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69% of Americans Disapprove Biden’s Way of Handling Inflation



President Joe Biden during a meeting with President | 69% of Americans Disapprove Biden’s Way of Handling Inflation | featured

Yet another new poll shows how disgruntled Americans are of President Joe Biden’s ability in handling inflation. In a new poll, 69% of Americans say they don’t approve of the government’s efforts to lower the prices of goods.

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69% of Americans Disapprove of the Way Biden Is Handling Inflation

Diverse People Bad Feedback Thumbs Down In Video Conference | 69% of Americans Disapprove of the Way Biden Is Handling Inflation

In a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday, a whopping 69% of Americans do not approve of the way Biden is handling inflation. Those who approve of the way the President is handling inflation totaled a mere 29%.  

It also didn’t help that Biden, asked by a reporter if inflation is a political liability this coming election, snapped. Unaware his microphone is still on, he called Fox reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch”. Prior to the slip, he sarcastically replied “No, it’s a great asset — more inflation.”

ABC News/Ipsos Poll

The new ABC News/Ipsos poll surveyed 510 adults between January 28 and 29. The plus/minus rate for the margin of error is at 4.9%. Apart from Biden's ability in handling inflation, the poll also showed that more and more Americans are getting displeased with his management. 

Only 42% of Americans approve of his overall handling of the economy. In contrast, 56% do not. In addition, 69% of Americans also disapprove of the way the Democrat President is handling gun violence issues. Only 29% approve. 

Not Just Inflation, Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Management in Most Other Issues As Well

Then, only 34% of Americans approve of the government’s crime-fighting abilities. Almost twice more Americans (64%) also gave Biden the thumbs down.

For climate change, only 47% of  Americans are okay with the White House’s climate change policies. Meanwhile, 51% do not approve of the government’s environmental measures. 

Meanwhile, Americans also weighed in on Biden’s handling of the ongoing East European stalemate between Ukraine and Russia.

Only 41% of Americans agree with the President’s current stand. 56% of Americans think Biden isn’t effective in his role to mediate the potential conflict.  

Nobody Is Believing That The US Economy Is ‘Excellent’

When asked about the US economy, only 1% believed that it’s currently in “excellent” condition. In contrast, 75% of Americans say the economy is not so good or poor.  

Unsurprisingly, Americans seemed to approve of Biden's ability to focus on two areas. The first is Biden’s ability to handle the COVID pandemic.

The other is his efforts to rebuild crumbling American infrastructure. In both cases, Biden only managed to get a 50% majority. 

For COVID, he actually suffered a 19% drop from a year ago. Meanwhile, his infrastructure initiatives also fell from 62% in August last year. 

Watch the Yours News video reporting that new poll shows that Americans giving Biden thumbs down on handling of inflation and other issues:

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What do you think of President Biden’s continued slide in approval polls? Are Americans finally realizing that the President bit off more than he can chew in wanting to manage the USA?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts below.

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