EDITION WITH DISTORTIONS, OMISSIONS, AND OUTRIGHT LIES!

  • grammy says:

    how will they get the guns from the bad guys?????? All their guns are illegal. Dumb, dumb, law!!!!!

  • sherril henderson says:

    They want to take your guns so they can totally manipulate every part of our lives. If the dems keep pushing this they will loose in the end. They don’t want to follow the constitution so why don’t the get out of this country. Wouldn’t this be a blessing.

  • Carl says:

    Ed Mack, he keeps his nose to the “ grindstone” lol

  • Mike says:

    Watched a movie last night called “The Giver”…I had no idea what I was about to experience watching this film. It reminded me what our country is experiencing now under these left wing socialist nut jobs in what our country will look under these craziy ways if we don’t fight back! This left wing socialism nut cases wants everyone to conform to their ideas of nothing more than a way to control all of us, starting with our god given gun rights! Never let this happen!!!

  • Cyndi says:

    Thank God for Nick! If it hadn’t been for him, there could have been a death either at that point or at some point in the future if the perpetrator had been successful. Arrest the robber, put him in jail and give him a job that serves his community. And, a very public video taped apology so that everyone knows who he is. Robbery is everyone’s problem not just the victim.

  • Dennis Carron says:

    I’m not one to leave a comment, but great job NICK MOORE. I’m truly fed up with the gun grabbers. they are wasting much needed money and valuable time going after the wrong people , they don’t raise this kind of a stink when accidents are caused by people using cell phones while driving, there not pushing the registration of those phones, it is a tool also , is it not. What about the new FBI report showing people being killed with knifes and hammers, hmmmm they are tools as well, are they not. OH and the deaths caused by hands and feet, well like it or not they are still tools we use every day. Look crime is crime, use the TOOLS OF THE LAW to stop the PEOPLE that abuse it. The money will be better spent!

  • Frank Quevedo says:

    Originally I’m not a gun person. Nonetheless since the democrats have turned traitors, except for a very small number, about American life. I have furthered my 2nd Amendment responsibility; I’ve purchased two. Per the communist and nazi political plan; take their (guns & rifles) rights away than conquer them. Obama, dementia joe B, hyena Harris, poison polosi, etc, etc dream of this plan successfully being implemented. Stop them vote for true Americans not RINOS, or democrats.

  • Carol Gacioch says:

    The Dems aim for more power and control. They are drunk with the power they have now.
    Criminals will always have guns. They care less about gun control. Go after the drug cartels, human trafficing, high drug prices, despots in other counties. If they would make America great and we were happy, what a great world this would be and more would vote for them if we were sure they cared about us like President Trump.

  • Mihail Mehedinti says:

    When I hear senators wanting to take the guns from all people I cannot help but laugh. The bad people don’t care about laws, they can get guns anyway, they have their own markets where to buy guns. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens only transforms them into victims. Going after the illegal gun runners and criminals is the only way to stop the murders.

  • Ronald Baggett says:

    I am glad to finally see a politician with the gonads to call gun control what it is and try to get the proper legislation on the books to address the problem of gun violence. as a gun owner, my guns have not hurt or killed a single thing except paper at the range. i hope that that is all i ever have to do with guns but i am prepaired for the other event. Thanks Tec Cruz

  • Donald Donohoo says:

    The Democratic side are missing the point. The root of the problem is that they have successfully taken away the programs that could really help stop the individual that is not supposed to be able to get a firearm.
    The mental programs are nonexistent if they would take the money that they are wasting on gun control and put into mental health programs it would go into treatment or removal of the people from the street.
    Bottom line is that the insurance companies won’t support these programs because it would cut into their profit margins.

  • Ronald Kulp says:

    I live 1/2 mile from our local Police station. It takes less than a minute for someone to break into my house and harm my family. If I am able to get to a phone and dial 911, the call goes to a call center 7 miles away where the despatcher wants to know the nature of my emergency, By this time I, or whom ever was making the call, would be very excited and would be advised to calm down and answer questions so that help could be sent, then the call would be referred to the station 1/2 mile from my house and if a car was available it would be sent. What happens more often than not is that car gets to the scene in time to take a report and survey the damage and harm done to my home and family. OR when it happens I am able to defend my home on equal footing with the criminal

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    In Chicago, Portland, Seattle and New York, Moore would have been arrested and the perp released without bail!! These towns have mayors that roll over daily, sit up, and beg for votes!!

  • Wygent says:

    First of all, the gun was not ‘registered’. There is no firearms registry in Alaska. Secondly, Alaska is a constitutional carry state and he should have had the weapon on his person rather than sitting in his car where it is subject to theft either alone or along with the vehicle. Glad he acted and kudos to him for his willingness to intervene.

  • Phillip says:

    All needs to be said is that GUNS don’t go on the streets, shops , stores and gas stations to kill people , Criminals, mentally disturbed and murderers do. We don’t need to become victims of Democrats so called gun control . Dems have no solutions , by victimizing us , they will insecure every home that has a gun, every business owner that protects his registerer from the drug addicts who will go as far as armed robbery . It is our right to own a gun and protect ourselves .

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